Best Financial Advisors for Fort Worth

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This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

Article Approved By Banking Expert

This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

The modern, thriving city of Fort Worth has seen a great deal of success recently, and one of the largest cities in the countries has a lot of individuals, perhaps like yourself, that could use some financial guidance. Whether you inherited your wealth or recently found success with a business enterprise, it can be difficult to manage your assets effectively and live a productive life in the meanwhile. This is where a financial advisor comes in, and thankfully there are some great ones operating in the city.

Here are our top five picks for financial advising firms in Fort Worth, Texas:

1) Diesslin Group, Inc.

One of the largest firms in Fort Worth with about $585 million in assets under management, Diesslin Group, Inc. is also one of the oldest firms operating in the area, having been founded in 1980. They take pride in their independence and have taken great efforts to ensure that you receive only the best, completely unbiased advice.

You can expect a conservative approach regarding your assets, and mutual funds will be a staple. You can also be assured that you will meet with them enough for them to get a full handle on your needs and concerns.

Diesslin Group, Inc. is a fee-only firm that requires potential clients to have at least $1 million in investible assets.

You can expect the following working with Diesslin Group, Inc.:

  • A commitment to providing you entirely unbiased advice and information.
  • A conservative approach meant to preserve your wealth via a diversified portfolio while you accomplish your goals.
  • A wide network to ensure that you get the exact services and options you need to make the most of your wealth.

2) Whitley Penn Financial, LLP

A firm nearly as large with about $530 million in assets under management, Whitley Penn Financial, LLP is employee-owned and performs a wide variety of services such as financial planning, asset and investment management, estate planning, and insurance services. They use five main principles when working with clients when it comes to investment, which you can learn more about on their website.

They will adjust your portfolio and advice based on the times and won’t rest on their laurels when it comes to keeping their clients satisfied.

Whitley Penn Financial, LLP is a fee-based firm that has no exact account minimum.

You can expect the following working with Whitley Penn Financial, LLP:

  • Flexibility and the ability to work with other consultants or professionals under your employ, whether they be attorneys, brokers or agents, or perform some other task.
  • The ability to work with you no matter where you are in life.
  • A focused, disciplined approach to investments you can rely on.

3) WWK Wealth Advisors

With more than $235 million in assets under management, WWK Wealth Advisors (founded in 2003) is a well-known operator in the region and works with individuals and families alike to try and give you the financial security you want and deserve. They have a well-rounded approach to investing and will constantly adjust their process to make sure that your priorities are placed first.

You can also expect a full team to be working with you each step of the way, from taxes to retirement planning.

WWK Wealth Advisors is a fee-based firm that has no asset requirements to become a client.

You can expect the following working with WWK Wealth Advisors:

  • A dynamic approach to financial advocacy that ensures you will be receiving relevant advice.
  • A highly-efficient model and team that won’t waste your time and provide you the best results.
  • A great deal of experience among its founders and employees.

4) OverRidge Wealth Advisors

With a history that dates back to 1970, OverRidge Wealth Advisors (formerly Lee Johnson Capital Management) is a firm with about $160 million in assets under management that is at one experienced but injected with new life and new ideas. Financial planning is offered, but potential investors and people looking for portfolio and wealth management will feel right at home working with them.

They emphasize the personal touch and a personal relationship and combine that with a constantly aware approach to investing.

You can expect the following working with OverRidge Wealth Advisors:

  • A willingness to take their time working with you and go the extra mile for their clients.
  • A focus on individuals and small business owners that will serve those groups well.
  • The ability to easily check on your assets and progress easily using apps and online tools.

5) Aspen Wealth Management

Aspen Wealth Management is a smaller firm than most of the ones we looked at, with only $112 million in assets under management. Yet not requiring any level of minimum investable assets, their fee-only philosophy, and a strong staff of advisors relative to this statistic made them stand out among other Fort Worth agencies.

They are great when working through life’s problems and are more accustomed to working with the average family just making a good start than the other firms on this list. Clients will find consideration and honest communication when working with them.

Aspen Wealth Management is a fee-only firm that has no minimum investible asset requirement, although wealth management requires at least a $500,000 investment.

You can expect the following working with Aspen Wealth Management:

  • Experience working with women, families, and individuals.
  • A unique approach to market analysis and investing that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • A variety of service models based on your wealth and needs.


We understand that everyone has unique needs and priorities when it comes to their wealth, and as such everyone will come to a slightly different conclusion as to which advisor might be the best fit for them. We encourage you to take your time, but we also believe that one of the above choices will be a great fit for you, your family, and your wealth in the long term. We hope you find nothing but success in your future endeavors.

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