Earn Google Play Credit: 15 Ways To Get It Free Right Now

Want to earn Google Play credit for free–or next to nothing? Then keep reading.

There are thousands of apps available for Android users in the Google Play store. While many of them are free, others cost money. You could focus only on the free apps, movies, games, and books, or spend some of your hard-earned income to get apps on the store.

But there is an alternative to those: which is to earn Google Play credit through various website offers–offers I’ll be sharing shortly.

With a little time and effort, these efforts can quickly stack up. The Google Play store makes it easy and convenient to watch a movie or download an app at a moment’s notice.

And being able to do all of that for free makes it all the more fun.

Earn Google Play Credit: Overview

Google Play credit is one of the payment options when you go to purchase something in the store. It can be used like cash in the store to buy apps, movies, books, and games. You can buy the software itself or unlock the premium features using play store credits.

The credit cannot be used to pay for hardware and it can’t be redeemed for cash. The credit can only be used to buy software and only in the Play store.

One nice thing to keep in mind is that the credits never expire. This means you can save up for the more expensive movies or apps you are after without worrying about accomplishing it in a certain time frame.

In order to earn Google Play store money, you will need to set up a Google Play account. Once your account is set up, you will be ready to venture out into the internet and earn Google Play credits without having to pay.

To redeem your free Google Play code that you earned through one of the below programs, simply go to the Play store and click the “redeem” button. You can enter your gift code. The credits will be added to your balance, which should be used before Google charges your credit card.

You should be aware that there are definitely scams out there. Any opportunity to earn money or credit on the internet is ripe with scams. But there are also a ton of legitimate options for earning free credits, so make sure you check with a third party (like this list) before giving out your information or spending time on an opportunity for credits.

1. Survey Junkie

If you’re looking to earn Google Play credit, free gift cards, or extra cash, Survey Junkie is the best place to start. They’re the leading online survey platform, with over 3,000,000+ members worldwide. And you can earn anywhere from $2 to $69 per survey, and most can be done in 15 minutes or less.

Survey Junkie is the #1 way to earn Google Play credit for free. After you sign up with your email and complete your profile, you’ll be able to complete surveys on a variety of topics to earn Google Play credit. It’s that easy.

2. Swagbucks

This program has been around for a long time and is another favorite option. You can redeem the points you earn on Swagbucks in many ways, including free Google Play credits, free gift cards for Walmart, Amazon–or even cash back through PayPal. (It’s one of our favorite apps to make money for PayPal use).

Swagbucks is another great way to get free Google Play credits

As is true on many other sites, you can earn points on Swagbucks by playing games, taking online surveys, browsing websites, watching videos, and using the Swagbucks search engine. While Swagbucks has a mobile app, you can use it on a desktop.

The best way to earn through Swagbucks is through their paid offers. They will often have offers for services like Hulu (for new subscribers), so the chances are high that there may be offers you’re already interested.

3. Chromecast

Do you own a Google Chromecast or Android TV? Google Chromecast regularly has offers for free Google play credit for every device you have Chromecast on. Check with Google Chromecast through the Google Home app for their latest offer.

4. AppNana

AppNana lets you earn “nana” (points) for playing games or downloading the mobile app for Facebook. You can redeem your “nanas” for Google Play credit, Xbox store credit, or iTunes gift cards for the Apple store.

AppNana has special offer opportunities that offer up a lot more points than the normal tasks that give you free credits, so make sure to keep up to date with their offers. Some of them may be things you were going to do anything, so you might as well earn points for doing them.

5. instaGC (Instant Gift Cards)

Complete quick surveys, shop online, watch videos, or search the web using instaGC (as in, “instant gift cards) and earn points you can redeem for gift cards or Google Play codes. They will sometimes offer bonus events, like listening to music, product trials, or visiting certain websites. You will also receive ten bonus points at sign-up, and have the opportunity to earn 110 points when you refer friends. On the site, you will need 1,000 points to redeem $10. Your Google Play gift cards can be cashed out at $10, $15, and $25 levels.

6. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is primarily a site for quick surveys. You can also earn points by completing quick online surveys or referring friends. You also get a sign-up bonus on PrizeRebel. This website offers surveys from nine survey networks, which means there is plenty of selection.

PrizeRebel has plenty of free offers. They also have paid ones. When you’re looking for free stuff this may not be of interest, but it actually pays off pretty well. Often, the paid offers on this rewards app give so much back that it covers the price of the offer.

Their friend referral program is generous. If your friends become active PrizeRebel members, you will earn a percentage of the points they earn–forever. So if they are active members of PrizeRebel years from now, you’ll still be earning 20% as a bonus for signing them up. Make sure you encourage them to sign up using your invite link.

7. Google Opinion Rewards

This is a favorite for many people who enjoy earning play credits through rewards programs. The survey team at Google sends you quick surveys through this program. You can earn up to a dollar per survey with this program that you can complete using your android or IOS devices.

The number of surveys they send you will be determined by your interests. Some people may get a lot, others may get one a week. The online surveys through this program are different than what you’ll see elsewhere. They are created by Google. That’s part of what makes this program a favorite for many.

8. Gift Card Granny

Do you have gift cards you don’t want to use? Gift cards for stores you don’t have access to, or perhaps a few dollars left on a card? This is a common problem. And Gift Card Granny came up with a solution.

When you sign up on Gift Card Granny, you turn in your unused gift card balances. The balances on these cards is then redeemed for points. You can then use those points to exchange them for free Google Play Store credits. This is a unique site that fixes a common problem.

9. FeaturePoints

On FeaturePoints, you can download free apps. When you download the apps, use them, and see what they’re about, you earn points that can then be redeemed for Play store credits. The mobile apps change frequently, and are usually for services like games, music, or messaging.

You can also earn on FeaturePoints by watching videos, but you’ll earn more by trying the apps. They have a strong referral program if you have friends who will truly use the app. This is probably the strongest bonus you will ever find. For everything your friends do, you will earn 50%. You can redeem your FeaturePoints points for online gift cards or Play store credits.

10. WHAFF Rewards

Do you have a Facebook account? If not, you might want to sign up for one. You will need it to sign up for the WHAFF Rewards program. Once you sign up and link your Facebook account, you can download new apps and games and then earn reward points for these actions. You can then exchange those points for Google Play credits that you can use in the app store. There are other payment options on WHAFF Rewards, including Facebook cash, online gift cards, cryptocurrencies, and PlayStation store credit.

11. Costco

It’s rare to be able to buy gift cards for less than face value… unless you are shopping at Costco. They don’t always have these offers and don’t always sell Google Store cards, but when they do, you can find them for less than face value and score a real deal.

12. Harris Poll Online

This is another survey site opportunity that allows you to earn gift cards and Google Play credits for filling out online surveys.

They also have quarterly cash giveaways that can be a huge earner.

13. Tap Cash Rewards

This program is legitimate, but the payouts are much lower than on other programs out there, so you might try one of the other programs on this list first. You will need 1,000 points on Tap Cash Rewards to payout one dollar in Google Play credit. That being said, you can receive credit every day that you log in. You earn bonus points for linking your Facebook account. You also earn 100 points for every friend you refer.

14. Cubic Reward

This is another rewards program where you can download an app and earn free gift cards that you can redeem at the Google Play store, or through Paypal, Amazon, iTunes, or Starbucks. Cubic Rewards points are earned through joining daily events, referring friends, and playing games.

15. BoomGift

Test out new apps on BoomGift and earn Google Play Store credits. Your rewards are called coins in this program. When you refer friends to join this program you earn a bonus percentage on their earnings for the life of their account. So as long as they keep using BoomGift, you will receive 30% extra.

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