Make Money Your Honey by Amanda Abella: Book Review

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Do you know what your relationship with money is really like? I mean beyond the fact that you’d like to make more of it and spend less of it on bills.

What do you really believe about money? I thought I had this answer down to a science for myself. Especially since I’ve worked with money for the past 11 years and have a pretty successful relationship with it — or so I thought.

Then Make Money Your Honey by Amanda Abella landed in my lap, and we started reading and discussing it for The Careful Cents Club. I was excited to dive into it because Amanda is a fellow go-getter and friend who I’ve met in real life.

Instead of doing the traditional book reviews I normally do, I want to share a more in-depth look at how your money mindset can sabotage your success and how this book will help you get past it.

About the Author

Life coach Amanda Abella has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Consumerist. She brings millennial entrepreneurs a powerful guide on how to have a better relationship with work and money. A new kind of view for a new kind of generation, Amanda has helped countless young professionals make more money and actually keep it. By combining her business background recruiting for Fortune 500 companies with her positive psychology approach, Amanda walks readers through game changing mental shifts and practical action steps they can start implementing right away. — Source

About Make Money Your Honey

Although the book covers a lot of detail, it’s fairly short and a very captivating read. In fact, I read it within 1 night because I was so interested in the perspective. To say the book affected and surprised me would be an understatement!

Part One: From Employee to Entrepreneur

  • Trade Value (Not Time) for Money
  • How to Start Valuing Yourself
  • How to Start Providing Value Through Your Business
  • Forget the Frame, It’s all About Learning to Say NO
  • Working Based on Energy Levels, Not Schedules
  • Building Your A Team
  • Trade in Your To-Do List for a Ta-Da List

Part Two: Don’t Convince, Contribute!

  • It’s Okay to Want Money
  • Why Do You Want Money?
  • Practicing Your New Sales Mentality
  • Mind Shift: It’s Not Sales, It’s Sharing
  • Who Are You Serving?
  • Selling From a Place of Service
  • The Pearly White Gates of Your Sacred Business
  • Clearing Space in Your Sacred Business
  • Sprinkles on Top
  • The Competition is Dead

Part Three: From OH $hit to I Got This!

  • Debunking Common Money Stories
  • What’s Your Money Story?
  • Honoring Your Money Story
  • Become Willing to See Money Differently
  • Rock Your Self-Worth
  • Daily Mental Shifts: The Practical, Fun and Seemingly Crazy
  • Go on a Date With Your Budget
  • Paying Yourself First
  • Go Make that Money Honey!

What’s your money story?

So what exactly does it mean to know your money story? It’s that voice inside your head that tells you what you truly think about money. That can come from influences like the media, your parents, societal pressures and even the misguided rules we tell ourselves.

For example, in the book Amanda shares that one of her Money Stories is the fact she believed Prince Charming would rescue her finances and save the day. And one of my money mindsets was that if making money comes too easy, I’m not working hard enough.

Some other examples include:

  • Having a job means I’m always unhappy (based on example from parents)
  • There’s no money in this economy
  • People who make a lot of money are greedy
  • I can’t make money doing what I love
  • My work isn’t good enough to command the price I want
  • If I become too successful my spouse will be envious

Those are CRAZY stories, but none-the-less true for many of us. Once you take a minute to really get down to the nitty-gritty of your money beliefs, it can be quite shocking. I even cried at some of the ones I wrote out!

I mean how are you supposed to become a successful entrepreneur and make good money with silly beliefs like that? These mindsets we created for ourselves are sabotaging our lives and businesses.

Thankfully though, admitting it to yourself is half the battle, and you’ll feel so much more free when you let it out. You’ll also be able to take the next steps towards re-training your mindset and creating a positive outlook about money.

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[I did not get paid to write this, and I did personally read the book. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.]
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