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Betterment review

Betterment Review: Automatic Investing for Beginners

According to the Retirement Confidence Survey, more than half of American workers have less than $25,000 in retirement savings. With a number this low, you’ll be lucky to pay your expenses for a year after you've retired. And if you have debt, you'll likely have to come out of retirement to find a job. Eeeek! That's not what you want…

jumping without net

Jumping into Self-Employment Without a Net: 4 Things You Must Do

I did it. I quit my job. For the past month I’ve been adjusting to my new freedom as well as a wildly different freelance schedule. It has been awesome, trying, invigorating and unsettling all at the same time. You see my journey to freelance life is a bit different than the norm. I had everything (and everyone) in the world…

plant near window

Life Insurance: What to Consider as a Self-Employed Business Owner

As a self-employed freelancer you already know the importance of health insurance, and to look at it as investment in your future (and your family’s future). We no longer have the luxury of a boss who can help pay our premiums. We are responsible for protecting ourselves in case of emergencies and health issues. But what about life insurance, is it…

cash in hand

Cash Budget Challenge Update: Taking My Business on Vacation

At the beginning of July 2014 I found myself with over $3,000 of credit card debt. This was due to business expenses that occurred throughout the past year (since quitting my full-time job), for things like a new blog design, paying a business coach and buying equipment for the business. While all of these are great investments that will help…

Coping with a day job and side business

How to Hold Down a Day Job While Nurturing Your Business on the Side

This post is from Careful Cents contributor Kali Hawlk who’s documenting her journey to quitting her day job and starting her freelance business. Read the rest of her story here. Building a side business is tough for a variety of reasons. You not only need to develop superhuman time management skills, but you must also learn to manage your emotions as well. This means keeping…

How to Get Back into the Work Groove After Time Off

7 Ways to Get Back into the Work Groove After Time Off

As a business owner it's vital you take time off work to take care of YOU! That's the only way you'll succeed in this new world of work. But even for someone like me, who works really hard to achieve that balance, it can be difficult to get back into the routine of things after time off. Anytime you add…