Best Investing Apps: 3 Must-Haves For New Investors

If you’re serious about turning a profit, read on to discover the best investing apps of 2019. 

Picking an investing app may not seem like a big deal at first. But trust me when I say, that rushing to sign up for the latest and greatest new investing app can cost you. Big time. Buggy interfaces and poor customer support can be just the beginning.

Expensive commissions and hidden, high fees can eat away at your nest egg fast.

But you can avoid costly pitfalls by following our recommendations. You won’t run into any problems with these apps (these are like the Navy SEALs of the investing app world).

Keep reading to see our list of the 3 best investing apps, all of which you can sign up for in a flash (plus, you don’t want to miss out on the best robo-advisor of 2019).

Best Investing App For New Investors

Acorns puts your savings on auto-pilot.

best investing apps

  • Over $100M in funds managed!
  • Invests your spare change for you.
  • Open your account today with just $5.
  • Ideal if you aren’t a disciplined saver.
  • AcornsSpend does real-time roundups.
  • Free check deposits and no ATM fees.
  • No management fees with .edu email.
  • Fees start at just $1, $2 or $3 a month.

Have trouble saving money? Acorns will change your life.

Plus it’s fast to load, reliable, intuitive and entirely automated. Who should use Acorns? Anyone can benefit, but especially those of us who have trouble saving.

It’s also great for someone who wants to start investing, but doesn’t know where to start. Because it rounds up every dollar your spend and sacks away the difference, it’s hard to notice that money coming out. For this feature alone, Acorns is the reigning champion, and ranks among the best of the best investing apps.

best investing appsWith Acorns,  just set it and forget it (let the cash pile up).

It’s also great for young professionals or students who don’t have the time to manage their own investments, or people who want better returns compared to a savings account, all without the hassle or fees.

Best Investing App For New Traders

Want free shares? Try Robinhood.
best investing apps

  • It’s 100% commission free.
  • No account minimums.
  • No waiting (micro-deposits).
  • Get instantly verified.
  • Up to $1000 available instantly.
  • Trade on margin with just $2000.

You can trade stocks, options, ETFs and cryptocurrencies, without paying a penny in fees.

Note: they don’t offer mutual funds or bonds, but let me repeat: there’s absolutely zero commissions on stock trades and there are no account minimums. And although there are no inactivity fees or ACH transfer fees, there’s a $75 outgoing transfer fee.

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The mobile trading app is where Robinhood really shines. You can set alerts, view charts and even listen in on earnings calls all from within the app. Another really cool feature?

For every friend you refer, you each earn a free share of stock!

And here’s another huge benefit: even broker-assisted phone trades are free. Research tools are at a minimum, so seek those elsewhere. But the fact they offer free trades and easy access to margin borrowing puts them in the top 1%, and lands them a spot as one of the best investing apps.

Best Robo Advisor For New Investors

best investing apps

  • $10 billion in assets managed.
  • Tax-loss harvesting helps you save big.
  • No closing, trading or commission fees.
  • Just 0.25% management fee–low!
  • 9 different account types.
  • Account minimum is $500

A robo-advisor is a portfolio management software that invests on your behalf.

How does it do this exactly? Based on a multitude of factors, ranging from personal preferences and the level of risk you’re comfortable with, to some algorithmic and mathematical magic. And, if you’re a new investor (or just too busy to manage), a robo-advisor like Wealthfront is a great place to start.

Wealthfront’s FDIC insured cash accounts pay 2.24% with only a $1 minimum.

Another reason we picked Wealthfront is because their they offer a completely free financial planning tool: Path. This tool helps you get a clearer picture of your financial life, as it syncs with all your accounts–Wealthfront or not.

Long story short: Wealthfront is one of the best investing apps, bar-none.

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