Dosh scam: Is Dosh legit? Can you trust Dosh?

Want to make extra money using a cash back app but worried about a Dosh scam? Not to worry, because in this new 2021 Dosh review, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the Dosh app. For your convenience, see our quick review below. Or, if you’d like a more comprehensive look at the Dosh cash app, keep reading.

Dosh App Review Summary

  Making Money With Dosh

Some cash back apps charge a fee (e.g., Earny), others pay four times a year (e.g, Ebates) and some only pay in points (e.g, Swagbucks local). But Dosh costs nothing, pays you in real cash–and you can pay yourself whenever you’d like via PayPal. Plus, earn $5 for every friend you refer, $1 for every linked card and $25 for referrals who book travel via Dosh.

 Dosh Offer Selection

Dosh works at thousands of stores, online and offline. From Pier 1 Imports and 1800-Flowers to Pizza Hut, Jack in The Box, BarkBox, Sephora, Dunkin Donuts and countless others. If it’s a major brand like Nike or a random item on Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll get something back. They offer plenty of ways to earn, via in-store shopping, at stores and restaurants and online.

  Dosh Safety, Security and Privacy

Dosh takes safety, security and privacy very seriously. Data is never sold or shared, and is tokenized and vaulted via Braintree, a Level 1 PCI compliance PayPal service. As a result, it’s highly unlikely your credit and debit cards would be compromised. Plus, the Dosh app itself is with 256-bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. Dosh also has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Or download the app and enter referral code: MATTB223

About Dosh: What Is Dosh?

about dosh

Dosh is a cashback app company founded by Ryan Wuerch and Mike Lohner in Austin, Texas back in 2016. The Dosh app is available on Apple and Android devices via the Google Play app store. Dosh is different compared to popular cash back apps. It’s easier.

Unlike Ibotta or Ebates, you don’t need to scan your receipts to earn cash back. So earning cash is easier. Instead, just link your credit card or debit card to the Dosh app. Every time you make a qualifying purchase, cash is added to your Dosh wallet. Then it’s easy as 1-click to withdraw from your Dosh account. You can cash out via gift cards or get it sent to your PayPal.

Read our full Dosh app review.

How Does Dosh Work?

Couponing used to be a hassle. You’d have to clip discount codes from the newspaper or the store circular. But we did. Because it’s how you can save money. Cash back apps like Dosh are couponing on steroids. Here’s how the app works:

Unlike the old days of clipping coupons, all the Dosh cash app requires is a phone number and linked card–ideally the one you make most purchases on. Once you’ve added your debit or credit card and make qualifying purchases at participating stores, you’ll start earning cash automatically.

How Does Dosh Make Money?

The money Dosh makes is generated through partnerships with retailers. As an example, stores like Dunkin Donuts pay Dosh, and when you make a purchase, Dosh splits the difference with you.

Is The Dosh App Safe?

is dosh safe

Yes. But for you to redeem your sign up bonus and start earning Dosh cash, you have to add your phone number then link a credit card or debit card (e.g., Visa, Mastercard). For many apps, you don’t have to do this, so it can feel off-putting. But take a breath, because Dosh is exceptionally safe. Here’s why:

 Dosh doesn’t store any credit card information. 

Or anything attached to your linked card. And everything else, from your name and email to everything else, is encrypted using bank-level security.

All data is processed through Braintree, a PayPal service.

Braintree is a PayPal service which uses Level 1 PCI compliance, the strongest safeguarding available. You can learn more about Braintree’s data security here.

The Dosh app itself is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

And Dosh also has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So it’s one of the safest ways to make extra money back on shopping.

How To Make Money With Dosh?

make money with dosh

Cash back offers are just one way to earn extra cash with the Dosh app.

Earn cashback on qualifying purchases

This is just one of four ways you can make money with Dosh. Here are 3 cash back offers I’m seeing when I open my Dosh app: get $9 cashback on an individual Apple Music subscription, get $14 cashback on a new BarkBox subscription, and get $12 back on a SiriusXM subscription.

Get $1 for every linked card.

To get your sign up bonus you’ll need to link a card to your Dosh account. Again, this information isn’t store with Dosh, so you’re completely safe. And, to maximize your cash back opportunities, add all the cards you shop with. You’ll be paid $1 for every card you add. So best to add them all.

Get $5 for every friend you refer.

Here’s how to make money with the Dosh referral program. Once you open the Dosh app, click the “Refer” option. When you click this, it will display your unique referral code. Copy, paste and send this out to friends, and, if they sign up for the Dosh app, you’ll be paid a $5 referral bonus.

Get $25 for every referral who does books travel. 

This is a new program Dosh just rolled out in late 2019, and it’s a lucrative one at that. This is a nice chunk of free money that you can easily refer to a friend whose preparing to travel. The best part is, whomever you refer can expect a nice discount on their hotel stay. Discounts vary, but expect to save nonetheless.

How Does The Dosh Cash Back App Pay?

You can get paid by Dosh using Direct Deposit or PayPal. You can do this right from your Dosh account. Transfer times vary, but cash out times rarely exceed 2-3 business days. Note: the cash out option is disabled until you redeem at least one cash back offer in the Dosh app. Meaning, you can’t just sign up and make money by referring friends. Not until you redeem at least one offer.

Dosh Scam: Is Dosh Legit?

Let’s put the “Dosh scam” ideas to bed here and now.

Dosh has millions of positive reviews and users

Aside from an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Dosh app also has millions of positive reviews in the Apple app store and Google Play stores, and across Twitter Instagram and Facebook, they have a combined 263,000 followers.

 Dosh been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch and others

And, at the helm are executives from companies like Electronic Arts, Conde Nast, Google and Nike. They’ve raised hundreds of million dollars from investors, and the company is a major success.

Dosh has partnerships with leading brands, too

Just a few of their partners include retail giants like Walmart and Forever 21, to just name two. The Dosh app is also one of the easiest to use. Unlike other cash back apps, Dosh doesn’t require any receipt uploading or scanning, saving you time. Plus it’s completely free and totally safe.

Dosh uses best in class security to protect your debit and credit cards. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s one of the safest ways to earn money on purchases due to the high level of security. Between two-factor authentication and SSL encryption, to data being tokenized and masked via Braintree, you’ll be hard pressed to finder a safer cash back app out there.

Or download the app and enter referral code: MATTB223

Is Dosh Worth It?

is dosh worth it

It depends what your motivations are. If it’s just extra money, you can do surveys for money on sites like Swagbucks or SurveyJunkie. Or, you can work from home and earn money online that way. You can make money on the go with money making apps. The options are endless.

But that doesn’t mean the Dosh app isn’t worth it.

It’s 100% free, so there’s really nothing to lose

If you happen to not shop at one of their participating stores, no harm, no foul. If you do, then you can earn extra cash at no cost to you. Plus, it’s added to your Dosh wallet on auto-pilot. So there’s no extra work either.

Pair it with a rewards credit card to double up on rewards.

Our top picks, the Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited cards, offers up to 5% cash back on your first $1,500 spent in wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club.

And, right now, the Dosh cash app is offering 5.2% cash back on Sam’s Club purchases. That’s 10% back if you link your Chase card to Dosh!

Dosh Cash Back App Pros:

  • Earn 2–20% cash back shopping with a linked card connected to your Dosh app on qualifying purchases at participating stores.
  • Cash out anytime using PayPal Venmo or via a bank account transfer once you earn up to the $25 minimum.
  • Batch your rewards using the Dosh app and a rewards credit card.
  • Hassle-free: no uploading receipts, the entire process is automated.
  • Cash-out anytime to your bank account or PayPal account once you meet the withdrawal threshold of just $25 bucks.
  • Earn extra money referring friends ($5), linking cards ($1), or referring friends to do travel bookings ($25).

Dosh Cash Back App Cons:

  • You must have a linked credit or debit card and either a bank account or PayPal account to use the Dosh app. Despite their best-in-class security, this may be unnerving for some folks. We recommend you use a credit card, as they offer fraud, chargeback and dispute support. No users have reported fraud related to any credit or debit card info given to Dosh.
  • You can’t use an app-based phone number (MagicJack and the Burner app are two examples). The phone number has to be attached to a cellular service (e.g., Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.)
  • You can only withdrawal money from your Dosh account once you’ve reached the $25 threshold. And you have to redeem at least one cash back offer. So it can’t be 100% referral money.
  • Depending upon the type of purchase, it can take up to 30–or sometimes even 90–days for cash back to land in your Dosh wallet. This is often related to online offers. Merchants are required to wait past the 30, 60 or 90 days refund and return period before they can deposit the cash back into your Dosh account.
    • This is a safeguarding mechanism that protects against a Dosh scam, when certain users may try to make purchases for cash back– then return everything again (now that’s a heck of a Dosh scam!)

Dosh App FAQ

dosh faq

Does Dosh charge my card?

Yes. However, it’s not a purchase related charge. It’s an authorization charge to verify the card. It’s a pending charge that will not remove any money from your debit, credit or bank account. Expect this small authorization charge to clear up in several business days.

Why can’t I enter a Dosh referral code?

After 48 hours have elapsed, you won’t be able to enter a Dosh referral code. So it’s imperative you enter that code at the beginning when you sign up. Be sure to verify your account by adding a linked card. If it’s before 48 hours and you want to enter a Dosh referral code, here’s how:

  • When you sign up using a Dosh referral link – like ours – the code should be automatically entered. If not, manually enter it.
  • Our Dosh referral code is MATTB223. Enter it in the “Referral Code (Optional)” field at the bottom of the Dosh account creation page.
  • Or, if you’re still within the 48 hour post sign-up period, you can click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the app, where you’ll be prompted with a “Where you referred to Dosh?”
  • Simply enter the referral code MATTB223 to get your bonus.

Dosh pending cash back transaction?

Dosh pending cash back transactions are holds or temporary freezes. This pending cash back status in Dosh just means, as per Dosh, “we’re making sure your purchase qualifies for cash back. This may take up to 30 days.” However, it often elapses much sooner. You may also see a “pending cash back transaction” for referrals. Here’s what that means:

For you to receive a referral bonus, each referral has to have a verified account. Users who are listed as “Pending cash back transaction” are not verified. Those users can be verified once they add a credit card, debit card or make a qualifying purchase at a participating store. If you add a debit card, your transactions must be run as credit for Dosh to verify them, as Dosh works with credit card processors. See below on “Didn’t get Dosh referral bonus” for more information on verifying.

Didn’t get Dosh referral bonus?

For the Dosh verification system to reward you your referral bonus, the person you referred must have a “verified account.” An account isn’t considered verified until the referrer has added a linked card.

I didn’t get cash back on my debit card purchase?

If you’ve added a debit card, you have to run it as credit for you to be eligible to receive cash back. Credit cards can be used like normal.

Cash back from online purchases delayed?

For online purchases it can take up to 30 days before it’s received. If you want to check the status of your cash back from online purchases, just visit the “Activity” tab in the Dosh app.

Does Dosh store my linked card data?

No, they don’t. Dosh doesn’t store your credit card information or any information on your linked card. Card transaction data is processed via Braintree, a PayPal service that uses Level 1 PCI compliance, the highest level of online security available anywhere. However, if you’re still not comfortable adding a linked card, consider Ibotta or Ebates (now Rakuten) for card-free cash back offers.

What is Dosh phone number?

There is no public Dosh customer support phone number listed. However, Dosh customer service is available via Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time via their support ticket system. Submit a support ticket and Dosh will work to resolve your issue.

Are Dosh earnings taxable?

You won’t be taxed on any cash back. But, if you’ve transferred more than $600 in referral rewards from your Dosh Wallet to your bank account or PayPal account, Dosh will issue a 1099 to you and the IRS (United States only).

Can I use Dosh outside the United States?

No, Dosh can only be used in the United States.

Dosh Scam? Completely untrue

If you’re looking to make extra money effortlessly, the Dosh app is hard to beat. Especially if you shop at participating stores often. So long as your comfortable using the linked credit card, all you have to do is sit back and watch as the cash in your Dosh wallet piles up. It’s thats easy.

The Dosh app isn’t perfect though, as not everyone is comfortable adding personal financial information to an app-store app. If you shop local, you’re likely not to benefit much. Some participating stores pay as little as 1–2% cash back, which is low. However, Dosh is worth it if:

  • You shop at the same chain stores (e.g., Sam’s Club, Walmart, etc.) and/or regularly get gas at chain stations (e.g., Shell, Exxon, etc.)
  • You’re okay with providing credit card details to earn the cash back.
  • You have friends or family who do the same, and could benefit from your referral (in which case, you’ll both earn $5 as a referral bonus).

Our recommendation? Give it a try. Download the app today. It’s one of the safest, easiest ways to earn cashback.

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