Best Place To Sell Textbooks: 5 Sites That Pay Top Dollar

Looking for the best place to sell textbooks? Given the cost of higher education in the United States, every student should be.

For quick reference, here are some fast facts you may not know:

  • The cost of college increase about 8x per year, according to
  • The cost of textbooks for students alone has risen by135% since 2001 according to
  • Student loans have surpassed credit card debt at $1.57 trillion as of 2020 according to

This list will ensure you get the maximum amount of money back on your textbooks.

Millions of students sell their used or new textbooks on these apps and websites to generate some of their money back.

Why not do the same? If you don’t have a friend, family member, or colleague who needs it, don’t let them just collect dust.

Many of the sellers below even buy older editions, so oftentimes the age of the book won’t matter much (to an extent, of course).

5 Best Places To Sell Textbooks Online

Here are the best places to sell your used textbooks online today:

  4. Amazon

1. BookFinder

BookFinder was started in 1997 and has been an established presence since. Whether you want the cheapest reading copy or a specific collectible edition, with BookFinder, you’ll find just the right book. searches the inventories of over 100,000 booksellers worldwide, accessing millions of books in just one simple step.

To find original editions, please select “Show more options” to refine your search by publication year. You can also choose to limit your search to first editions, signed editions, or hardcover.

Save big this semester by using to find the cheapest textbooks.

Just search by ISBN to ensure that you find the exact edition, or you can search by author, title, and publication year.

2. Chegg

Chegg is a publicly traded education technology company founded all the way back in 2001.

In addition to buying and selling textbooks, they offer homework help, online tutoring, scholarships, and other resources for high school and college students.

How do you sell textbooks with Chegg? Just enter the ISBN number of your book to get an instant quote.

Next, print a shipping label from Chegg–free of charge–and drop it off at your local UPS. That’s it!

When Chegg receives your textbook you then receive your money via PayPal or your own bank account, it’s entirely up to you.

3. BookScouter

BookScouter is another great resource for selling your textbooks. Although not as well known as Chegg, they’ve been featured everywhere from Consumer Reports to ABC, MSN, LifeHacker, and others.

But, unlike Chegg, BookScouter will search 42 different vendors for the best textbook price.

They have three features that make it compelling: first is the best price recommendations.

They price compare with over 40 different vendors to get you the best price possible.

Just find the best offer, pack it, ship and it and that’s it. Plus, every time you buy or sell textbooks, you’re entered into their $500.00 quarterly textbook scholarship.

Simply go to their website and search for the textbook that you need, or upload the ISBN# of the book you are selling, and sell along with the comparable prices.

Plus, every time you buy or sell textbooks, you’re entered into their $500.00 quarterly textbook scholarship. Even if you can’t find your ISBN, they’ll buy your book anyway.

4. Amazon

Amazon isn’t just the largest place to buy and sell textbooks, it’s the largest online marketplace period.

There are fees involved in selling through with them, which vary based on the book type, condition, and other factors. Why sell Amazon? The demand is there.

Just create an Amazon account, add your book, select the product condition, set the price and that’s it.

Much like the other options on this list, just upload the book ISBN number–which is unique to each book. Each of these sites will show you how much the book is priced at in used or new condition.

This helps when buying and selling. Each provides a shipping label generator. With the app Fetch, since it is a campus platform, students can also meet up in regards to selling their books/textbooks.

5. TextbookRush

TextbookRush has been a trusted resource for selling textbooks since 2001.

They’re one of the better options for selling textbooks online because their price quotes are valid for 20 days, they’re ready to buy over one million titles (including alternate editions).

If you opt for store credit (to buy a future textbook, let’s say) you’ll get an extra 5% in cashback.

Just download the free app, scan your book’s barcode, get your quote, checkout and–that’s it–get paid!

Oh, and with TextBook Rush, you aren’t limited to just college textbooks.

They also buy textbooks from K through 12 and international editions, too.

With over 600,000 titles available for purchase at any time, it’s cheaper to buy (and more lucrative to sell) compared to your local campus bookstore.

There’s no charge to list, and if your textbook item sells, a 15% commission from the sale price goes to TextBook Rush.

Once it’s time to get paid, simply request a check by mail or take a  PayPal or ACH (Direct Deposit) payment and you’ll be all good to go.

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