Book Review: The Trump Card by Ivanka Trump

This book initially caught my eye because I’m a young woman trying to make a name for myself online, and I knew that Ivanka could probably teach me a few things about entrepreneurship and business.

I’m so glad I stumbled across this book in the bookstore because it didn’t fail to deliver. I learned a lot about family and business as well as some helpful tips on dealing with success.

What is “The Trump Card”?

This book doesn’t just give you an inside look into the Trump’s personal and business life, but it gives you practical tips for playing your own “trump card” — that something special that sets you apart from everyone else that you can use to your advantage.

Ivanka shares inspiring advice on the things that helped her reach the top of her game, while keeping her dignity and professionalism intact. This is something that’s hard to do when you’re a woman in the business world.

About the Author

“Ivanka Trump is one of the most recognized and influential young business women today. As Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions, Ms. Trump is charged with the domestic and global expansion of The Trump Organization’s real estate interests… Ms. Trump actively participates in all aspects of both Trump (R) and Trump branded projects, including deal evaluation, pre-development planning, financing, design, sales and marketing, ensuring that Trump’s world-renowned physical and operational standards are met.” –Source

About the Book

If you’re a young professional women hoping to land a successful job and thrive in the workplace, then this book is for you. It gives valuable tips on how to get noticed and create a professional identity for yourself — one with a little personality.

  • Trump Card ReviewIntroduction: Get Over It

  • Chapter 1: Family Matters

  • Chapter 2: Finding the Angles of Opportunity

  • Chapter 3: Learning by Example

  • Chapter 4: Creating Values

  • Chapter 5: Modeling a Career

  • Chapter 6: Recipes for Success

  • Chapter 7: Making an Impact

  • Chapter 8: Navigating the Workplace

  • Chapter 9: Business as Usual

  • Chapter 10: Reaching Out, Plugging In

  • Chapter 11: Going It Alone

  • Epilogue: Putting It All Together

My Biggest Takeaway

There is just as much responsibility and fear that comes with success and it does with failure. You’ve got to know how to handle all the ups-and-downs of the business world and not lose yourself in the process.

It’s also important to find a good business idea and routine that fits your lifestyle! Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and play your own Trump Card!

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[I did not get paid to write this, and I did personally read the book. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.]
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  1. Cat Alford/ Budget Blonde says:

    LOVE that book! Read it cover to cover twice. I have a serious girl crush on Ivanka Trump. She is incredible!

    • Carrie Smith says:

      Awesome Kyle, let me know how you like it! What are some of the books on your list? I’m always up for reading new ones that could be great resources.

      • Right now I’m currently reading “Just Ask!” by Bill McGrane III. It was loaned to me by a friend and so far I’m really enjoying it. Also on my list is “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “The Charge”, and “Why We Want You to be Rich”. I also want to reread “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I really like personal growth type books.

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