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rollover ira to betterment

How to Rollover an IRA to Betterment Without Paying Fees

In April of this year, I decided that it was finally time to rollover my Edward Jones IRA account to Betterment in order to save on yearly management fees. Edward Jones is considered a full-service broker while Betterment is an up-and-coming robo-advisor but offers many of the same perks and retirement account maintenance without the exorbitant fees. Rolling …

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tax filing deadline

What Happens if You Miss the Tax Return Deadline?

The tax return deadline is quickly approaching, so if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you still have a bit of time (but not much!). I’m basically reminding myself of this because I still haven’t filed my taxes yet. Gasp! I know right?! The main reason I haven’t filed yet isn’t for a lack of trying, but because …

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best retirement plans

3 Ways to Save For Retirement as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur

There are many awesome benefits to working for yourself, but there is one big pitfall compared to being an employee: saving for retirement. You don’t get the traditional benefits of having an employer match your 401(k) contributions, allowing you to get “free money”. However, just because you’re a self-employed business owner or freelancer doesn’t mean you can use that …

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