1. Jessica says:

    Hi! If you already have Capital One 360 checking, do you know if they’ll “convert” your account or if it can be changed over easily, or does it have to be a totally new account?

    • Carrie says:

      It’s my understanding that if you’re a Capital One or Capital One 360 customer that you can convert your account to one login (although it won’t mess up your current personal transactions). I am planning on linking my Capital One 360 accounts next year when I finalize my business documents since moving from Texas to Colorado. So I’ll be posting an update then. Otherwise, maybe Christine can weigh in too?

      • Hi Carrie,
        Thanks for letting me contribute to Careful Cents! You have such a wonderful group and a wealth of valuable information on this blog. I’m honored to be a part of it.

        Yes, you are correct, both your personal and business accounts with Capital One and Spark will be accessed through one login (no changes to personal transactions). Can’t wait for your update, I’m curious about other people’s experiences with Spark. I love it so far.

        Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Jessica!

      No worries, this was my main concern when I signed up too! If you sign up for a Spark Business account and already have an existing Capital One account (360 or regular), nothing gets converted, switched, or linked. The only reason it asks if you’re already a member is so you can get ONE set of login credentials. Rest assured that your personal accounts will remain separate from your Spark business accounts (that’s what customer service explained and I haven’t had any issues).

      In essence, you are setting up a new account but under the Spark platform. And, you’ll have to go to a different login address to get into your Spark account (using your existing Capital One log in): https[colon]//sparkbusiness3[dot]capitalone[dot]com/#/

      If you ever get lost or run into problems, their customer service is top notch.

      Hope this helps. Thanks so much for commenting!
      Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,

      You don’t need to prove you have a business to sign up for a Spark Business account. You just sign up with your legal name and address. During the sign-up process, there’s a place where you can put your business name and contact information. If you don’t have paperwork proving your legal registered business you won’t be able to get checks or send invoices under your business name. All checks and invoices will have your legal name.

      If you have a DBA certificate, LLC paperwork, or other proof of a legally registered business, you can send Spark a copy of those documents along with filling out their form. You can call customer service and they can walk you through the sign-up process or help you update your account if you get paperwork after signing up. The good thing is you can sign up for an account now and if you change your business information or finally get paperwork, just call them up and they can help you change over everything.

      I hope that helps. Come back to ask us any more questions or let us know what your experience was with Spark. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    How long does it take after a customer pays an invoice for me to receive it? And I’m guessing they deposit it directly into my spark checking account right?
    Thank you!

    • Christine C. Renee says:

      Hi Robin,

      If you use the invoicing system through your Spark account, it goes through a third-party app called Bill.me and it works like an ACH bank-to-bank transfer. When I called and asked customer service about this they said it would take a bit longer than if you were to use PayPal. I was told up to 5 days for a transfer to show up in your account.

    • Christine C. Renee says:

      Hi again,

      That was 5 business days that the payment should be in your account after using the free Spark invoicing service. 🙂

  3. Mrs. T says:

    How do you link PayPal and Spark? Some reviews I’ve read online say it’s impossible. Would like to know for sure. Thanks

    • Christine C. Renee says:

      Hi Mrs. T,

      I can understand the frustration in this one. 🙂

      So the online Spark business account is structured to link to domestic bank accounts only. PayPal is not a bank but a service. To get around this just go to your PayPal account and add it as a bank and/or link your Spark debit card that you get when you open your account.

      The way I did it was open a Business PayPal account under my business name (no business paperwork needed for my sole proprietorship) and linked my Spark business checking account as the main bank account. Then I linked my Spark debit card. Now I can transfer money between PayPal and Spark.

    • Christine C. Renee says:

      Hi David,

      No worries, the online Spark Business account is still totally free. I made a call to Spark customer service and they explained Spark Business online is still free to use. The link you have was from the Capital One Business merchant account. They actually have two Spark Business Accounts one physical (not free) and one online (free). This is silly of them, I know, lol.

      You probably have a physical Capital One branch located near you and when you visited the site, the website detected this using your IP address. If the Cap One website detects that you have a physical branch near you, it won’t connect you to the free Spark Business online. It will connect you to the Capital One Spark Business merchant account (which is where you got the link from).

      The woman I spoke to said if you get to a homepage that has a man with a beard, you’re are on the wrong Spark Business website. I explain this problem in Step #1 in the article. You need to get to the homepage with a laptop and tools.

      Here’s how you can connect to the fee-free Spark account:

      1) Scroll down to the middle of the screen, or anywhere it says “Change Your Location” and type in 30906. This is a zip code that has no physical Capital One locations.

      2) It should then take you to a site that has the home screen of a laptop with tools around it. That is the free Spark Business account.

      From there you get linked to the free Spark Business by Capital One. This same thing happened to me when I first researched Spark and was freaked out that maybe they changed things around. No, it’s only because there’s a physical Capital One in my area.

      Go ahead and try this and let us know how it works for you. 🙂

  4. SES says:

    I recently opened a Spark Business account and am really disappointed. They are very slow to set things up, and then locked me out of my account while they tried to verify that I owned an external account I had linked nearly a week previously, even though I did their verification of small transfers. They sent me an e-mail that I thought was fishing because it referenced a Capital One 360 account (which I don’t have) rather than my Spark account. I had to call their security line to speak with someone, and tried several times sitting on hold before I finally gave in just sat on hold forever until I got through. The on-line banking lacks some basic functionality like setting up recurring payments. I’m not sure it is worth keeping this account.

  5. Sheryll says:

    Can you get paper checks for your business for those (hopefully rare) times when a paper check would be useful or necessary?

    • Charlie says:

      Yes, but you have to pay for them, and they aren’t customizable. If I need checks I’ll use a third party site, as I don’t wish to have my home address on my checks.

  6. Dennis says:

    The application process took quite a while, but on a positive note I got a hold of customer service 🙂 I applied for a Capital One Spark account on the fourth of July (which was a holiday so maybe not the best idea), waited 5 business days and nothing happened. So I called customer service and they said to wait until 7 days had pasted. Then I called after 7 business days and they said they would expedite the process in under 2 business days. Afterwards, still nothing was processed so the rep put me right through to a manager who told me there is a back-end application process problem which caused their underwriters to never see my app and therefore they could not process it. He said to reapply for a new account. So I’m not happy. Now I am forced to do what I didn’t want to do and find another bank and pay fees.

  7. Sean says:

    Hi, could you let me know if I can do international outgoing wire transfer to outside the US by using Spark Business Checking? I tried to search on their website but couldn’t see any information for this. Thanks.

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