Audible Review

Want to finish more books? There’s just something about tackling a good book, cover to cover. And more than 50 percent of people agree audiobooks make that possible. And the coolest part?

Your brain doesn’t distinguish between reading and listening to books. So it’s not like your “cheating” by listening instead of reading to your favorite read. 1 in 5 U.S. adults listens to audiobooks, as per a 2019 Pew Research report.

This could explain the boom in audiobook listenership. But there’s another benefit.

Reading makes you smarter.

Our data demonstrate time and again that print exposure is associated with vocabulary, general knowledge, and verbal skills even after controlling for abstract reasoning abilities.

Its clear consumers are hungry for high-quality audiobooks, given the benefits and convenience. And Audible is the leading provider of audiobooks. Which begs the question: is Audible worth it?

Let’s explore the benefits and find out..

Audible Review

Searching for an affordable audiobook seller? This Audible review is worth a read.

Audible is the world’s largest seller and producer of audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment.
About Audible

How Does Audible Work?

  • Leading audiobook seller
  • Listen to your favorite books
  • Members: discounted audiobooks
  • Non-members: full price audiobooks

With an Audible account, you can catch up on your reading while commuting, working out, relaxing or doing chores around the home. Have an Amazon or an Amazon Prime account? Then you can save time and energy with the account setup process.

Just log into your account to get started.

The platform provides you with a range of great listening options.

In addition to listening on your smartphone, you can listen to your books via Alexa around the house. The platform is also integrated with Kindle books via Whispersync.

With Whispersync for Voice, you can easily switch from reading books on your Kindle to listening to Audible books on your smartphone without losing your place.

Audible Review: Audible Credits

  • Some people assume an Audible subscription is like a Netflix subscription
  • You cannot access an unlimited number of audiobooks each month.
  • Access depends on the membership plan you purchase
  • Your plan provides you with one or two credits each month.
  • A credit entitles you to select any audiobook from their library

If you want to purchase additional audiobooks for one month, you can do so at a 30 percent discount. If you are an avid reader or if you listing to books and podcasts is more practical for your lifestyle, you may find true value in the Audible plan structure using credits and discounts.

Audible Review: Audible Selection

  • #1 seller of audiobooks online globally
  • Over 180,000+ audiobook titles available
  • Also includes “Audible Original” titles

Audible is not the only audiobook subscription plan available to you, but it is a preferred option because of its vast selection. In fact, the Audible audiobook collection has more than 180,000 titles for you to browse through and choose from.

This includes many Audible originals that you cannot access in any other location. You can even access free audiobooks without restrictions during your initial trial period.

Regardless of whether you want to enjoy new releases or classics in areas like fiction, autobiography, non-fiction, and others, you can easily find the titles that you are interested in.

You may have heard about an interesting new book on social media, and you may be thrilled to access it via Audible. There are also many titles for kids and teens, which makes this a convenient way to expose your children to more culture and to improve their knowledge in a wide range of subjects.

Some books are narrated by popular actors with recognizable and pleasing voices. These and other audiobooks can be located and ordered online through or through the Audible app at any time.

Occasionally, you will have access to free titles that do not require credits. Compared to other audiobook subscription services, you may find that no other provider currently comes close to matching the huge selection offered by Audible.

Audible Review: Features I

  • Listen via Kindle, Alexa, Amazon, Audible
  • Easily pick up where you left elsewhere
  • Can return accidental audiobook purchases
  • Members save 30% on all audiobooks

With other audiobook subscription services, you can only listen to the book through the app on your smartphone or tablet. While this is practical in some situations, the functionality of an Audible membership is improved.

For example, when you buy an audiobook through Audible, you can benefit from seamless integration with Kindle. You may want to list to the audiobook in your car on your way home from work via the smartphone app, and you can then transfer the narration to your Alexa device while you are cooking dinner.

In the evening, you can continue by reading the book on your Kindle. With each device, you can pick up exactly where you left off. Audible is also accessible through a personal computer, Amazon Fire TV, and an MP3 player.

Your Audible membership also comes with friendly, helpful customer support. Audible provides you with 24-hour support via phone and live chat. You can also request assistance via email.

A common reason why you may need support from an audiobook service provider is if you accidentally purchase the wrong title. Notably, Audible also allows you to return a book if you are not satisfied with it. When you return a book for any reason, it will be removed from your library without hassle. You can then immediately use the refunded credit to make another selection.

Audible Review: Features II

  • Free 30-day trial to try for a test drive
  • Can subscribe with or without Prime

You can take advantage of an Audible membership with or without a Prime membership, which means that Audible is accessible to everyone. When you sign up, you will provide your credit card information for future, recurring billing.

However, you will receive a free 30-day trial, which enables you to experience all that it offers without committing to a membership fee up-front.

To determine if the subscription fee is worth paying for going forward, you must determine how many book titles and podcasts you can and will realistically listen to on a monthly basis. If you intend to purchase additional books each month, compare the prices via Audible and other providers to determine what the best overall deal is.

Audible Review: Monthly Membership Options

  • Choose between Gold or Platinum plan
  • Gold Monthly: $14.95, Gold Annual: $149.50
  • Includes 1 free credit, 30% other titles
  • Platinum Monthly: $22.95, Platinum Annual: $229.50
  • Includes 2 free monthly credits, 30% off other titles

You can choose between a Gold membership plan and a Platinum membership plan. These are available with a monthly payment structure, or you can pay for a year upfront to enjoy an overall discount.

The Gold monthly membership is $14.95, and the Gold annual membership is $149.50. Therefore, with the annual membership, you essentially can enjoy two months of free service. The Gold plan provides you with one free credit each month and a 30 percent discount on all additional titles purchased.

The Platinum monthly plan is $22.95, and the Platinum annual plan is $229.50. As is the case with the Gold annual plan, the Platinum annual plan provides you with two free months of service.

With the Platinum membership plan, you will receive two credits each month as well as the same 30 percent discount on additional audiobooks purchased.

With both the Gold and Platinum memberships, you can roll over a limited number of credits if you do not use all of them during the allocated time period. You can also place your membership on hold for up to three months.

Keep in mind that you do not need to have a membership to enjoy all that Audible offers.

If you prefer to avoid the monthly fee and may listen to audiobooks intermittently or less frequently, you can purchase audiobooks at full price and access them through all of the same platforms.

Is Audible Worth It?

Absolutely. Through or via their app, you can sign up for a 30-day trial.

  • Because there’s no cost, the trial is great to explore how Audible works.
  • Listen to books on your Android/Apple, smartphone, tablet, or other devices.
  • When you use Audible, you can cancel your membership at any time.
  • Canceling will immediately halt additional charges against your credit card for the monthly fee.
  • No cancellation fee–you can use Audible as desired by paying the full price for new audiobooks.

The best way to determine if Audible is the right service for you is to take advantage of introductory Audible offers. With a 30-free trial membership, you can pick out two audiobooks and two Audible originals.

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