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You want to quit your boring day job.

You want to go full-time freelance.

But you’re facing some financial obstacles.

You’re not sure what the next step is.

Welcome to Careful Cents!

I’m Carrie Smith Nicholson and I’ve done all of the things you’re hoping to do. In 2011 I was divorced, alone and in over $14,000 of debt. Two years later I was completely debt free and quit my accounting day job to go full-time freelance.

I believe that financial systems and organization tactics are the answer to taking back control of your freelance biz.

After quitting my job to be my own boss, I launched this blog and now help over 7,000 freelancers quit their jobs and build life-centered business through FUN business systems, processes, productivity methods and financial organization.

You can build a business without selling out and have time to enjoy other passions, like art, family and adventure. And I’ve proven it!


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If you’re looking to work with me, I’m a financial writer and business expert. I’ve been mentioned in various publications as well as written for well-known blogs and clients. Check out my Services page to learn more about hiring me.

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I’m also in the process of publishing my first book, Journey to Freelance: An Unconventional Guide to Being the Boss. It will be published later this year.