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I expertly mix art and making a living so that creative entrepreneurs can afford to create without limitations.


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How to Deal With a Business That No Longer Inspires You

The beginning of 2014 was off to a rough start. Like many business owners, I was coming off the holidays and spending all my time trying to catch up on work that had fallen behind during the break. But as the months went on (and with the help of my coach), I discovered I was stuck in a very sad…

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4 Ways to Turn Your Freelance Writing Dream Into a Reality

I've wanted to be a published author FOREVER. (This is something that recently came true, which you can read here!). It was something that like a lot of others, I was told I was good at growing up. The imagined lifestyle of being a writer appealed to me. I don’t know what you thought of as you daydreamed about the perfect…

Effortless Savings by Richard Syrop

Effortless Savings by Richard Syrop: Book Review

This book is a fun, easy-to-read, how-to manual on everything about saving money. Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice by Richard Syrop, covers everything from saving money on telecom services, to home energy, to saving money on vacations. The book is truly a helpful resource, with some tried-and-true advice for everyone. It is the antithesis of anything…

how to recover from creative burnout

How Creatives Can Successfully Deal With and Recover from Burnout

The month of May 2014 was my busiest -- and therefore craziest, most hectic, most stressful -- yet for my side business. While trying to manage my full-time job and my freelance business, I’m up to working about 80 hours per week. A typical day has me working either at my day job or on my own projects from the…

60-day cash budget challenge

Cash Budget Challenge: 60 Days to Smarter Business Spending

If you're a regular reader of Careful Cents, you already know how important it is to get out of debt and keep track of your personal finances, so you can achieve your business goals -- like quitting your job, traveling more, and generally having more freedom. But have you ever thought about how important those things are to the success of…

25 Best Business and Finance Tips From Three Years of Careful Cents

25 Best Business and Finance Tips From Three Years of Careful Cents

I'm excited to announce that Careful Cents turns three years old this month! And to celebrate, you may have noticed a fresh new website and branding look. It was during this week, three years ago, that I was sitting on my bed with a notebook brainstorming names for my business. I knew I wanted it to reflect my personality, but…