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I expertly mix art and making a living so that creative entrepreneurs can afford to create without limitations.


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How to Use Pinterest to Showcase Your Portfolio and Land More Clients

Every freelance artist or writer needs their own website, right? Wrong! I don’t think this is true anymore. I do believe having your own (hosted) website and blog can be helpful, but with the advances of technology and social media today, it’s not the only way to maintain an online portfolio of your work. In fact, it might not be the…

make money on your terms

How to Stop Asking for Permission and Make Money on Your Terms (#AMPLIFY14)

For the first few months after I quit my full-time job to start an online business, everything was going smoothly. I landed a big client. I could travel during the week, and take time off whenever I wanted -- I didn’t have to ask permission. I could do work from home, or head out to my favorite coffee shop. I…

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Is Now the Right Time to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

This post is from Careful Cents contributor Kali Hawlk, who’s documenting her journey to quitting her day job and starting her own freelance business. Read her entire story here. It was back in February when I started documenting my experiment from nine-to-five employee to full-time solopreneur here on Careful Cents. I started earning a side income -- and building a side business -- a few months earlier. When…

day in the life of Careful Cents

Behind-the-Scenes of Careful Cents: A Day in the Life of a Female Biz Owner

Have you ever wondered what the heck a freelance business owner does all day? They probably just sleep in, never get out of their pajamas, and eat junk food all day, right? Well, sort of! Being your own boss does means you can control when you work, how much work you do, and what your schedule is like. But it's not…

Speaking at FinCon14

3 Reasons Freelancing is More Secure Than a Full-Time Job (#FinCon14 Recap)

To most people, becoming a freelancer is something you do when you can't get a "real job". But to anyone who freelances, you know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep your clients happy, while making sure the bills are paid (and you still have time to sleep each day -- and eat). I started Careful…

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My Backwards Approach to Becoming a Self-Employed Freelancer

This post is from new Careful Cents contributor EM, who owns the blog Journey to Saving. Over the next six months she'll be documenting her backwards journey to self-employment, so stay tuned. An accidental entrepreneur: that's an accurate description of myself, and the situation I was in earlier this year. I didn't know what it meant to have a side hustle…