The Year’s Best Inspiration from Bloggers Around the Web

The Year's Best Inspiration from Bloggers Around the Web

A special thank you, to readers and bloggers alike!


I only became aware of the blogging scene in the middle of summer 2011.

Since then, I’ve read some amazing and life changing blogs.

Instead of focusing on each website in general, I’m listing some of my favorite blog POSTS of the year.

These are articles from bloggers that have inspired me, made me contemplate my life, changed my views and gave me something to compete with.

I’m a competitive person, so I love being challenged by other bloggers’ perspectives on different subjects.

The majority of articles on my list are personal finance related, but not all of them. I’m not going to express my opinion of each article since I want you to develop your own thoughts about them.

I hope they create a thought provoking reading experience for you too.


Personal Finance

Should Debt Be a Deal-Breaker – Frugal Beautiful

How Do You React in a Crisis? – So Over Debt

Are Credit Issuers to Blame For the Nation’s Problems? – Dollar Versity

How Disorganization Can Hurt Your Personal Finances - The Jenny Pincher

Is More Money Always Better? – DinksFinance

Financial Lessons Learned from Downward Dog – Daily Money Shot


Epic Living

Choose to Live an Epic Life – Get Busy Living

3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young – Goins, Writer

Harnessing the Power of Fear – The Change Blog

Just Breath! Relaxing When Stressed Out - My Multiple Streams

Accepting People As They Are – Journey of a Soul Searcher


Writing & Productivity

Why You Should Tell the Ugly Parts of Your Story - Goins, Writer

Find Balance and Serenity After a Productive Day - LifeOptimizer

5 Ways to “Fake It Till You Make It” as an Expert – Expert Enough

Three Tips to Make People Reply Back to Your Email – The Couch Manager

Atypical Tips for Writing Awesome Blog Posts – Smart Passive Income


Frugal Lifestyle

Alternative Uses for Lemons – Wise Bread (I’m obsessed with lemon anything)

Cooking For One: 10 Tips to Lower Your Food Bill – The Jenny Pincher

How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Reach – MoneyCrush


A Few Personal Favorites I Wrote

Selling Thrift Store Finds for Profit on eBay - Minting Nickels

Using Spongebob Squarepants to Become the Perfect Employee – HubPages

Meet the Royal Family of Payment Methods - Careful Cents

Staying Encouraged and Positive While Paying Off Debt - Careful Cents

Treating Money Like Your Best Friend – Twenties Hacker


Most Inspirational Speech of the Year! Thanks to Pat Flynn

Watch How to Stand Out of the Crowd (aka Reach Higher) on YouTube

Share one of your favorite articles, in the comments section. I’d love to read them.

Photo Credit: Ben Fredericson 

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  1. Thank you as well :) You made my morning including me among such great company! Looking forward to a great 2012 together!

  2. Great list! Thanks for sharing Carrie – there are a few blogs which I wasn’t even aware of and I just subscribed (and thanks for the mention! :) )

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