Ask Lorem Review: The Best New Freelance Site of 2019

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Brian Roberts

June 4, 2019  •  5 min read

If you appreciate fast, quality help from expert freelancers, Ask Lorem is for you.

My schedule was full yesterday. Between phone calls, meetings and other high-priority projects, I simply didn’t have the time to tackle some of the smaller tasks piling up in the background.

One such issue was a WordPress fix that had been on my to-do list for the past 48 hours.

So, while I took on the bigger projects, I sought the help of a freelancer to offset my workload. I went to Google and searched up “WordPress help” to see who–or what–I could find.

The first ad I clicked had a phone number front and center. “Need a quick WordPress fix? Call us.” Perfect. Sold. So I gave them a ring. And nobody answered. I called again, but the same deal. No answer. Back to the drawing board.

I circled back to the search results and discovered another site that advertised fast turnarounds and affordable rates. But their live chat was offline and my only other option was to fill out a lengthy quote request form. So much for simple, eh?

After this, I revisited some of the other more popular freelance sites you’re likely familiar with. Fiverr. Upwork. Etc. But I just couldn’t bring myself to continue going through those motions. Because, by this point, over an hour had elapsed.

And time is money.

Most frustrating was that I knew this would be a simple fix in the hands of the right person. 

But I wasn’t about to vet freelancers, review proposals and go through that lengthy process just for this quick fix.

Just when I was about ready to throw in the towel, I found my new favorite freelance site: Ask Lorem.

Ask Lorem Review
Rather than compile research and give you a top-down perspective, I figured it’d be more helpful–and relevant–to share my firsthand experience using their service. So, here’s how it went for me, from start to finish.

At 6:13pm
 I submitted my request and was given price expectations. No lengthy form fields. No “We’ll call you to discuss your request.” No other wasting time. So far, so good.

Two minutes after I submitted the request I was connected with Ariel, a WordPress wizard with Ask Lorem. She asked smart questions to properly diagnose the fix I needed, then requested login credentials.

Not even 2 minutes later, I was given a quote, description of the project and an estimated completion date. She followed up to confirm if the budget worked for me, which it did. And just like that, work was in progress.

6:20pm EST: By this point, Ariel had rapidly identified my goal for the project, was logged into my site’s backend and on the task. By this point, I felt my headache going away. Who needs Tylenol when you have qualified help like this at the ready?

After just 11 minutes later my fix was made.

6:31pm EST: Just like that, problem solved. Now, thanks to Ariel and Ask Lorem, you can view all my Careful Cents stories in one neat link. If you want to keep reading this review, please do.

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But here’s the abridged version: they’re my new favorite freelance platform, bar-none. AndI’m eager to see if the speed, affordability and quality of work carries over for more complex projects.

Speed of Service

As the timeline above demonstrates, Ask Lorem is a breathe of fresh air in this regard.

Because that’s what a lot of freelance platforms are these days. Stale. Signing up for them is often a lengthy endeavor in of itself. There’s the vetting and reviewing of proposals. Then, the inevitable finger crossing, hoping the freelancer you selected can actually get the job done. Just typing out the flaws of most platforms is making me ache.

Sometimes, you can end up paying without even having your problem solved.

What I love about Ask Lorem is that you don’t want to have wait 48 to 72 hours just for a response. There’s no vetting. No reviewing resumes. Zip. Nada.

You’re matched with someone right away. Then you confirm project details, share project details via their secure platform and that’s it. Work starts.

And that’s how it should be. Granted, my fix request was on the simpler side, but still: responsiveness goes a long way, and Ariel was on the ball in this regard.

Pricing and Value

I was willing to pay double what my incredible freelancer suggested. So, the value was 100% there. Could the fix have been cheaper elsewhere? I’m sure. But I didn’t care, because this particular issue was like a mosquito bite itching at me.

And I know I’m not the only consumer willing to pay a premium for speed and expertise. The pricing itself was also straightforward. Transparency is always a plus, and that’s why I liked seeing potential costs up front:

This is neat for several reasons. One, you know what you’re committing to before the project starts. Two, it helps you better quantify the problem in your mind. And third, it eliminates the need for negotiation and keeps the focus on the task.

About Ask Lorem

Founded in April 2016 and headquartered in New York City, Lorem Technologies Inc. is a great The tagline of Ask Lorem is “instant access to high-quality & affordable freelance talent.”

But if we’re being honest, a lot of companies who offer access to freelance talent promise “high quality” and “affordability”. Then, once you sign up, your met with constant downtime all while suffering from a lack of quality control. I could go on.

You’ll find none of that with Ask Lorem. Just a streamlined setup for you to communicate 1:1 with your expert, on desktop, via text or even a Chrome extension.

And those are two other features I love about this platform:
  • A neat Chrome extension for you to request help without interrupting your workflow.
  • And an option to input your mobile number for text message updates on your project.

Not to mention everything loads fast. There’s no clunky interface or lag interacting with their dashboard.

About Ask Lorem

The funny thing is, their site began as a website builder. Until the founders had their ‘Eureka!’ moment:

“We heard over and over again, “I don’t want another tool, I already have Shopify, MailChimp, and 10 other things… Can you just help me with those instead?” Aha! This was our lightbulb moment. The customer doesn’t need a better tool, they need a better human to come help them and they don’t know how to find that person.”

And boy am I glad that first concept bombed.

Had it not, founders Sam and Charlie may not have developed this platform: a place for entrepreneurs who value speed, quality to get problems solved.So, whether you need Shopify help, WordPress help, Squarespace help or any other web-related assistance, give Ask Lorem a go.

If you value speed, quality service and are about solving problems versus doing unnecessary busy work.

P.S., they’re hiring–and if my experience is any indicator, they may be one of the best online jobs looking to earn money online.