Dosh Review

Money making apps as good as Dosh are few and far between. That’s because most apps that pay you, require you to jump through hoops to get paid, offer little to no rewards, and assign useless points instead of cash.

Not to mention they take an eternity to reach a reasonable payout threshold.

But not Dosh:

  • Cashback up to 20% or more.
  • No points, coins–just cash.
  • Tens of thousands of stores
  • No uploading receipt pictures
  • Quick setup: link cards in-app
  • Earn $5 for every card you link
  • Plus, another $5 for referrals

Try Dosh Today

No points, coupons, or receipts. Link a card today to start getting up to 20% cashback + $5 bonus.

Dosh App Review

Approximately $16 billion worth of rewards go unredeemed each year, as per a 2011 study by Colloquy, reported in Kiplinger.

That means the average American household that’s active in a loyalty program earns about $622 annually, according to the study.

Now, if we factor in the unredeemed rewards, that over $205+ a year in free money just left unused. That’s enough to buy an airline ticket or purchase a ton of household items at a Walmart, Target, or Sam’s Club store.

Could you use an extra $205? Insert the Dosh app. Unlike the other so-called “cashback apps” out there, Dosh pays out your cash automatically.

So your rewards–in this case, actual cash, so no points–go right to your bank account or PayPal account on autopilot. Or via gift cards. You choose where your money goes.

All without having to haggle with the credit card company or wait 4-6 weeks or waste time converting “points” into cash. It’s gold.

About Dosh

Dosh is a cashback app company based in Austin, Texas. Founded by Ryan Wuerch and Mike Lohner as Dosh Holdings in 2016.

It’s on Apple and Android devices, via Apple Store or via Google Play, and its main function is to get you paid for shopping at tens of thousands of merchants via their platform.

We’ve reviewed all the top cashback apps (i.e., Paribus review, Honey reviewSwagbucks review, Ibotta review, and others). But Dosh reigns supreme in the cashback app world.

With executives from companies like Google and PayPal and partners like Walmart and Applebees, the Dosh app is the best cashback app out. Period.

Now, let’s get to how Dosh works if Dosh is legit and other questions you may have.

How Does Dosh Work?

Download the app via the app store or their site. Then they’ll text a code to verify your phone number. Setup takes seconds.

Next, connect your debit card and credit cards. From there, you can start shopping at participating stores to earn cash in the form of cashback. It’s that simple to start.

All major cards are accepted, like Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many more, both debit and credit cards.

Dosh will pay you $5 for every linked card.

Once your credit card information is linked (they have bank-level security), you will get a $5 promo sign-up bonus. But it gets better.

They have a lucrative referral program, too.

Every friend you send them will net you a $5 referral bonus. This trifecta of earning potential makes it the strongest program out.

Factor in the promo bonus you get from us by signing up here, and you’re looking at $25–$30 bucks right out of the gate. It’s crazy.

These bonuses surpass Ibotta or Swagbucks, both of whom are juggernauts in the cashback space. You can stack up considerable free money (a.k.a. Dosh cash) just by sharing it with a few friends via social media.

Why is Dosh flushed enough with cash to be able to give it out money so liberally? You’ll see why in a moment (in the “Is Dosh Legit”).

Once your card is linked with the Dosh app, you’ll get up to 10% cash or more back in your “Dosh wallet” on eligible purchases.

They work with tens of thousands of merchants, and if you regularly shop at any, it’s 100% in your best interest to sign up.

Why leave money on the table?

Then, once your cash balance in your Dosh Wallet reaches $25 or more, you can transfer it to your bank account, PayPal account–or even donate to charity–all from within the app. Best of all, there’s no scanning or taking pictures of receipts involved. Just shop like normal and save.

The amount of cashback you’ll receive will depend on the retailer you shop from and their agreement with Dosh. Examples of Dosh stores include:

  • Sally Beauty: 11.2% Cash Back
  • Walgreens: 6% Cash Back
  • PetSmart: 4.5% Cash Back
  • 3% Cash Back

As another example, when their partnership with Forever 21 launched, customers received an automatic 10% cashback if they made a purchase over $100.

Partnerships like this are a huge win for consumers like you and me, hence why this Dosh review is so positive. It sells itself.

Is Dosh Legit?

Given an “A” rating by the Better Business Bureau, and featured everywhere from Forbes to TechCrunch, Dosh is one of the most legit apps available.

Valued at a staggering $240M, it’s so legit that former executives at Electronic Arts, Conde Nast, Google, and Nike jumped ship to join the company. So, is the idea of a big Dosh scam sounding ludicrous yet?

Their partners include some of the biggest names in retail, from Walmart to Forever 21 and others. “Dosh is the holy grail of marketing” raved Firehouse Subs staff.

Stats and facts should dispel any Dosh scam rumors that could be circling around. This app is worth the 2 seconds it takes to download.

Dosh is the only free cashback application that actually sends you a small percentage of cashback without a hassle.

Other applications reissue you the cashback in the form of points, take forever to issue your money (some cashback apps only pay you four times a year!), but Dosh has one of the lowest payout thresholds.

Dosh App Cons

You can only withdraw your money if you reach $25.00 or higher. But, if you’ve been reading this far, you know that doesn’t take long.

Anything less than $25 and the app won’t let you cash out. So if you’re in a pinch and need that quick cash, you won’t be able to transfer it unless you get to the minimum threshold.

You can only be registered with one cashback app at a time. Unless you use separate cards.

So, if you’re really trying to be a savvy saver, the downside here is that you can’t have more than one cashback app like Dosh linked.

There could be many reasons for this, mainly that consumers would be able to “double-dip” from Dosh’s merchants, getting double cashback for the same purchase–a great deal for consumers, but not for the businesses, so hardly a fair deal.

Should I Use Dosh?

The short answer is, if you shop with a debit or credit card, yes, you absolutely should.

Dosh works with tens of thousands of retailers, and, if you do shop at any of them, you’re leaving money on the table without it.

Plus, there’s no need to scan receipts ever.

Why do that? It’s also fast, easy, and free to use. Plus you can make great money pretty quickly. Especially if you shop a lot.

It’s a legit business with a lengthy track record of doing right by its merchants and users (and Dosh employees love it, too!)

Try Dosh Today

No points, coupons, or receipts. Link a card today to start getting up to 20% cashback + $5 bonus.

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