Credit Saint Review

Credit is easy to get but a pain to fix. 

And, depending upon the extent of the credit repair you need, you may require professional help. 

Sure, you can do it yourself. In fact, we recommend it if you only have a few minor marks on your credit report. But anything beyond that, we advise going with the pros.

Good credit is important. Because a low credit score means more debt stress and headaches, from sky high lending rates to less wealth creating opportunities. Sometimes you might even be denied for a loan outright. Having a strong credit history is essential for living life comfortably. 

But, what if you have multiple negative items on your credit report? Or excessive debt? 

Fortunately, Credit Saint offers legit credit repair services that can get you back on track. They help remove bad items from your report, and provide education for building your credit profile.

Credit Saint Review

Founded in 2004 by Aileen Perez from New Jersey, Credit Saint is a leader in credit repair services. Thousands of satisfied customers across the country have found their credit restoration services helpful in rebuilding their life through credit repair. 

Whether your credit has spiraled downward due to bankruptcy, repossessions, divorce, or identity theft, Credit Saint will help you get back on top. 

In fact, Credit Saint experts work to remove bad credit items such as bankruptcy, repossessions, collections, and charge-offs. They do this by aggressively challenging inaccurate items on your report. Further, they also attack the truthfulness of misleading, untimely, or biased information.

About Credit Saint

  • Reliable Experts

    When dealing with something as personal as your financial history, it’s paramount you work withe experts who are knowledgeable. Credit Saint has built a solid reputation in the credit repair industry. As a result, they have an A+ rating from the BBB and are ranked #1 by The Credit Review.

  • Licensed and Credible

    Credit Saint lists visible information about the consumer’s rights and responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), thereby allowing consumers to make a wise choice. They clearly spell out their terms, as well, so the client understands what they’re getting involved in.

  • Money Back Guaranteed

    This is a rarity in the credit repair industry. If, after 90 days, Credit Saint is unable to remove any negative items from your credit report, you will get a full refund. Although the first work fee is a little steeper than other credit repair companies are, the 90-day guarantee should make up for that. Besides, people can get the lower-level credit service for a monthly fee of $79.99, which is reasonable.

How Does Credit Saint Work?

It’s simple to sign up for Credit Saint’s services. You can go directly to their website and begin the process online, or you can call their toll-free number. They offer an easy-to-use platform with 24/7 customer support. Even someone with limited computer knowledge won’t have any trouble signing up through the online platform.

  • Select Your Credit Repair Plan

    Select your service level (more on that below), and finalize the transaction by putting in your payment information. You will see a section about the legal agreement which you are entering. After your purchase, you’ll get on a call with your specialist.

  • Speak To Your Credit Specialist

    During the call, the credit repair specialist will give you more information about the program. In addition, they will explain the credit repair process and help you determine what level of service works best for you.

  • Meet Your Credit Repair Team

    After you sign up and they learn about the specifics of your situation, you’ll be assigned a personal advisory team to work with you throughout your time with them. That means whenever you contact them for customer support, you’ll get in touch with the same group of people. This makes the entire process much easier and more streamlined.

Although the first work fee is a little steeper than other credit repair companies are, the 90-day guarantee should make up for that. Besides, people can get the lower-level credit service for a monthly fee of $79.99, which is reasonable.

Credit Saint Contract Terms

You’ll be happy to know Credit Saint offers services on a monthly basis, which means you’re not locked into a yearly contract. Moreover, you can cancel at any time. Service Levels

When selecting Credit Saint for credit restoration, you can choose the type of service you want. There are three levels of service: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate. 

Whether you need a basic level of credit repair or a complete credit overhaul, the Credit Saint team is prepared to take it on. Each level offers a different amount of service. 

Therefore, you can select the amount of service that is right for you. The price increases as the service feature increases. Here is what type of credit restoration service you get with each type of service

Credit Saint Review: every credit repair packages includes a 90-day money back guarantee. 

1. Credit Polish

This is the most basic package available through Credit Saint. This package is best for basic dispute (a few late payments, charge-offs, etc.) If you have bankruptcies or repossessions, consider Credit Remodel.

  • Phone and chat support
  • Money back guaranteed
  • Covers basic disputes:
  • Late payments
  • Identity theft
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections
  • Credit Polish $99 setup fee, $59.99 per month

2. Credit Remodel

This is the intermediate package. This package includes everything in the basic dispute service, including escalated information requests plus disputes relating to bankruptcies and repossessions. If you judgements, consider Clean Slate. 

  • Phone and chat support
  • Money back guaranteed
  • Advanced disputes:
  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Credit Polish $99 setup fee, $59.99 per month

3. Clean Slate

This is their most advanced package. It’s their most expensive package, and we recommend it for folks with more advanced credit issues or those in need of an advanced service–say, prior to buying a home or getting a major loan.

  • Phone and chat support
  • Money back guaranteed
  • All dispute types including:
  • Judgements
  • Credit Polish $99 setup fee, $59.99 per month

Check Your Progress

Once you select the level of service you want, the credit repair team will begin working to restore your credit. You may see an increase in your credit score within the first 45 days since they work in 45-day cycles. 

How will you know if you are making progress? Credit Saint makes it easy for you to see the progress by giving you access to a login account. Your online account page includes a Timeline, Progress Report, and Credit Analysis Component. This allows you to review the details of what is happening at any time.

How Does Credit Saint Work?

The great thing about Credit Saint is that they do everything legitimately, with transparency, and within the law. They let clients know what their rights are under the laws, and they work with them to find ways to challenge these negative items on the report. Their professional guidance has been invaluable to thousands of individuals who’ve seen their credit score increase after working with Credit Saint.

Credit Saint Review: They check all the boxes a reputable credit company should, plus much more.

Furthermore, they advise their clients about the benefits of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCBA). Because of these laws, people have the right to challenge inaccurate and negative items on their reports. People may wonder how their bad credit can disappear. Credit Saint does not merely send letters to the credit bureaus and hope for the best, but they use a customized approach for each individual.

They will ask you pointed questions to discover if there are any areas under the law they can dispute something on your report. They know the finer details of the laws. This brings results, thereby allowing them to offer the 90-money back guarantee. Since Credit Saint works in a 45-day cycle, clients can review their report after the cycle to see if inaccurate items have been removed. Additionally, the online account page provides updates and a progress report. Clients can send an updated report to their personal credit advisor

Benefits of Credit Saint

Credit Saint stands out above the competition for several reasons. They have a superior BBB rating as well as a high ranking with Consumer Advocate and Consumer Affairs. In addition, they offer other benefits to the consumer such as:

Credit Education

Credit Saint believes that people need more than just a credit fix. They need education for credit building. They understand that bad credit is only half of the picture. Good credit makes up the other half. Even if you have all the negative items removed from your credit history, and you have your credit restored, you still need to build up the positive credit. 

In other words, you need to add good credit to your history. When a client signs up for the credit repair service, they will learn how to build upon their credit history with positive actions. The personal consultant assigned to you will show you how to get it done.

Credit Saint Review: Education is a big part of the credit repair process, and Credit Saint really shines here.


You have flexibility in the type of plan and services you get. Some people may need a thorough credit repair, while others need help with just a few issues. In addition, Credit Saint provides clients with the option of getting their money back after 90 days if they don’t make any repairs in that timeframe. You also can cancel at any time without added fees.

Personalized Service 

Credit Saint doesn’t give everyone the same exact service. They treat you as an individual and provide a customized service based on your needs. Likewise, you will have a personal consultant who calls you regularly to update you about your credit report repair.

Unlimited Disputes

Most credit repair agencies only allow a limited number of disputes. This can hinder the credit restoration process, but with Credit Saint, you won’t have to worry. They allow as many disputes as needed.

What Do Others Say About Credit Saint?

Hearing what actual clients say about the company is a good way to see what they’re like. 

Take a look at how satisfied these customers were:

“I like that she told me the truth rather than use a scare tactic. Then after she won my trust, I wanted the most expensive program, but she gave me the middle tier because with my “level of damage” as she put it, Their Remodel program would act like their top program “Clean Slate”. I don’t normally review anything, but her integrity earned this one.”  CA

“The results are good. If getting garbage off your report is your goal, this is your company.” TX

Integrity Dealing With Credit Saint

“I honestly can’t believe the honesty and integrity I experienced in dealing with Credit Saint. There was no sales pitch, just straight up advice on what they do. Great communication online, on the phone and in documenting all our interactions on my private portal. Long story short, they cleared up some questionable charges on my report and got all 3 of my credit scores from the low 600’s to over 720. This allowed me to apply for a $1 million mortgage at the most competitive rate.

Credit Saint exceeded my expectations.” CA

How Can I Get Started With Credit Repair?

Getting started with Credit Saint is simple. 

You can get your free credit consultation first by calling 1-877-637-2673, but if you want to check out their website first, you can google Credit Additionally, you can go directly to it here. Once you decide what service fits your needs best, you’re ready to sign up and get connected to your personal advisor.

Contact Information for Credit Saint

The address for Credit Saint Headquarters is Park 80 West at 250 Pehle Ave #200, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. You can contact them anytime, 24 hours a day, by dialing the toll-free 877-637-2673.

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