Discover Card Review: 7 Best Discover Cards

There are an endless of credit cards offers out there, as you’ll see in this Discover Card review. To save you time and money, we’ve narrowed the list down to the 7 best Discover Cards of 2019. Each of these Discover It cards is unique in it’s features (and fees). Some are for diehard sports fans, while others are for restaurant lovers.

Each of these cards has solid benefits that will best serve different types of people. Things such as credit score, shopping habits, and other debts often determine which of these cards is best for each specific person.

In this Discover card review, we break down the benefits of each card in order to highlight which ones are best for each situation. By the end of this list, the decision about which card is most suitable for you will be much clearer.

Discover it Cash Back Card

For those who shop a lot, the Discover It Cash Back card is a great way to get some of that money back after each and every purchase.

This is because you get 1% cash back on all purchases. In addition to a quarterly rotation of categories that give 5% cash back on all purchases. They email each cardholder before the quarter starts to let them know which types of purchases get augmented during that period. The cash back then gets added to the account during each billing cycle.

Discover also entices new customers to sign up for this card with two exciting offers.

The first is a cash back match on all purchases throughout the first year. This is a great bonus that can lead to a whopping credit appearing in the balance a year down the road. The other neat benefit is the 0% APR for the first 14 months.

This allows users to transfer an existing balance or make a large purchase without worrying about interest. After the promotional period, Discover charges a variable rate between 14.24% and 25.24% interest. Overall, this card is a great choice for anyone who likes to shop and get rewarded for it.

Discover it Chrome Gas and Restaurant Card

Most Discover card reviews place this card very highly, and this list is no exception. The Chrome Gas and Restaurant card provide cash back rewards specifically tailored to restaurant and gas purchases. Cardholders get a fixed 2% back on each purchase at these types of businesses. This, of course, makes it a great option for anyone who likes to make small purchases with their credit and pay it off each month. Since everyone pays for gas and eats out, it is a very solid choice for anyone who wants to build some credit.

Get 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants with Discover It Chrome

Much like Discover’s cash back card, the chrome restaurant and gas card also offers an intro APR of 0% for the first 14 months.

This provides a decent incentive for anyone looking for a new card to give this one a look. Once the honeymoon period is over, expect to pay anywhere from 14.24% to 25.24% in interest annually. That said, it is worth noting the quarterly maximums placed upon the cash back rewards. It only applies to the first $1000 spent each quarter, so only a grand total of $80 can be received back each year.

Discover it Miles Travel Card

As the name implies. this Discover card is an exceptional value for anyone who loves to travel. The card rewards the customer with an unlimited 1.5 miles for each dollar spent.

The fact that this reward is unlimited makes it a great choice for people who like to spend big. Having no limit is a refreshing change of pace from the cash back cards. It also allows the cardholder to dream of any vacation they desire as they rack up miles with each purchase.

Learn more about the Discover It Miles Travel Card

Like the first two cards, there is a 0% intro balance for the first 14 months. After that, there is a variable APR of 11.99% to 23.99% on all purchases. The cool thing about this rewards card is that all of the miles earned within the first year are doubled by Discover. This makes it even easier to plan at least one large vacation a year after signing up for this card. The miles can also be converted into credit at a hotel and car rental services. With proper planning, nearly an entire trip can be paid for by this card’s rewards alone.

Discover it Chrome Student Card

When it comes to Discover card reviews for students, almost all of them will mention this card for anyone in school. The chrome student card features special benefits that help those in school make the important purchases they need. The card gives 2% cash back on all gas and restaurant purchases. There is also a $20 credit for any student who maintains a 3.0 GPA or higher. This bonus can be received for 5 years after the card is first obtained.

The Chrome student card has an intro APR of 0% for 6 months.

After that, there is a variable APR of 13.99% to 22.99% on every purchase. There is also no late fee on the first missed payment. This gives a nice safety net to busy students who might also be new to using credit cards. While this card is great for newcomers to the credit game, there may be even stronger options for students if they have a good score. The $20 credit is a nice touch, but there are even greater rewards from some of Discover’s other cards for any student who qualifies.

Discover it Secured Card

As with all secured cards, this is a great option for those with nonexistent or bad credit histories. This card allows the customer to deposit cash that will be used as the credit line. This deposit can be refunded if the account is closed or if the payment history looks good for the first 8 months. When the cardholder shows they can pay back their own money, it builds credit. This shows Discover and other credit providers that they are capable of handling other people’s money too.

Learn more about the Discover It Secured Card 

There is a 23.99% APR on this card from the start. This means that anyone who chooses this one should immediately pay back anything they spend. While this may seem quite harsh, these cards are designed specifically to build credit, not dish out rewards.

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While this is a great starter option, the cardholder should apply for another card that gives the rewards once they qualify for something better.

NHL Discover it Card

This specialty card is a great choice for anyone who already has another more encompassing rewards card. If you watch a lot of NHL, then this is a great secondary card for whenever you opt to spend money at the NHL store or to purchase an NHL TV subscription. This card provides a 10% discount at both places. Since the use case is so specific, it is important that even hardcore NHL fans get another card that rewards them in different categories first.

Learn more about the NHL Discover Card

This card features an intro APR of 0% for 14 months, before switching to a rate between 11.99% and 23.99% after that. This is in line with Discover’s other highest rated cards and is a great added value to any fan right before the season starts. Especially as the artwork on the card is customized depending on the cardholder’s favorite team. This is a great way to show off your love for the sport and get paid for something that you were going to buy anyway.

Discover it Card for Students

This Discover card is truly a great value for any student who qualifies for it. It is like the chrome card mentioned above, but mixed with some added benefits of the Cash Back It card. In addition to the cash back on gas and restaurants, this version also includes the rotating quarterly 5% categories. This is quite a massive boost when purchasing things like groceries or tech from online retailers. Plus, the card still gives the $20 credit to students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Find out more about the Discover It Card for Students 

There is no APR for the first 6 months, but then it switches to a variable rate of 15.24% to 24.24%. Much like the chrome student card, it also allows the student to miss one payment without the late fee. After the first one, there is a late fee of $37 for each time a payment is missed.

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Overall, this is a great choice for any student who qualifies for it. You might as well have the option of 5% cash back as a bonus that high can add up quickly when used right.

Discover Card Review Wrap-Up

After reading this Discover card review, you should have a much better grasp of the types of cards on offer. Each one is a great value for the demographic they are targeting.

By figuring out which of those you fall into, it should be much easier to pick the best card for you. If you are still on the fence, the Discover It Cashback card is a great all-around choice for anyone who qualifies for it.

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The rotating 5% is hard to beat if you happen to be making purchases in that category. Just make sure to check their website to plan out larger purchases in advance to make the most out of the card.

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