Billshark Review

Are you searching for a Billshark review?

Then keep reading, because we’re going to cover all you need to know about this popular bill negotiation tool. Americans overpay over $50 billion a year to subscription services.

And Billshark can help lower your bills (a lot), but it comes at a price–because they charge you based on how much they save you. Here’s a quick summary of how it works: 

  • Negotiates lower monthly bills
  • Assess a 40% fee based on savings
  • If you don’t save money, you don’t pay

What Is Billshark?

Billshark negotiates monthly bills. Its lead investor is Shank Tank star, Mark Cuban.

Founded in 2015, the company has a simple goal: help customers avoid the stress of negotiating, switching, or canceling bills. Whether you’re an individual or small business owner, you can save money hassle-free. No phone calls. 

Is Billshark legit?

Yes. Billshark is not only backed by billionaire Shark Tank star Mark Cuban, but the Better Business Bureau has accredited them since 2016. The average of all the BIllshark reviews via the BBB is 4.5 stars. In short, they’re the preeminent bill negotiators. 

What Does Billshark Do?

Billshark touts an 85% success rate on negotiating bills. You can do all of this haggling yourself. But there’s something to be said about saving yourself the time and headache. Billshark does all of the work for you.

They can help you save money and get a lower rate on virtually all of your bills, regardless of the service provider.

  • Cell phone plans (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)
  • Your internet bill (Optimum, Comcast, etc.)
  • Satellite radio (Sirius XM)
  • Cable TV and Satellite TV
  • Home security and much more

How Does Billshark Work?

Just set up your free account, choose which bill(s) you want to negotiate, and that’s it. You can use their free savings calculator to see how much money could go back in your pocket.

Note: you will have to provide access to your accounts, whether by linking the accounts online or taking a snapshot of your bills and statements using their mobile app. From there, Billshark gets to work on lowering your bills. You will get a notification once a bill was negotiated. If you don’t get a lower bill, you don’t pay.

Is Billshark Safe?

Yes. Billshark uses Trust-Guard 128-Bit SSL Encryption on pages where private information like passwords are shared, and they have active SSL certificates in place.

They also use Norton Secure, which is a military-grade backup and encryption service. But, to add an extra layer of security, change your account information once things have been negotiated. That way, only you have access to the accounts.

How Much Does Billshark Cost?

Billshark charges 40% of the monthly bill amount saved. For example, if they save you $200, you pay them $80, for a total savings of $120. Their fee is based on savings only during the contract period they negotiate.

So you won’t keep getting charged year after year. This is another positive with Billshark. And, another plus is they offer payment plans. This will allow you to spread the savings out over your contract period.

Is Billshark Worth It?

Yes. You don’t pay a fee unless you save money first. It’s the ultimate win-win. And when you consider how much they can save you every month, it’s a no-brainer.

Consumers overpay on virtually everything nowadays, from entertainment subscriptions to utilities.

Billshark puts the leverage back in your hands, helping you save, switch, or cancel with no headaches while keeping extra money in your pocket. Learn more at Billshark’s website at 

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