Book Review: Money Rules by Jean Chatzky

In the book, Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security the author, Today’s show financial guru Jean Chatzky, shares over 90 simple rules about money.

The bottom line is, “Money is simple. People make it complicated. Money Rules makes it simple again.”

Jean, explains in very easy to understand terms how to deal with making and saving money, avoiding debt, investing and more.

Once I sat down and started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s 110 pages of simple but very inspiring reading. I actually want to buy a copy for each one of my friends and family members.


About the author

“Jean Chatzky, is the financial editor for NBC’s Today show and the personal finance contributor for Prevention and Newsweek magazines. She is the bestselling author of five books, including Pay It Down! and Make Money Not Excuses.” – Source


Money Rules Book

What this book is all about

This book contains seven different sections:

  • Part 1: Make Money
  • Part 2: Save Money
  • Part 3: Avoid (Most) Debt
  • Part 4: Spend Wisely
  • Part 5: Invest for Tomorrow
  • Part 6: Cover Your Assets
  • Part 7: Do’s and Don’ts

I literally LOVE this book. There were many times I was reading and shaking my head in agreement, with these money rules.

If you follow the rules in this book, there’s no doubt you can become successful in your career and finances.


A few of my favorite rules

I would really like to list every single one of the money rules, that’s how much I enjoyed it. But then you wouldn’t go out and read the book yourself.

Here’s just a few of my favorites.

  • Money Rule #14. Financial plans don’t fail people. People fail to plan.
  • Money Rule #18. You will spend more with credit than with debit, and more with debit than with cash.
  • Money Rule #26. Just because someone will lend you money, doesn’t mean you should borrow it.
  • Money Rule #73. Hope is not an investment strategy.

I learned a lot from this book. It’s full of common sense and all about simplicity. You won’t find any tax jargon or complicated financial statistics. By following these rules, you can ease your stress and enjoy lifelong financial security.

Another great thing about this book, is how small and handy it is. I was able to stash it in my purse and read it while I was getting my car serviced!

Money Rules book is great to carry in your bag


Start making your money life simple

I highly recommend you read this book, no matter what your financial situation is, from the most basic to the advanced. Everyone can learn something from reading this book!

You can find out more about the Money Rules Book at Jean’s blog, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

[I did not get paid to write this, and I did personally read the book. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.]

Photo Credit: NBC

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