5 Ways Going to a Business Conference Can Really Pay Off


Going to a business conference can be a great experience if you put a positive spin on it and keep your eyes open for good opportunities. Yes, sometimes going to a conference can be boring and time consuming, but there are a few important facts to consider before deciding not to attend.

Here are 5 ways you can get a business conference to really pay off.

1. You can make personal connections

Let’s face it, we live in a world where businesses are run by actual human beings. It’s very important to make face to face contact and create successful relationships with people, and a conference is a great platform to use for this.

Even if you don’t make many professional connections, you could still make great personal relationships and increase your network.

2. You will be taken seriously

If you spend your own time (and your own money) to be at a conference everyone will think you are serious about your business.

You are putting forth the effort, doing whatever it takes to get noticed, and increasing your brand awareness. If you take your business seriously, other people will too.

3. The learning is endless

With guest speakers, authors and other qualified individuals in attendance, there will be an abundance of talent and stories you can learn from.

The education and learning is endless. It’s a great opportunity to take notes and study from other people who are more experienced. Nothing will help increase your creativity more, than hearing other people’s testimonies and ideas.

4. Expenses are tax deductible

If you use your own money while on the trip, for booking a plane ticket, the accommodations or renting a car, they are considered a tax write-off.

Be sure the expenses were related to the trip and were for business purposes. Then at the end of the year you can use the receipts for a tax deduction on your personal tax return.

5. It might actually be fun

Who knows what kind of personal or professional relationships you will encounter, and it could actually turn out to be a fun experience.

You might have some extra time between meetings to see a new city, or relax and rest a little in the down time. You could meet up with a few people for drinks and exchange stories and tips, take advantage of every opportunity and just have fun.

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