Welcome to Careful Cents!

I’m Carrie Smith Nicholson, the founder and owner of Careful Cents, LLC. I work with driven bloggers and online business owners who are ready to 2x, 3x or even 10x their businesses.

If you’re committed to scaling your business, I’m here to help you earn more money in less time!

  • You’re ready to stop business burnout and finally focus on what matters
  • You want to take back your time and stress less
  • You’re serious about doing what it takes to simplify your life

I can help your online business or startup scale without the stress!

I work with online business owners and bloggers to find the best tools, apps, and systems so you can grow your business without hiring a large team so you can scale without stress!

I also implement and set up these products and services as an Executive Virtual Assistant and Project Manager

I’ll show you how to take back your schedule, create simple business systems, and streamline your workflow.

Yes, you can make a living from your passion, without getting burned out or being a slave to the (new!) grind.

I don’t sell my own products.

Instead, I share unbiased opinions about the BEST tools, apps, and products available for making money and scaling your business. 

Since I implemented simple business systems and processes, I’ve been able to build a thriving online business.

I spend the time testing, experimenting, and sharing the results so you can build the business of your dreams!

The Careful Cents Mission

I believe you don’t need a large team to build a 6- or 7-figure business! I’ve proven that you can take back your time, and have control of your own schedule.

I prefer to use free or cheap tools and time-saving methods, instead of paying for expensive help. 

No more stress or disorganization. You need better systems. You want to explode your business. Let’s do this!

Helping business owners stress less

I’ve been helping small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs for the past 15 years. I have a background as a small business accountant, and experience managing small teams of 10 members or less.

In the past, I’ve worked with H&R Block, Capital One, and startups like MileIQ. I’ve also been featured in Inc Magazine, Redbook, and Refinery29, to name a few.

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I also share my knowledge bombs through my blog posts and regular newsletters

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When I’m not blogging, or helping awesome go-getters get organized, I can be found painting or sketching in my art studio. Or in the kitchen with my chef husband creating a new and tasty recipe!

To see a more personal look at my daily life, connect with me on Instagram, @carefulcents. Or you can connect with me in real time on Twitter, @carefulcents.

Whether it’s scaling your business, getting a grip on your taxes, or earning more money from home, you’ll find the answers here at Careful Cents.

Cheers to scaling up on your terms!

Carrie Smith Nicholson is a systems strategist, Asana expert, and business blogger. After paying off $14,000 of debt she quit her accounting day job and started her blog, Careful Cents. Over the past 6 years, she’s helped burned out business owners who are tired of chasing money, start earning money on their terms. She does this through better business systems, financial organization, and productivity tips. Since then, she’s written for sites like Inc.com, Time.com and has been featured in Glamour Magazine and Redbook Magazine