How To Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

With 200 million visual searches per month, Pinterest is one of the largest traffic referrers right behind Google and Facebook.

Kind of shocking right? It also makes me wonder why I’ve waited so long to implement a Pinterest strategy for my online business.

So if you’re a freelancer looking for additional services to offer potential clients, it’s time to consider becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant.

How Do I Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Small businesses and large companies alike, are always looking for ways to increase their SEO and get found in Google. Since Pinterest is a booming search-based platform, this is another awesome service you can add to your scope of work and grow your virtual assistant business.

A common misunderstanding of becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant is that you need to have a good knowledge of design or Photoshop, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

You can start working as a Pinterest VA without having a background in design, Photoshop or other branding skills.

Seriously! In fact, most freelance clients are too busy focusing on the business side of their blogs and have a very limited idea of what Pinterest is or the design that goes into it. This leaves an opening for you to fill — and get paid to do so!

So, what exactly does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

7 Services to Offer as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Here are seven services you can offer clients to earn money as a Pinterest VA.

1. Assist with brand styling

An excellent service to provide clients who are just starting out with Pinterest is to assist them with styling and branding options. This involves providing your client with the simple task of creating a branding packet.

In the search bar of Pinterest look for the phrase “brand boards”. The results will return hundreds of layout and design examples for your clients to choose from.

Pinterest brands

They’ll be able to pick fonts they like for pinnable images, colors, layouts and other design aspects. Just make sure you’re using consistent branding across all the images you create, and that goes with the client’s current branding message.

2. Create pinnable graphics

If you already own Photoshop then by all means use this to create pinnable graphics for your clients. But this is not necessary. Photoshop can be quite a hefty business expense to invest in.

This is why it’s great to use free tools like Canva or PicMonkey when you’re first becoming a virtual assistant.

Even if you’re not a designer or Photoshop expert, you can upgrade and use Canva For Work for all of your client’s pinnable images. It costs $12.95 per month but comes with many awesome features that are well worth the investment.

It allows you to save time by always referring back to your design packet for the hex colors of my brand and the exact names/sizes of the font your client uses on their site.

design for Pinterest

3. Schedule pins

Scheduling and automating business tasks can help you (and your clients!) earn more money in less time. So why not try using a tool to schedule pins and sharing on Pinterest?

This allows you to set-it-and-forget-it for your clients so you don’t have to spend every day glued to Pinterest.

The top two Pinterest automation tools are BoardBooster and Tailwind. You can use them together or only one at a time. I prefer and use Tailwind for my blog and request that other virtual assistants do the same when working with me.

pinterest virtual assistant

4. Manage Pinterest profile and group boards

While the bulk of your Pinterest VA services will be finding and scheduling pins on a regular basis, it’s also important to fully manage a client’s Pinterest profile and group boards.

This includes upgrading their Pinterest profile to a business account, creating reports from analytics, deleting underperforming pins and researching/joining group boards to help grow the account’s reach.

You’ll learn exactly how to become a virtual assistant and what is involved to successfully manage a client’s Pinterest profile.

5. Organize and update a Pinterest portfolio

Speaking of automating business tasks, another great service to offer freelance clients is to keep their Pinterest portfolio updated with their latest work.

There are many different ways to showcase your portfolio of work and land more clients, but Pinterest offers an excellent visual option that’s totally free.

This is something you should be doing for yourself as a virtual assistant, but is also a service you can offer to earn money.

pinterest portfolio example

6. Research SEO terms and titles

As clients begin hiring you for virtual assistant work they may start requesting guidance for what kind of content to publish on their blog. These kinds of “upgrades” can be a la carte services added onto your regular Pinterest packages as a way of earning more money.

This gives you a chance to do keyword research for popular content on Pinterest. You can find out that the top blog titles and the types of traffic that’s being sent to the client’s site.

Simply type in the keywords or phrases for a particular topic or blog post. Then look at the different “tiles” that populate on Pinterest. These are great keywords to use in your post or within your images.

You can also prepare regular reports of these keywords for analytics and offer tips for converting the traffic into subscribers or buyers.

The example below demonstrates how one of my pins currently ranks for the keyword “affiliate marketing” and the main tile keyword for “without a blog”.

affiliate marketing seo on Pinterest example

7. Curate content for social media platforms

If a client is hiring you as a Pinterest virtual assistant, they may also need help managing other social media accounts. This where you can upsell them to manage all of their social media platforms.

You could also work in tandem with their current social media manager to curate and save content for future sharing.

Either way, Pinterest gives VAs and clients access to thousands of related content and searchable pins to share with any community.

This will save an enormous amount of time spent researching and curating content for other social channels.

Need more ideas?

Get started right now by downloading the free guide, Pinterest VA Prep Workbook.

You’ll get even more ideas for services to offers clients and you can start practicing your skills today!

Can I really make money as a Pinterest virtual assistant?

Yes, most definitely! As you’ve seen, Pinterest is much more than a social media platform.

It can be used as a portfolio to showcase your freelance work, as a search engine that displays specific search results and even one of the biggest traffic drivers to a website.

For these reasons, Pinterest stands out compared to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. And this is exactly why bloggers and business owners are specifically seeking out VAs who specialize in Pinterest.

You can get started today and capitalize on to earn money as a Pinterest VA. It will without a doubt give you an edge over other more general social media VAs.

The course, How to Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, gives even more ideas of what you can offer clients as a Pinterest VA. It breaks down different packages you can offer, how much to charge clients, and the time commitment you can expect to put in.

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