Boost Your Credit Score Overnight: Detailed List + Podcast

Want to boost your credit score overnight?

I know how it feels. My credit score was in the toilet for several years. Until one day, I got sick and tired of being denied and getting rejected every time I applied for a line of credit. So, I decided enough was enough.

I hope today is the day you decide enough is enough, too. Because in the sections that follow, I’ll be sharing a step-by-step blueprint you can follow to boost your credit score overnight. If you found this valuable, let me know in the comments below–or, even better, share with a friend or family member who could use this advice.

I sure wish someone would’ve shared this with me in my early 20’s…

Boost Your Credit Score Overnight: Part I

The first part of our podcast on how to boost your credit score overnight covers how your credit score is calculated. Once you know how much weight is given to what, when your credit score is being calculated, you can use that information to reverse engineer how to repair your credit–or simply boosting your credit score.

Payment History

35%: late payments, judgements, liens, bankruptcies (always pay on time).

Credit Utilization

30%: current debt load, your current total outstanding debt (balance to limit ratio).

Credit History

15%: how long your accounts have been established (your credit age) and,

Types of Credit

10%: type of credit you have (home loanstudent loanpersonal loanauto loans, etc)

New Credit

10%: new credit applications (credit inquires)

Boost Your Credit Score Overnight: Part II

The second part of our podcast is on what specific steps you need to take to boost your credit score overnight. They’re listed below in order of influence on your credit score. For instance, step one, on paying down credit card balances, will have the most dramatic impact on your score in the shortest amount of time. While dusting off those old credit cards will help, too. Just not as much. But, applied all at once, these steps can have a powerful impact on boosting your credit score overnight.

Pay down credit card balances.

This is the second most important step. Paying down your credit card can rapidly increase your score (see: credit utilization is 30% of your FICO score.)

Request a credit limit increase.

This can have the same effect as paying down your balances. (e.g., a $100 credit limit with $30 used equals a 30% credit utilization rate. However, that same card with a $200 limit turns that $30 used into just a 15% utilization rate.

Transfer credit card balances.

This will help you lower your overall utilization rate, which accounts for 30% of your credit score. If you can’t increase your credit limit or pay down balances, consider a balance transfer to other cards with more available credit to decrease your overall credit utilization rate across credit accounts.

Don’t close old cards: use them. 

Keep them active to maintain your FICO credit history (15%) with the credit bureausExperianEquifax and Transunion.

Avoid new credit

Because opening new credit cards can hurt your credit score in the short term. Lenders can’t develop an accurate risk profile of you due to insufficient credit history. However, new credit shouldn’t be off the table if you have little credit or no credit. Just try not to exceed 3-5 credit cards in total.

Consider a free credit boost.

Using a tool like Experian Boost, you can increase your credit score fast just by linking the bank accounts you use to pay your utility bills.

Boost Your Credit Score Overnight: Part III

The third and final part of our podcast on how to boost your credit score overnight includes general “housekeeping” tips on maintaining your credit positively over the long term.

Always pay on time. Always.

That, or setup auto-pay to protect yourself. Late payments cripple your credit score (payment history is 35% of your credit score). This is how to build credit long haul.

Avoid hard money lenders.

That, and other specialized installment loans. Some examples of these include appliance and furniture stores that offer financing.

Consider a business credit card.

Many business credit companies don’t report your card activity to the credit reporting agencies, so consider carrying a credit card balance on those cards if applicable. At time of writing, Bank of America are Wells Fargo two banks that don’t.

Never miss a due date with auto-pay. 

Again, life gets in the way. Our memories are in-perfect. We’re not infallible. Auto-pay is a safe way to hedge against the unknown by ensuring you don’t miss monthly payments on any credit card account.

Request your free credit report

A federal law passed in December 2013 entitles you to free credit reports from ExperianTransunion and Equifax. This will help you identify all your potential credit inquiries, each credit issuer you’ve worked with, any collection agency they may be working with and more. Including your free credit score.

However, it’s best to request it in writing directly from the bureaus themselves. 

Other Personal Finance Tips

  • On paying down credit card debt: focus on credit cards or loans with the highest interest rates
  • good credit score is all about paying on time and never exceeding your utilization ratio.
  • You can turn bad credit to good credit with quick fixes , but excellent credit is about consistency over years.
  • You can visit for a free copy of your credit report
  • It’s always better to get it in hard copy via mail from the bureaus directly.
  • We’ll dive into credit repair and filing disputes in a future episode.
  • Create new, alternate income streams so you can have a surplus of cash and pay down debts faster.
  • Some options to consider: earn money online, surveys for money, make money on Amazon, and download money making apps.
  • Also, you can consider some of the best credit repair companies.
  • Last, but not least, look into ways to monitor your credit (Clarity Money, Credit Sesame, etc.)

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