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betterment app rollover IRA

How to Rollover an IRA to Betterment in 4 Simple Steps

Earlier this month I completed a Roth IRA rollover from my Edward Jones account to Betterment. Edward Jones is considered a full-service broker while Betterment is an up-and-coming robo-advisor. Rolling over my Roth IRA is something I've been meaning to do for a couple of years. So why did it take me so long? Well, I actually thought the process was…

find freelance gigs

How to Find Well-Paying Freelance Gigs by Avoiding Job Boards

This post is from Careful Cents contributor Kayla, who owns the blog ShoeaholicNoMore. Over the next six months she’s documenting her journey to quitting her job and taking the leap into self-employment. When I was just starting out as a freelancer I was actively looking for new writing and VA jobs to add to my portfolio. I sought out and read lots of…

How to Earn Five Figures a Year and Make Money Writing thumbnail

How to Earn Five Figures a Year and Make Money Writing

Make money writing seems to be an all-too-common promise these days. But not all freelancers are writers, and not all small business owners are bloggers. Still, there's no doubt that things like, building a blog and writing updates on social media, lead to more traffic and more sales. Whether you're trying to build a client-based business, or growing your own…

charge what you’re worth

How to Price Client Work and Charge What You’re Worth

One of the most difficult aspects of starting your own business is figuring out pricing -- heck this is even tough when you're an established solopreneur looking to increase your rates. You want to get paid, but you also need some experience under your belt, so you may be willing to charge less than you ideally want. On one hand…


How to Find Affordable Health Insurance When You’re Self-Employed

So you missed the health insurance deadline and had to pay a penalty on your tax return? Don't worry, you still have options -- some of which are actually affordable. If you're like me, you are probably procrastinating on applying for health insurance because you just don't think you can afford the $400+ premiums per month. (Depending on your state and whether…

best business checking accounts

How to Choose the Best Business Checking Account as a Freelancer

As a self-employed freelancer, most of my financial business is done online or with mobile apps. But choosing the best business checking account can be daunting. Plus, you want to make sure you don't spend extra money on fees. I’ve seen the benefits of technology and how going digital makes me more productive and streamlines my life. Oddly enough though, many…