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freshbooks invoice hacking

Freelance Invoicing Tips: How to Use FreshBooks to Get Your Invoices Paid Faster

As a freelance business owner, you know the importance of getting paid. It’s a key aspect of increasing cash flow and ensuring you keep food on the table for your family. But managing invoices can be a pain. I mean, who wants to spend time on admin tasks like creating and sending invoices? Not me! And then there's the time-sucking task of…

Quarterly Income Report: How I Made $23,512 With My Blog (Q3) thumbnail

Quarterly Income Report: How I Made $23,512 With My Blog (Q3)

I have been so excited to publish this quarterly income report since I hit my first $8,000+ month in July. It's given me hope that by the end of 2015 I will hit the $10,000 in one month mark! At the beginning of this year I made the goal of turning my blog into a business. I've mainly focused on freelance writing and marketing for…

freelance rates

Stop Paying High Invoicing Fees: A Simple Hack to Save You Hundreds

As a self-employed freelancer, it's vital you use your time wisely, find ways to be more productive, and spend money on things that matter. So when it comes to accepting payments virtually, why do we let online payment systems rob us of our hard-earned income? I talk to lots of freelancers each week and the one topic they always asking me about…

pay off debt self-employed

How to Aggressively Pay Down Debt When You’re Self-Employed

The benefits of being self-employed are extremely appealing. They include freedom, flexibility and the potential for unlimited income. But one thing most people don’t talk about is how much of a roller coaster being a freelancer can be for your bank account and financial goals. When I became self-employed over two years ago, I thought I was in a good place…

solopreneur success

Solopreneur Success: How I Built a Community of 3,000 Loyal Subscribers

This post is part of the One Woman Shop Bundle, which is a roundup of four One Woman Shop-created products designed to help you succeed in different aspects of your freelance business. Don't miss this chance to grab over $200 in products for just $99. Since launching this blogging business in the summer of 2011 I’ve always focused on one thing: community. Instead…

additional freelance expenses

The Darkside of Self-Employment: 7 Expenses Freelancers Pay Out of Pocket

September is Life Insurance Awareness month, and LifeHappens.org is educating readers on how life insurance can protect your family and your finances. This post is part of the TermLifeInsurance.com blog tour, which helps spread awareness of the importance of providing financial security for your family.  There are tons of misconceptions about being a freelancer: you can wake up whenever you want, never…