Amazon Prime vs Prime Student

Amazon offers a lot of valuable services, as you’ll see in this Amazon Prime vs Prime Student review.

Amazon Prime is a robust service with plenty of reasons to subscribe. Reasons we’ll get to shortly. But Prime Student is the reigning champion in the cost savings department.

With Prime Student you trade features for substantial savings.

While you get plenty of value for your prime membership, $119 a year for Amazon Prime can be too expensive for some people.

Amazon Prime Student costs are half that for eligible students. The $59 annual price is an exceptional value for students.

Prime Student may be your best if you’re eligible, because 50% off is such a massive savings. But, there are specific benefits that Amazon Prime has which Prime Student does not…

Amazon realized in 2010 students could make perfect use of Prime benefits, but most couldn’t afford them. Students needed affordable college textbooks, but also entertainment like music and movies.

You will need a .edu email to register for Prime Student.

To join Amazon Prime Student all you need is to be enrolled in an American university and use your student email address to sign up.

From there it can be used for any of the many benefits that Amazon Prime membership offers, and at only half the price. Let’s talk about those benefits some more.

Amazon Prime Student Benefits

Amazon Prime Student gives you the benefits and perks of Amazon Prime, but for a much lower price. There are many great benefits from Amazon Prime Student, and here are some of the best ones:

  1. Free two-day shipping. This applies to the millions of items sold by Amazon. This perk is unlimited, and you can use it as much and as often as you want. One of the most common purchases on Amazon by students is textbooks, and this benefit applies to those as well. Using the free 2-day shipping also does not require any minimum order size, so even if you are buying a single item you can use the free 2-day delivery.
  2. Upgrade to 1-day delivery. With regular Amazon, this will cost close to $10, but with Amazon Prime student it is only $3.99. This discount is also unlimited so you can use it as many times as you want.
  3. Exclusive deals. These deals are unique only to you, as an Amazon Prime Student member. Their emails are full of discounted items and vouchers, so you will save even more money with the service.
  4. Free release-date delivery. This is for books, DVDs and Blu-rays, and video games. This means you are able to pre-order one of these and you will definitely have it delivered to your home on the date it is released. That means no missing out, no waiting in lines, and no waiting for them to be back in stock again.
  5. Prime Photos is included free, too. With this service, you are able to store all of your photos and pictures online with Amazon Cloud. It allows you to access them wherever you are and if you lose your original file or copy then you have Prime Photos as the backup. As a member, you have unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud for photos, and 5GB of data for other files.

Should I Get Amazon Prime Student?

One of the best selling points for signing up to Amazon Prime Student is the free trial period. When you sign up you don’t have to pay anything for a six-month period. In that time you can cancel at any point and not have to pay a single penny.

With your six month trial you have many of the best benefits of Prime Student, such as free 2-day shipping and discounts. However, during your trial, there are some restrictions.

You will not be able to use your free video and music streaming or your free Kindle books while using the free trial. Once you are a full Prime Student member you will have all of these benefits. And if during that time you decide it is not worth it, you can cancel.

Am I Eligible For Prime Student?

All you need to be eligible for Prime Student is to be actively enrolled in a college or university.

When signing up for Amazon Prime Student all you need is your university email account ending in .edu. If for some reason you do not have this email then you still can sign up as a student. By emailing amazon-student[email protected] with evidence that you are currently enrolled, you will not need a .edu email address.

Some of the possible evidence you can use are transcripts or class lists that include the university, the term, and your name. A tuition bill with this information is also acceptable. You can even sign up for Prime Student before you have started college. All you need is to send your university acceptance letter showing you will be attending the following term.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student

Signing up for Amazon Prime Student is very simple. You can go to Amazon’s Prime Student homepage and follow the instructions.

If you have not used Amazon before you can start with a new account. If you already have an Amazon account you can sign into that and add the Prime Student benefits to it. As long as you have a university email address ending with .edu it is a simple process that will take minutes.

Amazon Prime Student Downsides

Amazon Prime Student is perfect if you are currently in college. But there are a few perks to regular Amazon Prime that you will either not get with Prime Student, or you don’t get during the 6 month trial of Prime Student.

Amazon Prime Unavailable

When you are in the Amazon Prime Student 6 month free trial, you will not have access to Amazon Prime Video.

This service allows you to get access to countless great movies and TV shows available to stream for free with membership. This also includes Amazon originals that can’t be found anywhere other than Amazon Prime Video.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime then you will get instant access to this, otherwise, you will need to wait 6 months as an Amazon Prime Student member.

Amazon Mom Unavailable

Amazon Mom is available to Prime members, but not with Prime Student.

This service is perfect for parents and gives you and your family a lot of benefits. These include 20% off diapers, a free Kindle book every single month, and Prime Early Access.

That gives you the option to see Amazon’s best deals and offers 30 minutes before anyone else.

Prime Pantry Unavailable

Prime Pantry is another useful service that comes with Amazon Prime but not Prime Student.

This gives you lower prices on essentials such as food and toiletries. Every Prime Pantry box is full of discounted items and food and costs only $5.99 for Prime members.

Each Prime Pantry box can hold up to 45 pounds of weight, or 4 cubic feet of space.

Amazon Prime vs Prime Student Summary

This will depend on your circumstances. Generally, Prime Student will be best if you are eligible, since getting 50% off is such a massive saving.

However, there are specific benefits that Amazon Prime has which Prime Student does not. These are generally aimed towards families and parents, which is not as applicable to students most of the time.

If you do have a family and would make good use of the parenting and grocery savings and deals, then you might consider getting Amazon Prime even if you are a student. If you are not a student then you do not have the choice of signing up for Prime Student.

However, even without the 50% discount Amazon Prime is a great deal and will give you very good value for your money. The free 2-day shipping, the access to prime music and video streaming, and all of the family targeted benefits will make the $119 more than worth it.

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