How to land freelance jobs with no experience

How to Find Freelance Jobs When You Have No Experience

Most freelance jobs are looking to hire freelancers who have experience. But how the heck are you supposed to gain experience in the first place? This is actually the number one question I get from freelance coaching clients, and it’s a tough catch 22 my friends. #thestruggleisreal But you’re not alone. There ARE some good ways to find …

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book publishing update

Book Update: New Plans and a New Publisher

Back in April of this year I announced that I was offered a book publishing deal with Coventry Publishing House. I signed their contract in October 2015 and had six months to write my book, tentatively titled, Journey to Freelance: An Unconventional Guide to Being the Boss. I turned in the final manuscript at the …

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became debt free

Then and Now: Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging

On June 22nd, 2011 I published the first of many blog posts here on Careful Cents. It’s been five years since then and this blog has grown, morphed, changed design (like 6 times!) and gone in multiple directions. It started out as a personal finance blog where I shared goals like saving for my first laptop (which …

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getting things done to reduce freelance stress

How to Take the Stress Out of Getting Things Done

Getting things done as a freelancer always seems like an uphill battle. It’s easy enough to get organized, but staying organized and finding a productive routine that actually works, is a whole other story. That’s why the past few posts I’ve published have given you an in-depth look at how I organize my client workflow …

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business systems for client work

Business Systems: How I Stay on Top of Client Assignments and Deadlines

As a freelancer, you’re constantly juggling client assignments, various deadlines, a multitude of client requests, not to mention your own ideas for your blog and personal projects. Every client has their own specifications, style and voice and submission guidelines. As a freelance writer, your clients will have their own word count and style guidelines. As a virtual assistant, …

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