Book Review: Feed the Startup Beast by Drew Williams and Jonathan Verney

Are you tired of not having enough time to work on projects you love? Do you answer to clients and customers all day?

Then Feed the Startup Beast is just what you need! As entrepreneurs we all face the daily dilemmas and worries of running our own businesses.

Often we don’t even have time to eat lunch, much less spend time marketing our services or promoting our business on social media. Thankfully, this book tackles those issues.

What is Feed the Startup Beast?

Stop letting your beast of a business rule you. Now’s the time to whip your business into shape and start making it work for you!

Although this book is very straightforward, it’s more of a guide to increasing revenue and unlocking crazy growth for your business. It will take you through the seven step process of effectively growing your business beast.

With the 7 Step Best Marketing System, you’ll start out with learning to Ask, then move onto Listen, Focus, Attract, Pursue, Nurture and finally Grow.

This complete cycle will help you regain control of your beast, so you can watch it grow into a big, hairy, successful business.

About the Author(s)

This book is co-authored by two very successful entrepreneurs and business owners. They each bring their own perspective to the table as well as their experience and expertise.

They not only share what works, but what doesn’t and how you can apply these principles to your own business.

Drew Williams is a serial marketing entrepreneur who sold one of his creations, an internet software company, to a Boston firm for eight figures. He has also been an award-winning advertising copywriter, working for and with some of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Feed the Startup Beast is the culmination of his experience and passion in building and marketing startups.

Jonathan Verney is an entrepreneur in his own right, having founded and sold his interest in a leading Toronto-based communications agency in the 1990s. In addition to Feed the Startup Beast, he has co-authored two books with Patricia Lovett-Reid, Chief Financial Commentator for CTV News, Canada’s largest private television network.  — Source

About the Book

This is not a short book you can read over the weekend, as it details exactly what your business needs to do to succeed.

But trust me when I say, if you put the time and effort into reading this book and applying the techniques, you can drastically change the trajectory of your business.

Part One: Focus Your Beastfeed the startup beast

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Your Beast
  • Chapter 2: How to Discover Your Beast Potential
  • Chapter 3: What Color is Your Beast?
  • Chapter 4: The Laws of Engagement
  • Chapter 5: Target — the first law
  • Chapter 6: Value — the second law
  • Chapter 7: Offer — the third law
  • Chapter 8: The Paths to Engagement
  • Chapter 9: Your Engagement Engine
  • Chapter 10: Fine-Tuning Your Sales Conversion

Part Two: Grow Your Beast

  • Chapter 11: Getting Found by Search
  • Chapter 12: Getting Found by Placement
  • Chapter 13: Getting Found by Contribution
  • Chapter 14: The Best Prospect List
  • Chapter 15: Pursuit and Breakthrough
  • Chapter 16: Sophie Launches her Pursuit Campaign
  • Chapter 17: Paul Launches His Nurture Campaign
  • Chapter 18: Turning Customers into Fans
  • Chapter 19: Unleashing Your Beast
  • Chapter 20: Maintaining Outrageous Growth

Biggest Takeaway

This is not a guide that contains theory or strategies that only look good on paper. The authors bring together real-world application with their examples of other entrepreneurs, which I found very helpful.

I also liked the fact that this book is that’s really a marketing and sales guide for those of who aren’t typically good at either of these.

The authors don’t just give you ideas, they provide actual tools and examples to make your dream business a reality. I definitely recommend this guide as a great way to infuse new life and energy into your beast of a business.

The smallest marketing efforts can produce outsized sales results if you focus on the right things. — Drew Williams

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[I did not get paid to write this, and I did personally read the book. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.]
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