BillFixers Review

You wish you could save money on monthly bills but you don’t have time to sit on the phone with customer service all day.

I mean, who likes to call customer service reps and negotiate. Not me!

Thankfully, there’s BillFixers.

If you have cable, wireless or internet bills you wish cost less every month, BillFixers is a new startup that can help make this happen.

No more wasting time trying to find the best deals or being connected to the right customer service department.

After hearing about BillFixers from my friend Taylor at TayTalksMoney I decided to give them a try for myself.

The verdict? They’re the real deal! Find out my honest BillFixers review and how they saved me $365 a year on two of my bills.

What is BillFixers?

BillFixers is a service that calls bill providers on your behalf to reduce your monthly bills! The BillFixers experts know the best negotiation strategies, bundles and deals that can save you several hundred dollars a year.

And according to their research, the average BillFixers’ customer saves $300 per year on their monthly bills.

I can personally attest that this is true! After giving them a try (on bills I didn’t think could be lowered anymore) BillFixers saved me $220 on my Xfinity bill.

They negotiated a free modem rental that we were previously paying $10 per month, plus a one-time $100 credit.

Xfinity BillFixers savings proof

Then I asked them to tackle my AT&T bill, which ended up with a $145 savings. My BillFixers negotiator decreased my monthly bill by $10 and added a one-time $25 to my account.

AT&T BillFixers savings

If you’re keeping track, that’s a total of $365 per year savings! ($220 per year for Xfinity and $145 a year for AT&T.)

Use BillFixers to save money on bills

Since BillFixers is still a fairly new company, they can negotiate lower bills for the following services.

  • Cable TV/satellite
  • Internet
  • Wireless/cellphone
  • Landline
  • Home security/alarm systems
  • Magazine or newspaper subscriptions
  • Utilities (in deregulated states only!)

“We don’t really negotiate insurance, medical bills, or lines of credit. We can only focus on recurring service bills like internet, cable, wireless, landline, home security, satellite radio, OnStar, etc. When in doubt, feel free to send it over!” – Will, BillFixers

Here are some monthly bills they can not negotiate for you.

  • Credit cards/lines of credit
  • Car payments
  • Other debts
  • Insurance and claims
  • Medical bills
  • Rent/mortgage payments
  • Legal claims/fees
  • Utilities (in regulated states)

I sent them over my natural gas/electricity bill but since Colorado is a regulated state they couldn’t negotiate this bill on my behalf.

So that’s something to keep in mind when using BillFixers.

How BillFixers works

To get started with BillFixers, gather up the bills you want them to negotiate for you. Refer to the approved list above!

I recommend starting with a high bill that’s annoying, such as your wireless plan. For some reason cell phone companies love to gouge customers with crazy talk, text and data plans.

Log into your accounts online and download your most recent statement.

If you still receive paper statements in the mail, use a printer to scan in your latest statement. Save your bill to a secure folder on your computer.

Once you know which bill(s) you want BillFixers to look over for you, head over to their website.

Click the “start saving now” button. You’ll be taken to another screen where you’ll fill in some quick personal information.

BillFixers start saving now

All you need is your name, email address and phone number to get started. Then upload the saved bill you want BillFixers to work on for you.

In some cases you’ll need to share an account PIN or passcode, which is used by customer service to verify your identity.

BillFixers review continue saving

That’s it!

Once BillFixers has your bill info they will go to work for you. Here’s what the process looks like.

  1. Analyze – BillFixers will review your bill for potential savings and credits
  2. Call – They call up your provider representing you as the customer
  3. Negotiate – They negotiate the best savings and rates possible (without changing any of your plans!)
  4. Update – You’ll get an email within 24-48 hours with the results of the savings (this may also include recommendations for more savings)
  5. Invoice – An invoice for 50% of the first year’s savings will be prorated over 12 months

All of the communication with BillFixers happens over email, and they won’t do anything without your permission. So it’s important to check your inbox regularly to keep the process moving along smoothly.

My entire process with BillFixers took me about a 10 days due to the fact that I had to reset my passcode with AT&T before they could access my account.

But the sooner you respond to their email requests, the faster the process goes.

How much does BillFixers cost?

Now that you know how much BillFixers can help you reduce your expenses every month, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. How much does BillFixers cost?

The good news is that if BillFixers doesn’t save you money on your bills they don’t charge you a dime.

Seriously, nothing!

If they are able to save you a good chunk of change, they only charge you 50% of the first year’s savings. So in my case, the savings were $365 for the first year.

I keep $182.50 savings ($365 / 2 = $182.50) and they bill me $182.50 over the next 12 months (or $15.21 per month). You can also choose to pay the lump sum up-front instead of being billed over 12 months.

The great thing though, is that after the first 12 months all of the money you save on future bill is savings in your pocket! Y

ou don’t have to continue paying BillFixers a fee (unless you ask them to renegotiate again).

How does BillFixers negotiate?

As someone who prefers to do business on the up-and-up, I was concerned with how BillFixers might negotiate with service providers.

Thankfully though, their tactics are upstanding and thorough!

A New York Times journalist even spent the day inside their operation and confirms that they are super friendly and play nice with the customer service reps (who are used to getting yelled at all day).

The BillFixers team comes to their calls completely prepared. This means doing their research for bundled deals, competitor comparisons and searching online for better rates.

They also know that many customer reps can offer a one-time credit (usually $25-100) so they always ask for that bonus. In addition, BillFixers negotiates for premium services and other upgrades that you can get for free.

So all-in-all, they’re looking out for you in an upstanding and kind way. That right there is enough to hire them to save money on monthly bills!

Can business owners use BillFixers?

In addition to the service that BillFixers offers for personal expenses they also have a BillFixers For Business service.

This is just for business class bills that require extended length contracts. It works very similar to the regular BillFixers process outlined above, with a few differences.

As I’m sure you know, business bills come with different contracts that require additional negotiation and access to personal contacts at each company.

These business bills can be quite large and require a careful hand when dealing with thousands of dollars.

The BillFixers For Business service can expertly handle this for business owners who don’t want to deal with the more complicated contracts. The fee for this is 50% of the savings for the lifetime of the contract.

So if BillFixers For Business service saves you $1,000 a year on your business bills, you will have to pay them $500 for every year you still have that bill.

That’s quite a large fee!

The business bills are backed by $1 million insurance, so this the negotiation tactics are virtually risk-free.

And just like the personal service, if BillFixers doesn’t save your business money, you don’t have to pay them anything.

What would make BillFixers better?

While BillFixers is pretty amazing, there are few things that could make the service even better. For one, sharing 50% of the savings seems like a pretty steep fee.

And when you’re a business owner you have to pay that 50% savings for the life of the contract.

Seems a bit much!

I know they need to make money while saving you money, but I feel like taking 25-30% of the savings is a decent cut.

Another improvement that could be made is that all communications are done via email. This can take additional time if you don’t check your inbox often (like my husband), or are simply overrun with emails (like I am).

Perhaps an online portal of sorts could streamline the process and provide BillFixers clients with a history of updates and solutions for their bills.

Still, I find that BillFixers is pretty freaking awesome! I even recommended that my mother-in-law give them a try for her outrageously high internet bill.

I mean, who has time to negotiate monthly bills all day? But we all still want to save money.

Want to save money on bills every month? Here's how to use BillFixers to reduce expenses without having to negotiate or call customer service yourself! BillFixers review | save money on bills tips | reduce monthly expenses

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