Book Review: Getting Rid of It by Betsy & Warren Talbot

Is  your home overflowing with stuff? Are you so disorganized you can’t even remember what you own, and spend hours looking for things you’ve lost?

No, I didn’t stalk you, or come over and see your house. But I know exactly what it’s like because I’ve been there.

For some reason or another, our homes are places we “collect” things and our garages are places we “store” useless stuff instead of more expensive possessions – our cars!

According to authors Warren and Betsey Talbot, it’s an epidemic – one that can easily be fixed if you’re willing to take simple, but effective action.

Are you ready for an intervention?

This isn’t just a book. Getting Rid of It: Eliminate the Clutter in Your Life, provides practical advice on getting rid of your stuff.

It’s a much-needed intervention! You won’t have to worry about friends popping over and seeing your house is a wreck. You won’t have to waste hours and hours of your life looking for things – or waste money buying duplicates.

At the beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to find your balance, and to get your life in order. Betsy and Warren share a step-by-step system that addresses the emotional, practical and societal pressures of having clutter in your life.

Once you starting understanding why you accumulate things, you’ll see the warning signs earlier next time. This short book will help replace thinking with action, a little bit each day, so you keep your space and life open to the opportunities life has in store for you!

About the authors:

Warren and Betsy Talbot spent 2 years perfecting the decluttering process as they prepared for the trip of a lifetime. They learned to manage meltdowns, freakouts, and saying goodbye to enough stuff to give them the freedom to travel full time. In the process, they made enough money for a trip to Antarctica. – Source

The Talbots are a super inspiring couple! I’ve read and recommended their other book “Dream, Save, Do” as part of my top 10 best books to uncover your passion.

I’ve also been following the story on their blog, MarriedWithLuggage and seen them featured in some fantastic places, like Kiplinger Magazine. Their experiences draw you in, and the desire to help others live the good life, is inspiring!

About the book

In less than 100 pages, this books offers the 5 styles of decluttering, how to sell your stuff, to efficiently organize your space for daily use, and how to keep it in order – for good! Here’s a sneak peak:

Getting Rid of It

  • Chapter 1: Mental Prep
  • Chapter 2: How to Sell Your Stuff
  • Chapter 3: Sentimental Value is Assigned by You
  • Chapter 4: Kitchen
  • Chapter 5: Home Office
  • Chapter 6: Closets
  • Chapter 7: Bathrooms
  • Chapter 8: Garage/Attic/Storage Building
  • Chapter 9: Final Notes on Decluttering
  • Chapter 10: Life After Decluttering

Clutter and disorganization is expensive! And if you’re like me, you probably didn’t even realize it was costing you so much. Wanna see proof? Numbers don’t lie!

Infographic authored by Married with Luggage, helping you achieve whatever you’ve always wanted to do. 


My biggest takeaway

After one or two weekends, you’ll have a cleaner, decluttered and more organized home. You’ll be happier and actually feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Trust me. After I implemented a few strategies on getting rid of the clutter in my life, I spend less time worrying and stressing in the morning. And now I have a more peaceful and productive workday because of it.

The New Year is the perfect time to find your zen, and to start your year off on the right track! And as someone who practices what I preach, I’m GIVING AWAY A COPY OF Getting Rid of It! Use the Entry box below for a chance to win!

Connect with The Talbots or buy the book

 [I did not get paid to write this, and I did personally read the book. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.]

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  1. This looks like an awesome resource. As things get busier and busier at our household, STUFF definitely gets overwhelming. Plus we just got like 100 toys for our 1-year-old on his bday and Christmas. Entering the giveaway for my wife 🙂

    • Carrie Smith says:

      This book will make a great gift for your wife (and you, in a round about way!). I think it’s a must have for any home. Perfect to pull out during the times of year, when it’s overdue for a declutter. Good luck!

  2. Hi, Carrie. Thanks for the great review! I can’t wait for you to share our tips with one of your readers. As a former packrat, I think decluttering has been the single best thing I’ve ever done for myself – it gave me freedom I didn’t know I was lacking and allowed me to jump on opportunities without anything dragging me down. Lightness of being means more room for living!

    • Carrie Smith says:

      I’m right there with you Betsy! I’ve never been a packrat really, but like everyone else, I have stuff creeps into my life and never leaves. Your book helped remind me that a good way to stay on top of the clutter is to implement a daily habit. Like one of the 5 simple strategies you talk about in the book!

  3. AvgJoeMoney says:

    I’ve begun decluttering but have a long way to go. I’m definitely not a pack rat, but my garage could use some serious TLC.

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