Review is a popular credit repair service.

But, is it one of the best credit repair companiesor one you should steer clear from?

For clients who want to clean up their credit report and raise their credit score, acts like many of the popular credit repair services.

They act on your behalf to remove negative items and challenge errors submitted by creditors. Based on our research, the service ranks high among credit repair companies for its customer service and products.

They offer credit monitoring, score tracker, and educational resources for all clients. If you are looking for credit repair services, then may be for you. Review

Let’s take a closer look at the company’s services and compare the pros and cons.

For one, they offer a free consultation. All reputable credit repair companies should do this. They do charge a one-time startup fee. But it’s only $14.99, and likely their cost to run your credit reports. From there, they bill at a monthly fee of $99.95. 

Other standout features include:

  • Month-to-month contract
  • Cancellable at any time
  • Online or phone registration
  • Licensed and bonded Review: 10 minutes is all it takes to get a free credit analysis.

How Work? has a three-step process for helping you repair your credit:

Step 1: Analysis

Once you register for the service via computer or mobile app, pulls your report from three credit bureaus:

  1. TransUnion
  2. Experian
  3. Equifax

They review outdated or incorrect items. They may also notice any attempts at identity theft or a scam. Once they assess your credit report, they can develop a customized game plan for removing all negative items. helps you determine your goals so that you can reach them using their credit repair service.

They also claim that their analysis is 100% accurate. They will send you email alerts for every new item they catch after the initial review. You can also look at the online dashboard on your account to see your progress.

Step 2: Challenging Creditors

Regardless of your credit situation, can help you challenge items from a wide range of creditors or companies:

  • Credit card companies
  • Mortgages
  • Bankruptcies
  • Landlords
  • Auto loans
  • Student loans
  • Old debts
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections companies
  • Repossessions/foreclosures

The credit repair service will engage with creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf.

Like other companies such as Lexington Law, they will send out debt validation notices, goodwill letters, and cease and desist letters. will develop a game plan for contacting and engaging all relevant companies.

Their aggressive approach to helping you repair your credit is why they are consistently voted one of the best credit repair companies.

Once they correct items on your report, you should start to see changes in your credit history. demonstrate an ability to help you boost your credit score.

Step 3: Score Improvement uses four tools to help you track your progress and reach your goals:

  • A Personal Online Dashboard allows you to track your activity, submit documents, view your report, and see your score. It is your personal platform for improving your credit history.
  • Score tracker analysis lets you see up-to-the-minute updates on your score. also allows you to understand what caused your score to go up or down with each item. Testimonials from previous clients reveal that this is one of the best tools they offer. They can assess precisely what causes a change in the credit score.
  • The Mobile app is now available. If you have ever said, “I wish they had an app for that,” then delivers. They offer a fully-functional mobile app for iOS and Android. You can monitor the credit repair process on any device from any location.
  • Text and email alerts save you even more time. You can set up your account so that the company sends you regular alerts. Re-establishing good credit has never been easier or more efficient.

In addition to all their tools and credit repair services, also offers free credit consultation whenever you need it. You can get expert advice by calling or messaging them online. Review: the process is easy: check, challenge, and change. Plans and Pricing

There may be a bit of confusion with’s plans and pricing structure.

On their FAQ page, they state that their service is $99.95 per month with a one-time charge $14 startup fee. However, on their home page, they list three different services based on your budget:

  • Basic ($): Only have a few negative items on your credit report
  • Moderate ($$): Moderate number of negative items on your credit report and may need additional help.
  • Aggressive ($$$): Several negative items on your credit report and require a major cleanup.

We can assume that the basic service is $99.95 per month, with a $14 setup fee. However, if you sign up for the service online, you will automatically be directed to their Advanced (Aggressive??) service without any options for the other services. Aggressive Plan

Their Advanced Service includes:

  • $119.95 monthly fee
  • Up to 19 negative items challenged each month
  • 6 creditor disputes each month
  • Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit score change alerts
  • Unlimited access to customer service via phone or online
  • Cancel any time with no long-term commitment
  • Monthly FICO ® credit score update
  • Monthly credit score analysis
  • 24/7 credit monitoring and instant alerts via text or email
  • Challenging tough items on your credit report
  • Identity theft protection
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • Educational tools and resources

You will be charged $14.99 as soon as you sign up online. The company then bills you $119.95 after you agree to the service. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the pricing plans, we recommend that you call the company instead of signing up online. Review: customers have seen results in as little as 30 days. Review: Pros and Cons Review

Some pros and cons distinguish from other credit repair services. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

What We Like

Here are some advantages of that gives them leverage over the competition.

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Fast Credit Repair

User-Friendly Dashboard’s dashboard is a win for the company and its clients. The dashboard is super easy to use and provides you with a complete profile without the guesswork. Navigating the dashboard requires minimal clicks. It also offers a clean format that is appealing to the eyes.

The icing on the cake is all of their other User-centric tools such as the mobile app, email/text alerts, and fast updates.’s use of technology makes repairing poor credit easier than ever.

Fast Credit Repair

On average, can remove negative items as early as 30 days from the time you start the service. You can get impressive results (40+ credit score boost) within four months.

Companies like Sky Blue Credit and Lexington Law average 45 to 60 to remove negative items. So, is slightly faster than the competition.

However, do not expect a miracle from this or any other company. Several factors determine how fast you see results such as:

  • Your credit score
  • How many items are on your credit report
  • The type of items on your credit report
  • How quickly creditors respond
  • The challenge process
  • How promptly the credit bureaus update your changes

Realistically, you should expect gradual changes in your credit score between 45 and 60 days.

Quick 10-Minute Credit Analysis

If you call (and you should), you can get an immediate credit analysis within 10 minutes. Their customer service and analysis processes are easy and efficient. All you have to do is provide your information, and they do the rest.

What We Don’t Like

Although there are some obvious benefits to going with, there are a few drawbacks to the service.

The Monthly Fee

Compared to other credit repair services,’s monthly fee of $99.95 for their basic service is high. Here’s a comparison of similar credit repair companies:

The upside is that offsets its monthly fee with a low initial fee of $14.99. Now let’s compare their setup fee with other credit reporting agencies.

  • Lexington Law: $89.95
  • Credit Saint: $99.00
  • Sky Blue: $119.00
  • Pinnacle: $199.00
  • The Credit People: $19

As you can see,’s setup fee is remarkably lower than the competition. So, you need to ask yourself how long you need the company’s service.

If they can clean up your credit and improve your score within four months, paying the extra amount every month would be a better deal.

However, if you plan to keep the service for six months or more, you need to determine the ROI based on the services compared to other companies.

Confusion with Pricing

Judging on the surface, it seems that is not transparent about the entire pricing structure. It is difficult to find anything beyond the $99/month basic rate. It is only when you register online that you find out how much you may pay. Not having an option upon registration is also a major irritation.

Other companies like Credit Saint and Lexington Law are more transparent with their pricing structure. Also, some companies like Credit Saint, Pyramid Credit Repair, and The Credit Pros offer 90-day money-back guarantees. This is something you will not find on’s website.

Limited Availability is not available in the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin

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Bottom Line: Is for You?

Several features make a smart choice for credit repair. However, there are also some red flags that you consider when using the company.

The most important thing to think about is how the company’s services line up with your needs. Also, decide if the $99.95 monthly fee fits into your budget.

Use If:

  • Desire fast results on your credit report
  • Plan to stay on the service only a few months
  • Will leverage their Dashboard or the mobile app
  • Need services like monthly monitoring and identify theft protection

Don’t Use If:

  • You don’t want to pay the high monthly fee
  • You don’t trust their lack of transparency on their website

CFPB Suit Against

On May 2, 2019, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a suit against and other companies.

The CFPB claims that the company took payment for fees upfront for its services. The agency also claims that used deceptive marketing practices. has responded by stating the rules do not apply or that they have not been enforced in the credit repair industry.

The case is still in litigation without an official judgment.

What Should You Look for (And Avoid) in a Credit Repair Service?

For years, credit repair companies have had a reputation for taking your money and not repairing your credit report. But, times have changed, and many companies have rebounded by providing exceptional results.

Still, you may not know what to look for in a credit repair service.

Here are some quick tips to help you size up or any of its competitors.

Preferred Qualities

  • The company offers a free consultation. This is standard in the industry and should not be left out.
  • The service has an impeccable track record with consumer review sites, business partners, and, of course, previous clients. Before you choose a company, read a lot of reviews – both good and bad.
  • There is an attorney on staff. After all, credit repair is a legal matter that can get a bit thorny at times.
  • You have a clear understanding of what the company provides and how much you have to pay for it. There should be no ambiguity in this area.
  • There is a money-back guarantee. A guarantee tells you that a company is confident that they can get the job done.
  • There is nothing fishy or illegal about how the company cleans your credit.

Buyer Beware

  • Asking for money up front (except a startup fee) is banned by the CROA. In other words, they should not charge you for a free consultation or a free credit check.
  • All reputable companies enforce a contract. Stay away from any company that does not.
  • Any company that makes a bunch of promises is likely a scam. Credit repair companies cannot make promises. All they can make are money-back guarantees.
  • It should be noted that a BBB rating in the credit repair industry does not hold a lot of weight. The BBB is often critical of the industry at large. However, look for other signs of a company’s bad reputation.
  • No company can remove legitimate negative items. If you were late on a payment, then the report is not going anywhere. Do not trust a company that claims they can magically remove it.
  • Of course, you should stay away from any company that asks you to do anything illegal or lie about your information.

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