About Carrie and Careful Cents

Welcome to Careful Cents! This blog is designed to help recovering workaholics and driven solopreneurs discover financial freedom in order to earn more money in less time.

My name is Carrie Smith, and I’m a solopreneur on a mission to you tackle your big, hairy financial mountain. I love connecting with other go-getters and freelancers who are ready to change their lives!

This site is all about the means to creating a life that revolves around what’s important to you. Some have called me the Method and Means Maven! 

I help create the methods and systems to run your business better, while organizing the means to do so. In May 2013 I quit my small business accounting job of 10 years to pursue full-time entrepreneurship and blogging.

What This Blog is About

I started this blog to become a unique source of entrepreneurial, finance and business tactics for anyone looking to make money from things they truly love.

But somewhere along the way, you started spending all your time answering emails, reassuring clients and putting out business fires. I’ve been there and worked my way through the chaos.

On this blog you will find the tools, apps and systems to take back your business and spend your time doing what you do best — running your business and making a profit.

Meet the Team

Carrie Smith, Careful Cents

Carrie Smith, Financial Writer and Community Leader

I’m not your normal southern kind of girl — I’m a rocker at heart with a little grammar nazi thrown in! I’ve been helping small businesses, freelancers and soloprenerus for the past 10 years, and currently work with some awesome entrepreneurs.

I’m also a finance and business blogger for The Huffington Post, AllBusiness Experts, Bidsketch and several other startup blogs.

On May 29, 2012 I officially became debt free! I paid off $14,000 while living on about 2/3 of my income (my story is featured on the Huffington Post). My journey to pay off debt, quit my job and start my own business is what propelled me down this path towards freedom!



Erin, Assistant Editor and Research Rockstar

Erin is a part-time freelance writer and a full-time redhead. She runs a personal finance blog called Red Debted Stepchild where she talks about paying off her massive debt and running her new online business.

Erin spends her free time reading, writing, eating, and hanging out with her super cute husband. Sometimes she tweets (@reddebted).

She recently quit her full-time accounting job to pursue her interest as a freelance writer!


Tatiana, Community Club Coordinator

Tatiana, Community Club Coordinator

Tatiana is driven to help entrepreneurs and creatives build successful businesses by assisting them with their daily tasks and to-do’s.

She helps run The Careful Cents Club as the community coordinator and spends her time interacting with people on Twitter (@drivenbyTatiana).

She spends her time marathoning Supernatural (#TeamDean), reading personal development books and looking at pictures of cats online. She blogs — infrequently — about anything that comes to mind at Driven By Tatiana.


kali hawlk

Kali, Content Manager and Freelance Writer

Kali is a freelance writer and content manager who is currently working on building her business and becoming a full-time solopreneur. She’s passionate about personal finance, careers and business, and all things Gen Y — she writes about it all on her blog, Common Sense Millennial.

An avid runner and horseback rider, she enjoys getting outside as often as possible when she’s not immersed in blogging and helping other small businesses build and manage their online presence.

Over the next few months she’s sharing her journey of quitting her day job to transition her side hustle into full-time income. You can connect with her on Twitter (@CSMillennial).


Catherine Alford

Cat Alford, Freelance Writer and Contributor

Catherine is a freelance writer who currently lives in the Caribbean with her husband and spoiled pup, Julep.

She’s in the process of quitting her full-time job to become a freelance business owner, and is documenting her progress here on the blog.

She received a B.A. from The College of William and Mary and an M.A. from Virginia Tech. When she is not writing for other websites on all topics frugal and fabulous, she enjoys sharing her adventures on her blog,

Start Your Own Adventure

Organizing my life and my business has opened so many opportunities — both in my career, my relationships, and life in general.

I’ve been able to travel more and go on new adventures! I’ve met tons of amazing and inspiring people and I’ve made some life long friends along the way.

My freedom story started with….NO DEBT!

But I know that each of us have our version of what freedom means, as it relates to business, career, money and life. What’s your freedom story?

If you’re ready to change your life and discover your own version of freedom, contact me!