5.7 million new businesses have been started in the last year.

Whether out of necessity, pure drive, or through pandemic induced self-awareness, a record number of people are reclaiming control of their income, time, and lives.

While there are many paths to financial independence, starting your own company and building a business is the fastest. After launching three companies, scaling two, and selling one, I can confidently say that owning and monetizing my own time helped me build the life I wanted.

We passionately want to help you do the same.

Our Team

Grant Sabatier

Grant Sabatier is the Managing Editor & Owner of CarefulCents.com. He’s a co-founder of BankBonus.com, Creator of Millennial Money (acquired by The Motley Fool) and Author of the International Bestseller Financial Freedom (Penguin Random House), which has been translated into eight languages.

Dubbed the “Millennial Millionaire” by CNBC, Grant went from $2.26 to a millionaire in 5 years, reaching financial independence at the age of 30. Grant has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, the Rachael Ray Show, and many others.

He cares passionately about sharing his story to inspire others to build a life they love, reminding everyone that time is more valuable than money, and building cool stuff.

Matt Bundrick

Matt Bundrick manages all of the technical aspects of the website. He’s been in the web industry for almost 20 years and has worked on some of the top personal finance websites in the United States. He first met Grant while working with him on MillennialMoney.com.

He’s a die hard Clemson fan, a volunteer firefighter, and the one you can count on at any party to steer the conversation toward credit card rewards or mortgage refi’s.

Our Contributors

Carrie Smith Nicholson
Carrie Smith Nicholson founded CarefulCents after paying off $14,000 of debt and quitting her accounting day job to become a full-time entrepreneur. Over the past 11 years, CarefulCents has become a popular and trustworthy personal finance resource for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the self-employed. Her writing and story have been featured on CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Refinery29, Bustle, Nerd Wallet, Kiplinger, Mint, and in many other outlets.

Brian J Roberts
Brian J Roberts has been featured in The Washington Post and written about entrepreneurship for Time Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and other media. He has also interviewed Matthew McConaughey, Tony Hawk, Mark Cuban, Bill Marriott, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, French Montana, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and many others.