Below you will find a list of all the places my writing has been featured, as well as a list of current freelance writing clients. If you’re looking to hire me or find out more about my services, please check out the Hire Me page.

The positions below are current clients and do not factor in past partnerships. To view a full history of employment and complete resume, please see my LinkedIn profile. Additionally, you will find a more complete list over on my Pinterest page.

Freelance Writing and Editing

Featured Posts

  • Time.com | Answer These 5 Questions Before You Go Freelance
  • Business Insider | 5 Steps College Grads Can Take to Start Making Money
  • Mint | Which Accounting Software Should You Use?
  • Business2Community | 5 Vital Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job to Start a Business
  • Blog Talk Network | Financial Stability for an Entrepreneur
  • Freelancers Union | Reflections on My First Year of Full-Time Freelancing
  • FreshBooks | 4 Ways an Entrepreneur Can Prepare for the Best Year Ever
  • Yahoo! Finance | 6 Ways to Learn New Skills Without Spending Tons of Time or Money
  • Badcredit.org | How to Build Credit Without Going Into Debt
  • eHealth Medicare | You’re Never Too Old to Save Money or Start a Business
  • One Woman Shop | How to Outsource Parts of Your Business – Even on a Tight Budget

Media Mentions

  • Glamour Magazine | Wait, Where’s the Money Going? 4 Things That Are Hurting Your Cash Flow
  • Redbook Magazine | How You’ll Waste Less Money in 2014
  • INC Magazine |Managing Your Personal Finances as an Entrepreneur
  • Kiplinger | Great Career Advice From Around the Web & How to Earn Extra Cash
  • Refinery29 | How I Saved $14,000 — Without Making Myself Miserable
  • CreditLand | Careful Cents Blogger Tells us How She Got Out of Debt and Helps Others Do the Same
  • H&R Block | Don’t Be That Girl: Wealth Building Tips from our Favorite Financially Fit Women
  • Huffington Post Money | How I Paid Off $14,000 and Became Debt Free
  • Yahoo! Finance | Why You Should Be Thankful You’re Broke
  • Lifehacker | The Most Dangerous Things About Credit Cards
  • FreshBooks | 5 Accounting Mistakes That Put Your Small Business at Risk
  • Brazen Careerist | 14 Must-Read Personal Finance Blogs for Young Professionals
  • Business Insider | 11 Creative Ways to Negotiate and Lower Your Rent
  • The Consumerist | File Your Taxes Faster by Avoiding These Common Errors
  • Media Bistro | Three Ways to Increase Your Worth as a Freelancer
  • Think Entrepreneurship | Definition of Entrepreneur from 16 Successful Business Owners
  • Experian | 22 Frugal Tips from Your Favorite Personal Finance Writers
  • Brazen Careerist | 15 Smart & Fun Blogs that Will Inspire You All Day Long
  • Business Insider | Before You Split From Your Partner, Arm Your Finance
  • Business Insider | Get Creative and Learn How to Negotiate For Lower Rent
  • Lifehacker | Get Every Last Drop from Your Spray Cleaners without the Annoyance

Podcasts and Interviews