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10 Must-Read Blog Posts (from 2014) for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

This year has been a ridiculously awesome and crazy year for the Careful Cents brand and community. With your amazing support the Careful Cents Club passed 400 members. We followed Kali's inspiring journey to quitting her job and launching her own business within 6 months, and we celebrated with Melanie as she became an accidental entrepreneur and quit her non-profit…

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4 Non-Traditional Ways to Increase Solopreneur Income and Productivity

As a freelancer or solopreneur, you likely already know how important it is to set up systems for yourself and your biz. You probably have a routine, know whether you work better at night or in the morning, and have a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses. (And if you don't, you should definitely experiment until you understand your…

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What Should You Give Your Clients for the Holidays?

As this year wraps up, I'm excited to celebrate my second holiday of quitting my day job to become my own boss! Since I walked out of my office on May 1st, 2013, I’ve worked with some fantastic entrepreneurs, and signed some awesome (and not so awesome) contracts. Both my clients and colleagues are inspiring and enjoyable to work with. I’ve learned a lot…

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How to Get Paid On Time and Increase Cash Flow as a Solopreneur

As you can probably guess by now, I'm on a mission to help freelancers and self-employed biz owners get paid on time. Nothing is more frustrating to a growing business than not having the cash flow you need to pay the bills, buy much-needed equipment, pay team members on time, or have the money to invest in yourself. This is a…

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How to Beat the Freelance Financial Roller Coaster (and Never Let a Client Fire You Again)

As creative solopreneurs most of our businesses are based on interacting and working with clients. For this reason, it feels like we're in a constant state of hustling -- networking to find new leads, creating killer proposals, and following up to finally paid. Then once you do land a new gig, a few months later they fire you because of…

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How to Manage a Flexible Work-at-Home Schedule as a Freelancer

This post is from Careful Cents contributor Erin, who owns the blog Journey to Saving. Over the next six months she’ll be documenting her backwards journey to self-employment. You can read her next steps here. Those of us who work from home often hear how good we have it compared to everyone else. According to some, all we do is sleep…