Gift Guide: 15 Fabulous Freelancer Gifts for Less Than $25

Looking for the best freelancer gifts for the holidays? Check out this in-depth gift guide with options that cost less than $25 each.

It’s not always easy to find just the right gift for your friends and family, and even more so when it comes to a fellow freelancer. As someone who’s been a full-time freelancer for nearly 4 years I’ve been given awesome gifts and some not-so-awesome ones.

So I’ve curated some of the best gift options for the freelancer in your life, or if you want to splurge on yourself with a little something special.

15 Gifts for Freelancers Costing Less than $25

Below is a guide of fabulous gifts for freelancers, all of which cost less than $25. Got a suggestion? Leave it the comments below.

1. Mug warmer: $9.99

This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. My husband bought the Mr. Coffee mug warmer for me two years ago and I still use it every single day. For any freelancer who works from home (and who hates getting up to warm up their tea/coffee) this gift is priceless!

mug warmer

2. Paper planner or journal: $10.99

Freelancers who work from home can never have enough notebooks, moleskins and planners. #amiright? The Conquer Your Year business planner is a gift that any freelancer will appreciate.

conquer your year business planner

3. Paper Mate Flair pens: $4.99

Another timeless but excellent gift for freelancers are pens. But not just any pens, they must be these awesome Paper Mate Flair pens in black. I buy them by the box and continue to use them for everything. They write super smooth and dark so you never miss any important notes from clients or new business ideas.

paper mate flairs

4. Office chair pillow: $24.95

After sitting for hours on the computer all day, any small business owner will feel relieved by an office chair pillow. For less than $25 you can help heal any back or shoulder problems and give a freelancer much-needed support throughout the work day.

office chair pillow

5. Adult coloring book: $10

Being a freelancer often means balancing multiple deadlines, clients and demanding jobs. Take some time off by tapping into your creative genius with an adult coloring book. I highly recommend the Art to Self coloring book from my good friend, Steph Halligan. I reach for this coloring book and markers anytime I want a creative break.

adult coloring book

6. Fingerless gloves: $11.49

During the fall and winter, typing on keys for hours on end can mean your hands and fingers get really chilled. The fingerless gloves that my sister bought me a few years ago still serve me on a regular basis. They help keep freelance hands stay warm while working on client projects.

fingerless gloves

7. Portable file box: $13.99

I swear by my mobile office which consists of a portable file box and many other essentials. This clear portable file box will make an exceptional gift for any freelancer who travels a lot or hopes to become location independent.

portable file box

8. Comfy slippers: $15.99+

Working from home always requires comfy but fashionable clothes. Nothing is more welcomed than a good pair of quality slippers that keep your feet warm. And for around $15 you can’t go wrong with this gift.

comfy slippers

9. Audiobook subscription: $14.95

Many freelancers need to refuel their creative tanks by reading books and listening to other people’s stories. An audiobook subscription from Audible makes an awesome gift for yourself or a freelance friend.

audible gift subscription

10. Woven Pear socks: $15+

Just like quality slippers are a must when working from home, a good pair of cozy socks are a perfect stocking stuffer for freelancers. I love my Woven Pear cat socks (they say Copy Cat on the bottom!) and with many designs to choose from, you’ll find a great match.

woven pear socks

11. New headphones or splitter: $4.99

Between listening to audiobooks, podcast and chatting with clients freelancers are always in need of high quality but comfy headphones. Consider this splitter with separate controls for the freelancer who multitasks.


12. Coffee mug or travel cup: $10.99+

It probably goes without saying but freelancers run on coffee and tea. Warm beverages are a regular part of a freelancer’s daily routine so consider a unique coffee mug or travel cup as a gift idea.

travel mug

13. Inspirational print or comic: $7.95

Every desk needs a good a inspiration quote or print. There are endless quotes and comics to choose from so go with one that will motivate and brighten up any freelancer’s workspace.

inspirational print

14. Electric kettle: $19.99

I never knew what I was missing out on until I purchased an electric kettle. It allows you to boil water in about 90 seconds, so you can steep a pot of tea or brew coffee in a French Press. This gift will be something your recipient won’t soon forget.

electric kettle

15. Computer or laptop bag: $24.99

If you’re a freelancer (or know someone) who enjoys being location independent, then a new computer bag for a laptop is a must. Not only does it need to be strong material to hold several pounds of electronics but fashionable and pleasing to the eye. For less than $25 this laptop bag is the perfect option.

laptop bag

Hopefully this holiday gift guide has given you some good ideas on finding the best gifts for freelancers.

What’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever received as a freelancer?


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  1. Celise says:

    I personally love the Hot Guys Coloring Book and would love to receive one of the swearing coloring books. There are so many choices! As for the fingerless gloves… for those that love to read, Storiarts has some really cool writing gloves (though they may not be as warm as the ones above):

  2. E says:

    I love all of these suggestions! I’m planning to publish a gift guide next week, so I so appreciate your thoughtfulness in putting this together – I know it’s not easy! Also, I just discovered that we’re both from Colorado so I’d love to connect over coffee sometime if you’d ever be up for it. 🙂

  3. Centsai says:

    I love the holiday season and I love getting gifts for all my friends and family! The only downside is all the hefty prices! I loved the mug warmer idea! If I don’t get that for one of my close friends, I might get that just for me haha! Happy holidays from Centsai!

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