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In 2011 I was divorced, alone and in over $14,000 of debt. Two years later I was completely debt free and quit my accounting day job to start my online business.

Since then, I’ve created this blog as a resource for helping over 9,000 freelancers quit their jobs and build life-centered businesses! How do I do this? Through FUN business systems, processes, productivity methods and financial organization.

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I’m ready to stop being underpaid and overworked. I need customized help from someone who’s been there and knows how to earn more money in less time.


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One of the best ways to create the proper work-life balance is to work less -- or rather make more money in less time. But is that really possible? YES! Here are 10 hacks for increasing your productivity and income, without working more hours.

If you're ready to earn money home online this year, then listen up! Here are 10 proven things I've done, or am currently doing, to earn more money as a business blogger and freelancer!

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