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non-paying clients

How to Deal With a Freelance Client Who Doesn’t Pay

If you're in the Careful Cents Club, or have watched any of my live Periscopes recently, you know that I've been dealing with a big client who hasn't paid me for a blogging campaign we did together. As of last Friday, they were 5 weeks past the date I was promised payment, and more than 3 months from the date the…

retirement options

How to Choose the Best Retirement Plan for Your Small Business

This post is from guest contributor Larry Ludwig of Investor Junkie. He's a friend of mine and someone I've worked with for over two years. He's a self-proclaimed finance nerd who loves reading and, more importantly, applying what he knows to his business and personal finances. Larry's been featured in Lifehacker, Forbes, The Consumerist, Nerd Wallet, and the Miami Herald. As a…

online press

Get Mentioned in the Media: How to Use Online Press to Find Freelance Clients

Are you struggling to find more clients? Are you new to the freelance business and don't know where to start? Or are you trying to bust through the ceiling and take your freelance business to the next level? The answer to all of these problems is to use online press to find more freelance work. Get your name out there…

biggest business challenge

From Employee to Business Owner: How I Overcame My Biggest Business Challenge

Today I’m opening up about one of my biggest business struggles and sharing how I overcame it. This idea is inspired by the Office Depot Business Solutions Center, and is part of a sponsored series I’m doing with Office Depot via Socialstars. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #GearLove. Quitting your job to work for yourself is…

create savings habit

Create a Savings Habit: 5 Proven Ways Freelancers Can Save Money

Most of the ideas I publish on this blog focuses on making more money with blogging and other side hustles. The only problem with solely focusing on increasing your income is that you usually have to spend a good amount of your time in exchange for money. This is especially true as a freelancer, which is why I also mention ways to…

productive during busy months

How to Battle Overwhelm and Be Productive During Busy Summer Months

Summertime can be stressful on any freelance business, so today I’m sharing my best productivity tips for busy months, inspired by the Office Depot Business Solutions Center. This is part of a sponsored series I’m doing with Office Depot via Socialstars. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #GearLove. The summer months are one of the most overwhelming and crazy times…