Getting your favorite foods delivered has never been easier, as you’ll discover in this Doordash review.

DoorDash is a food delivery service similar to UberEats by UberPostMates, and GrubHub. But before you use DoorDash for delivery–or to generate an income–it’s important you know how the company works.

What is Doordash? How does Doordash work? How much does Doordash pay? Is Doordash safe? We’ll be answering these questions, and many more, in this comprehensive Doordash review.

What Is The Doordash App?

DoorDash is a free downloadable food delivery application available for iOS and Android smartphones. The app itself provides a list of local restaurants and dining establishments near a user’s location or set zip code.

Once an order is placed, DoorDash communicates with a nearby driver and the restaurant to coordinate. The user is then presented with the food ordered by a DoorDash driver once it is ready. In short, Doordash allows you to order food via credit card

How Does Doordash Work?

Using the app is simple, even for the first time. So there’s no learning curve.

You can browse menus of your favorite restaurants right on your iPhone and order in seconds. It’s a breeze to add items to your cart, include special requests, review the total and place the order. You can wrap up your first order in seconds. Once you place the order, the restaurant is contacted.

Next, they confirm your order. Then, a nearby delivery driver is notified. If a restaurant is too busy or unable to make your order at that time, your order will cancel.

You’ll be notified immediately via the DoorDash app. Once your order is confirmed, a driver is notified. Then, the restaurant begins to prepare your food. At this point, you’ll get an estimated time of delivery.

Your DoorDash driver will be notified again, this time that it’s ready for pickup. From there, they’ll drive to the restaurant to pay for and pick up your order using a DoorDash payment system.

The driver is then rerouted to your delivery address, where the order is taken to you. Pretty neat, right?

Note: most times there is a delivery fee, but some merchants offer free delivery too.

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How Do I Work For Doordash?

The convenience and flexibility of working for DoorDash are two of the reasons it is able to stay in business. Many DoorDash employees work a second job or simply do DoorDash on the side for an additional income.

Doordash is in more than 600 cities across North America

It is possible to earn a living as a DoorDash driver. But, it often depends on where you’re located, the time of day you work, and amount of hours you’re willing to work. Note: as a driver, you’ll be an independent contractor.

Doordash Requirements

You’re required to submit the following information for your Doordash application:

  • Your full name
  • Your address and current location
  • Phone number
  • A valid email address
  • Your social security number
  • Vehicle type (name, make, model, year)
  • Consent for a background check.*

*While this is not always required to get the approval of DoorDash, it is becoming increasingly necessary to ensure the safety of all DoorDash employees and customers. Declining to consent to a full background check is likely to result in an application rejection.

Doordash Restrictions

In addition to the basics, Dashers a.k.a. DoorDash drivers are also required to:

  • Be 18_ years of age with a valid driver’s license
  • Own a car (motorcycle, bicycle or scooter)
  • Have a clean criminal record**
  • Have a valid insurance policy***
  • A fully-functional smartphone****

**Individuals with felonies, DUIs, or license suspensions are not qualified to work for DoorDash (if the crimes and charges occurred within the last 7 years before submitting an application).

***DoorDash requires all Dashers who deliver food to hold personal liability insurance on their vehicles in order to qualify for the job.

****Working for DoorDash is simply impossible if you do not own a smartphone. Both iOS and Android smartphones are acceptable while working as a DoorDash driver.

Once you have submitted your application to work for DoorDash, you will be asked how you prefer to receive your activation kit. This is so you can begin working. Applicants then wait to hear back from DoorDash (assuming the background check does not result in any findings).

How Much Does DoorDash Pay?

Many of the advertisements for DoorDash claim that “Dasher” drivers can earn upwards of 25$ per hour, but is that really the case? In some instances, yes! In others, not so much.

Doordash pays a minimum of $10 per hour

DoorDash offers a minimum of $10 an hour to each of their drivers who are actively driving and delivering orders. Most drivers earn additional money via tips, which may add up to more than $20-25 an hour depending on your location and the number of deliveries you are able to complete within 60 minutes.

If a driver does not earn more than $10 from their tips and deliveries, DoorDash does make up for difference to ensure you always receive $10 at the very least for one hour of work.

Fall short on tips? Doordash will make up the difference.

Many DoorDash review write-ups discuss the unpredictable nature of the job, especially those who live in more rural areas or areas with less population altogether. However, if you become familiar with the nightlife and dining establishments near you and you are willing to work long or odd hours, DoorDash can ultimately become a viable income solution for you.

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Doordash Pros and Cons

While the convenience of DoorDash is extremely attractive to individuals who want their favorite foods but are unable or unwilling to drive, there are many DoorDash review articles that take issue with the modern delivery service.

Understanding both the positive and negative aspects of DoorDash as a driver and as a customer is imperative before choosing to apply for a driving position or placing an order and spending your money.


Working for DoorDash has plenty of benefits, including the ability to set your own work schedule while remaining flexible based on your life outside of your job. Choosing your own hours and working in locations you prefer provide maximum workplace flexibility.

You can choose when and where you want to work

Additionally, DoorDash also offers freebies to drivers such as gift cards, free meals, and discounts depending on your location and the number of hours you choose to work each day.

As a DoorDash driver, your income is typically only limited by the number of hours you choose to work and the areas you spend most of your timing driving in, providing you with the opportunity to generate a solid income stream.

You can get paid daily using Doordash DailyPay

Another positive aspect of working for DoorDash as a driver is the ability to request your earnings daily using DailyPay, a built-in service available for valid drivers of the company.

Otherwise, Dasher drivers receive their pay weekly each Wednesday. Two options are currently available for receiving your earnings weekly from DoorDash, PayPal and direct deposit.

is inboxdollars legitDoordash also pays via PayPal or direct deposit

Convenient payout options make DoorDash extremely appealing to those who are in need of cash immediately or prefer to earn a weekly paycheck rather than conforming to a traditional bi-weekly direct deposit.


Unfortunately, like all new technology, there are some bugs (hopefully not in your food!) We’d be remiss to write a Doordash review that doesn’t include the negatives. And the biggest ones are:

Delivery Time

This is one of the biggest complaints. Sometimes, it’s the fault of the restaurant. Other times, the Dasher is to blame. This is one of the biggest complaints from users of DoorDash. It’s not just the wait.

It’s the food itself: after sitting for so long, it’s often cold and soggy. And that sucks. So, imagine being the person who paid a service fee to DoorDash and a tip for driver! How could you not be frustrated?

Forgotten Orders

Many folks who order via DoorDash complain about missing orders. Most often, this is no fault of the driver, but it could still hurt your tip. Our advice? Always double check.

Even when the restaurant is at fault, the driver often pays the price. You’ll be without a tip or with a complaint. The negative review on the app doesn’t impact the restaurant either.

Vehicle Costs

DoorDash doesn”t help with insurance, gas, or vehicle maintenance costs. This leaves all the financial and safety requirements up to each individual Dasher. And, if a driver is unable to get a steady stream of deliveries, they may risk paying more to drive their car. So be mindful of this.

Be mindful of your fuel consumption and maintenance

Consider the current MPG you get on your vehicle and where you intend to drive it before submitting your application to DoorDash. Some other questions to ask yourself:

How new is your vehicle? Is it in need of any repairs or maintenance? How many miles do you intend to drive each day? Are they city or highway miles? And how far are you able to travel each day for a delivery? You’ll want to make sure it’s worth your time per hour.

Don’t forge to factor in monthly expenses for your vehicle

Spend time calculating monthly expenses for your vehicle, as well as the average amount you plan to earn with DoorDash. Especially if you’re considering it as a full-time income stream.

Is Doordash Safe?

The bottom line is Doordash is a 100% legitimate company. There’s no question about that.

It’s safe to use, and 100% safe to work for. Because you’re just delivering, there’s little-to-no risk or contact with others.  Of course, there’s always some risk involved when driving from one location to the next.

But, again, there’s very little risk delivering, especially if you’re familiar with the location you work in. Working for DoorDash is also a great way to make extra cash, just like Lyft, If you have a valid driver’s license and up to date insurance for your vehicle, it’s a no-brainer.

While DoorDash isn’t the first food delivery application out, it’s one of the best. Because it helps facilitate the process of ordering takeout from places that typically don’t offer home deliveries. That’s the big plus.

Doordash FAQ

Where is Doordash located?

Who is the founder of Doordash?

  • The CEO and co-founder is Tony Xu.