Clarity Money Review

The Clarity app will help you manage your income, expenses, credit, and more, as you’ll see in our Clarity Money review.

So, whether you have a cash surplus, or need help on how to get out of debt, the Clarity app will allow you to keep track of your money situation, end-to-end.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs recently acquired Clarity.

In addition to tracking spending habits, you can cancel unwanted subscriptions–and even track your credit score over time.

So, if you’ve experienced penalties for checking your credit score too frequently in the past, you’ll really appreciate the app.

About Clarity Money

Clarity is a free app you download and set up in 2-3 minutes, tops. There are no hidden fees or service charges. But, consumers should be aware of one unique feature of this budgeting app:

  • Clarity can help you negotiate lower rates with certain companies
  • If the amount decreases, Clarity Money will take a commission of 33%
  • You keep the difference after the split, and everyone wins

The exact amount of the commission is based on the annual savings the user enjoys through the service for bill negotiating.

This is a remarkable feature that aligns form with function in the budgeting app.

As an example: if the Clarity app negotiates with your cable company to reduce your payments by $10 every month, you’ll save $120 over a year. So, the app will charge a commission of 33 percent, which is around $40.

This means that you will gain $80 after the app takes the stated fee. There will never be any other charges or fees to worry about, and you get to save money automatically.

How Does Clarity Money Work?

Clarity Money is a unique personal finance app. The app allows people to organize their spending, income, financial accounts, and money transfers all in a single location. This simplifies the process of keeping track of payments and subscriptions.

It allows users to quickly identify and cancel unwanted subscriptions. It quickly shows you how much cash and credit are available. You can immediately see your spending amounts for the last few days. This fintech app allows you to link to various accounts:

  • Credit card accounts
  • Savings account
  • Bank account
  • Checking account
  • Monthly income

Plus, you get a breakdown of:

  • Breakdown of monthly expenses
  • Ability to track changes over time
  • Receive personalized saving suggestions
  • Review your spending habits over time
  • Invest in your Acorns account, if you have one
  • Track your credit card usage and balances
  • And much more

Can Clarity Money Improve My Credit?

Americans can now control personal finances while working towards specific savings goals. The Clarity Money app provides a valuable financial service for customers of Capital One and other popular credit cards.

Keep track of important information like your credit score. Adjust your spending habits to improve this score over time. This is a helpful method of repairing your credit score for future financial planning.

How To Use Clarity Money

First, locate the app on your device, and download it onto your Android, iPhone, or another smartphone.

From there, you will be required to link to at least one account that is supported by the Clarity Money app.

This might include a checking account from a bank or credit union, for example. The app will allow you to transfer money easily from one account to another.

Other features will help you to simplify the process of creating a budget. If you already know that you need a budget, this is a great place to start. Organize your financial accounts, and keep track of your spending habits.

After you download the app, you must link your Clarity Money account to a financial institution. This could be a credit card, checking, or savings account, for example.

The app guides you through the process of linking your accounts from financial institutions. Once you get these accounts linked, you can quickly glance at the charts and see your current financial situation.

You will also see it changing over time as your activities accumulate. Track recurring expenses, cancel unwanted accounts, review your free credit score and make plans to improve it.

About Clarity’s High-Interest Savings

The interest rate mobile app is a relatively new player in the world of finance. The Clarity Money app provides a high-interest yield on savings. This is a better way of keeping track of your net worth than the old-fashioned excel spreadsheets.

You can now analyze and improve your personal finance goals over time. This is possible when you get the information needed to put trackers on your spending patterns.

This useful data enables you to see the effect it’s having on your account balances. The tracker feature is often mentioned in-app reviews that highlight the most useful features.

Is The Clarity Money App Secure?

Clarity money users often ask if this app is FDIC-insured.

They are usually pleased to find out that the app does insure funds up to $250,000. You can also link a bank account, and take advantage of the automated savings feature built into the app. It uses the TLS 1.2 security protocol for data transmission. This means that all of your financial data is encrypted during transmission and storage.

On mobile apps, authentication and verification are required to open the Clarity Money app on any specific device. This security protocol is also applied to any new devices and browsers when signing in for the first time. For the iOS, there is a face ID, Touch ID and passcode authentication process. The Android devices use the PIN and fingerprint methods for verification.

Clarity Money is an all-in-one tool that utilizes machine learning to provide budgeting options and money savings features. This is an incredible addition to any Apple iPhone. Google search engines can be useful when finding more information in detail about how the various features work. The user interface is extremely friendly and intuitive. Users can see their overall financial situation at a glance.

Clarity Money Review  Summary

Consumers interested in modifying their spending habits can benefit from using Clarity Money. Internet users often sign up with multiple accounts that offer subscriptions in exchange for a small, recurring fee.

However, if you lose track of these subscriptions, you may experience a significant loss of resources over time. A few dollars here and there will really add up over a few months or longer. So Clarity will help you in a major here.

You might not have the time or energy to track down these subscriptions to cancel. You can now create financial goals and take concrete steps to meet them by implementing defined actions.

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