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Top 3 Mistakes I Made as a Freelancer (and How to Avoid Them)

This post is from Careful Cents contributor EM, who owns the blog Journey to Saving. Over the next six months she’ll be documenting her backwards journey to self-employment. You can read her next steps here. Approaching freelancing from a backwards perspective can be absolutely daunting when first getting started. More often than not, I was standing in my own way. I kept…

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The One Tool I Used to Become Debt Free in Two Years: ReadyForZero Review

At the end of May 2012 I sent off the last payment towards my car loan and become completely debt-free! It was one of those life moments I’ll never forget, not because I didn’t have any more debt (although that was part of it) but because I finally had control over my own life again. I was regaining control of my…

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How to Pay Off Debt as a Self-Employed Solopreneur or Freelancer

I think most people can agree that it's not ideal to quit your job and start a business if you have debt. Leaving your job to pursue your own thing is risky and being in debt elevates that risk. You're leaving behind a life of steady paychecks and false security for the unknown world of freelancing. But life is full of…

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How to Use Pinterest to Showcase Your Portfolio and Land More Clients

Every freelance artist or writer needs their own website, right? Wrong! I don’t think this is true anymore. I do believe having your own (hosted) website and blog can be helpful, but with the advances of technology and social media today, it’s not the only way to maintain an online portfolio of your work. In fact, it might not be the…

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How to Stop Asking for Permission and Make Money on Your Terms (#AMPLIFY14)

For the first few months after I quit my full-time job to start an online business, everything was going smoothly. I landed a big client. I could travel during the week, and take time off whenever I wanted -- I didn’t have to ask permission. I could do work from home, or head out to my favorite coffee shop. I…

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Is Now the Right Time to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

This post is from Careful Cents contributor Kali Hawlk, who’s documenting her journey to quitting her day job and starting her own freelance business. Read her entire story here. It was back in February when I started documenting my experiment from nine-to-five employee to full-time solopreneur here on Careful Cents. I started earning a side income -- and building a side business -- a few months earlier. When…