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Why I Closed My Private Facebook Group of Nearly 3,000 Members

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Four years ago I started a Facebook group called The Freelancer’s Club. At that time it was a paid group where freelancers had to pay $10 a month to join.

In exchange, they would receive job leads and valuable freelance resources to help grow their client base.

After about a year, I removed the paid option and made the group free to anyone who signed up through my email list. Since then the group has undergone a few other changes, such as getting a new name, The Careful Cents Club.

But now it’s time to face the facts, the group is no longer able to serve the original purpose of helping freelancers grow their businesses.


Well, it’s mostly because I don’t call myself just a freelancer anymore. I’m a full-blown business owner with an LLC and everything. ?

I also recently switched from being a freelance writer to focusing on project management and VA work as I scale my business and income.

With that said, here’s why I closed my private Facebook group of nearly 3,000 members.

The community is well-established

One of the reasons I started my Facebook group was to help foster and grow a supportive community around working with clients and being a freelancer.

Well, I’m happy to say that four years later the Careful Cents community is booming!

Many of you found my blog through Pinterest or a Google search, or a recommendation from another freelancer. And now I get to talk to more than 8,000 of you who are email subscribers every single week.

In other words, thanks to this group I don’t have to strive to build a community anymore. It’s already built!

I get to have in-depth conversations via email and chat with you on Instagram and Facebook. It’s so much more fun for me this way!

I get to interact with you as a peer, not as a leader who started a group that I have to manage.

My business is unrecognizable

From where I started to where I am today my business is unrecognizable. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to keep managing a group that reflects where I’ve been, not where I’m striving to go.

These days I’m working more and more with virtual assistants, managing big projects, producing a podcast, and partnering up with other entrepreneurs. And I’m spending much less time as a freelance writer.

This also means I have less time to dedicate to the Facebook group. So instead of ignoring it and all of the awesome members, or letting it grow stale, I’ve archived it for now.

I may reopen the group later, or start a new one! Who knows. The unknown is all part of growing and evolving with your business.

I’m seeking 1-1 connections

Managing a private group of nearly 3,000 members is time-consuming. After a while, the intimate connection starts to lack and becomes a bit general.

I started this blog as a safe space to get all of your business and finance questions answered, but it’s hard to do that when you’re sharing the inner-workings of your business with 3,000 people.

For this reason, I’ve been having more 1-1 conversations via email and in monthly strategy calls. It’s been amazing!! And I’m reminded once again why I love what I do.

In addition to these online conversations, I’ve been having more 1-1 in person. I’ve been having coffee dates, monthly meetups, and am considering hosting Careful Cents events soon.

Closing my private Facebook group leaves room for building relationships offline, which is what I’m really excited about.

But, let’s stay connected

I’m still very much involved in the community but I’m seeking more 1-1 connections. So if you want to stay connected to the Careful Cents community, here’s how to do it.

1. Like my Facebook Page

I’m still on Facebook and loving every minute of it! Every Tuesday I do a Facebook Live so be sure to like my Page to get regular updates.

I also post regularly on my Page, answering questions and interacting with other members of the Careful Cents community.

2. Sign up for the email list

Another awesome way I’ve been staying in touch with members of the group is through my weekly email list. I share tidbits and personal updates every week, including my latest blog posts and upcoming events.

Plus, every month I share an honest update about my blog income and stats!

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3. Book a strategy call

If you’re struggling with business overwhelm, burnout, or simply need to earn more money, book a strategy call with me!

I’ve had a lot of experience helping hundreds of other freelancers and business owners just like you. I can help you find the answers to your burning questions so you can scale without the stress.

Click here to find out more about how a strategy call can help you bust through your business slump!

Thank you for continuing to show your support and being part of this journey with me! I can’t wait to connect with you more one-on-one and serve you even better. ?

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