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5 Tips for Starting a New Business With No Money (free checklist!)

starting a new business

Is this the year you’re finally committing to starting a new business? Are you struggling to find ways to fund your business because of money issues? Well I have some good news! This post provides a simple business checklist for starting a new business even when you don’t have money upfront. According to a study by the …


Gusto Payroll Review: The Best Small Business Payroll Service

gusto payroll review

Are you looking for the best small business payroll program that won’t break the bank? Here’s why you need to try Gusto Payroll services. Finding the best small business payroll service isn’t always easy or cheap. It takes time to research the best programs, find the features you’ll actually use, and then stay tax compliant. …


LLC vs S Corp: How I Chose the Best Small Business Entity

LLC vs S Corp

Figuring out the difference between an LLC vs S Corp can be tough. And each decision comes with a different tax liability which effects your bottom line. To wrap up this month’s theme of making my biz legit, I’m explaining exactly WHY I chose to be an LLC and NOT be taxed as an S …


How to Open a Business Bank Account Online as an LLC

Everything you need for ppening a business checking account

In recent months I’ve been on a mission to make my business legit. In my last post I talked about becoming an LLC and operating as a single-member business owner. Today, I’m excited to talk about out opening my first official business checking account! In the past I’ve had personal bank accounts with a DBA …


Becoming an LLC: How to Form an LLC Online in 30 Minutes

Becoming an LLC in your state

Are you ready to form an LLC so you can grow your business? You’ve come to the right place! This post explains how and why you’ll want to become an LLC versus doing business under your name and personal Social Security number. The best way to protect your personal information is to form an LLC …


The Top 5 Best Small Business Accounting Systems for 2018

small business accounting systems

Sifting through multiple small business accounting systems is time-consuming and quite the headache. And I should know! As an ex-accountant and small business advocate it’s my job to test out different programs and share my honest findings. The good news is that I don’t mind putting in the work so you don’t have to. I’m …


When to Switch from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Self-Employed

How to switch from quickbooks online to quickbooks self employed

How do you know if QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Self-Employed is the best bookkeeping software for your business? This is a question we’ve seen asked quite a bit here at Careful Cents — especially since QuickBooks Self-Employed is much cheaper. When Intuit rolled out QuickBooks Self-Employed (also called QBSE for short), freelancers and independent contractors …


Cinch Review: Manage Your Entire Financial Life in One Place

Cinch Financial Review

Have you ever wished that there was something that could handle ALL of your financial information in one place? If you’re anything like me you probably use multiple tools for your business and personal finances, as well as a spreadsheet to monitor expenses. Not to mention the 15+ savings accounts that you have to manage …


5 Awesome Self-Care Tips for Dealing With a Stressful Business

5 self-care tips for dealing with a stressful business

Dealing with a stressful business can make you question why you wanted to be a business owner in the first place. I get it. I’ve struggled with this too. So today I’m sharing a few ways to successfully deal with a stressful career by engaging in self-care — that you can do for cheap (or …


Fix Your Finances: 3 Reasons Why Your Money Needs a System Today

money systems

Are you ready to fix your finances? In my latest video that’s exactly what I’m talking about! In the past I’ve talked about the business systems you need to take back your work day. And I’ve also explained the ten things I do every week to automate and streamline my business. These are strategies I’ve …


How to Budget With Irregular Income to Avoid Going Broke

budget with irregular income

Being self-employed is tough enough without having to learn how to budget with irregular income. But today, you’re going to learn how to properly budget for success! Without this skill, your business could be making you broke. You’re not alone in this feeling — it’s something we all deal with as small business owners. It’s …


Surviving Ups-and-Downs: How to Succeed as Your Own Boss

betterment investing

To succeed as your own boss often seems like an up-hill battle. There are many ups-and-downs you’ll face and it can feel like you won’t be able to survive them all. How do I know this? I’ve been personally experiencing major peaks and valleys for this entire year. And let’s just say, it hasn’t been …


How to Be a Critical Thinker and Conquer All Your Money Problems

overcome financial issues

Learning how to be a critical thinker takes time and a lot of patience. But in the end it’s the key to solving any problem that life throws at you. Life is full of obstacles, whether they’re financial issues, mental problems or physical setbacks. But in order to be a successful business owner and manage …


How to Reduce Stress and Recover From Business Burnout

mess up and miss a deadline

Learning how to reduce stress so you can recover from business burnout is key to long-term career success. The only problem is that this solution is easier said than done. While trying to manage my full-time job and my freelance business, I ended up to working about 80 hours per week. A typical day had …


How to Improve Your Life by Tracking Every Tiny Business Expense

QuickBooks Self-Employed featured image

Improving your life as a small business owner starts by making small but positive changes. There are so many aspects of our lives that need to be taken care of: health, financial, social, personal and business. Some days it can feel overwhelming trying to balance everything and still find enjoyment in your work. One of …


GoDaddy Bookkeeping Review: Organize Your Business Accounting Online

godaddy bookkeeping review

When it comes to personal finances and budgeting, Personal Capital is a very popular favorite. And with good reason! But what about managing your business finances? Personal Capital isn’t tailored for small business accounting, calculating quarterly taxes, monitoring your cash flow, or for viewing year-end tax reports. That’s when to GoDaddy Bookkeeping (previously called Outright) …


How I Cut My Small Business Expenses by Nearly Half

cut business expenses

Small business expenses can eat into your profits as a freelancer. In fact, in 2015 I invested a lot of time and money into growing this blog, and my skills as a freelancer. I purchased a lot of courses and bought tools, and paid a crazy amount out to freelance contractors (this was for help with social media …


Xero Accounting Review: DIY Software to Be Your Own Bookkeeper

xero accounting online

There are lots of online accounting choices for freelancers and small business owners. Because of this, it can make it difficult to pinpoint which one will work best for your personal business. Sometimes this means finding a local CPA or accountant who can handle the books for you. Or perhaps hiring a freelance bookkeeper to …


How to Manage Your Small Business Finances When Traveling

travel business finances

This post brought to you by Chase. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Careful Cents. Over the past several years I’ve traveled and lived in places like New York, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego, New Orleans and countless other cities across the United States. And I did this all while …


10 Affordable Self-Employed Health Insurance Options When You’re on a Budget

asana task management

Trying to find affordable self-employed health insurance options isn’t easy. There are many choices but not all of them are within your budget! How can you find good coverage when you’re on a budget? On January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act became fully implemented. This means individuals and employers alike are mandated to have health insurance …