Sometimes Self-Employed Freelancers Need a Little Motivation

self-employment mentality

With all the crazy things that happen in life, it’s easy to lose sight of our goals and what’s really important. Sometimes we need a simple reminder of how lucky we are to be living this life, and sharing it with those around us.

As if relationships weren’t crazy enough, add in our careers and making money means you’ve got a potential recipe for a stress disaster. Which is how I’ve felt lately.

Within the next few weeks I should be able to payoff my car loan and be completely debt free. But of course life doesn’t always go as we plan, and I’ve had several financial setbacks and all these added expenses keep popping up.

So I’ve been trying to keep everything in perspective and to remember the big picture. Life isn’t always as complicated as we make it and everyday is a new beginning. Sometimes we just need a little motivation not to give up.

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