Earn Money Online: 47 Proven Ways To Make Money Online Now

There is no better time to earn money online than now.

When I first set out to do it 12 years ago, I had to make my own way. Face buried in my hands, stressed out, bills late, exhausted from my soul-crushing day job, struggling to make ends meet.

But my story didn’t end there. And, thanks to the resources below, you won’t have to waste years of precious time and money learning the hard way like I did. Trial-and-error is overrated anyway. Better to learn from someone who’s done it.

I focused on the easy ways to make money first. Why? Because if you’re new to making money online, the psychological victory of securing easy money first will stoke the fire in you, and drive you to tackle some of the other, more lucrative options on this list; options which may come off as overwhelming to someone new.

However, if this isn’t your first rodeo–or if you’re feeling bold–feel free to skip around. And let me know which ones you like (or dislike and why) in the comments. This is a “living list’ that I plan to regularly update based on your feedback.

3 Easiest Ways To Earn Money Online

There are millions of ways to earn money online. But of all the ways to earn money online, surveys for money, the best cash back apps and other apps that pay–or just watching ads for money–are the easiest.

Note: these first three are not the most lucrative. Just the easiest. I’ve tried and made money with them, so they 100% work. Just don’t expect to get rich doing them. But more on that later.

1. Take Online Surveys for Money

Survey Junkie is my top pick for making easy money online because they pay cash and pay fast 100% legit. Started back in 2005, they boast having over 3,000,000 members now. As far as survey sites go, they’re the top dog. You’ll likely earn $2 to $5 per survey, and qualify for a few surveys each week from them.

As I shared in my latest Survey Junkie review, I spent a few minutes a day on it for a month and made $19.05. In the end, I bought myself breakfast and a car wash with my earnings. You could easily pay for a gym membership or other small bill with your proceeds.

2. Download Cashback Apps

With Dosh, I’ve made over $120 just referring friends and shopping like normal. It’s the easiest passive income I’ve made. You can make up to 20% back on shopping, 40% back on hotel bookings and $5 for every friend you refer.

You can check out my latest Dosh review to learn more, but here’s the short version: you’re getting paid twice over every time you use it. First, in the form of cash back side at thousands of stores. Second, it’s a no-brainer to share with friends. Because what friends don’t want their other friends to save money? It works at thousands of stores, too. Here are a few:

  • Sally Beauty: 11.2% Cash Back
  • Walgreens: 6% Cash Back
  • PetSmart: 4.5% Cash Back
  • Wal-Mart.com: 3% Cash Back

Rakuten, formerly eBates, is another good one. Generous referral program and up to 40% cash back.

Learn more in our Dosh scam story. Or, visit our Ibotta review.

3. Watch Videos for Money

I made $15 watching videos on Swagbucks while working through the other picks on this list. It’s the least lucrative of the three, but it’s so easy I just had to list it. Besides, you can earn $10 just by signing up through us here.

You can learn more in my full Swagbucks review, but my advice for this one is simple: work through the other, more lucrative options on this list while you have this running in the background. That way, you’re making money while making money. Because what’s more boss than that?

My Top 5 Ways To Earn Money Online

If the last 3 picks are the easiest way to earn money online, these 5 represent some of the most smartest and most lucrative. In fact, I consider the first two to be non-negotiable. Everyone should have an online store and a personal website. Especially a domain name that’s your name. It costs very little time or money to set these up.

1. Start Your Own Online Store

Shopify is a platform you can use to start a professional store and sell products online. One of my first Shopify stores made $10,000+ in just its second month and over $100,000 in it’s first year. It even led to a Forbes feature. The experience changed my life forever.

It put me on the path to working full-time for myself. You can use it do the same, too. Using Shopify you can build your own eCommerce site in a few hours and start selling products before the end of the day. 

Here’s how you can do it, based on my personal experience starting and growing a six-figure store from scratch:

  1. The most lucrative method: Pick your niche and create your own product. (I love rap music, so I opted for gold grills). You can do this by working with U.S. or foreign manufacturers via Alibaba. More on that below.
  2. The fastest method: You can sell other peoples products that already have a proven track record, via drop shipping or acting as a distributor. Check out sites like Oberlo or AliExpress to get started.

2. Start Your Own Personal Website

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

81% of consumers search online before making a buying decision and 56% of people won’t even trust a business without a website. Make sure they can find you and your website first, by building a simple, drag-and-drop website on a platform like Weebly.

These platforms are the fastest, easiest ways to get a good looking website up and running. All you have to do is drag and drop the elements you want to add.

From there, it’s as easy as purchasing your domain name through them and clicking publish. That’s it. Even if you know nothing about web design or websites–period, these types of sites make the process painless.

3. Invest In Real Estate Online

Think real estate investing is out of reach because of its complexity or cost? I used to think so too. Until I found out about Fundrise. It lets you invest in residential and commercial real estate projects with just $500. Historical returns for Fundrise investors range between 8.7 to 12.4% and getting started takes just a few minutes.

Another huge benefit of investing with them? Their asset management and advisory fees are equal to just 1%. That’s it. So it’s surprisingly affordable to get in on real estate investing from home, and stay in the game too, thanks to their super low fees.

4. Invest In Stocks (And Get A Free Stock Too)

Robinhood is the easiest, most user-friendly way to invest in stocks, options, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and more. All commission-free. Plus, they give you a free stock just for signing up.

You can read our full Robinhood review to learn more, but the short version is: most investor apps out there require account minimums to start. Not Robinhood. And, even if you’re completely unfamiliar with investing, Robinhood has a vast educational library and plenty of reports on companies. So you can always make an informed decision. Not to mention commission-free trades and no hidden fees. 

My favorite feature? Robinhood approves most new investors in 60 minutes or less (my former broker, TD Ameritrade, took 7 days!).

5. Invest Your Change On Auto-Pilot

Acorns is an absolute no-brainer if you want to start saving more money on autopilot. This application invests your spare change by rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar then invests the difference for you in different portfolios (so you earn money compared to a conventional savings account).

Another benefit of investing with Acorns? It’s completely free for college students under the age of 24. You can setup recurring deposits from your bank account or credit. Plus, get extra free money just by shopping through their Found Money partners, like Apple, Airbnb, Macy’s and many more. It’s a no-brainer if you’re serious about saving.

35 Other Ways To Earn Money Online

Now that we’ve gone through the easiest ways to make a buck online, and some of my own personal favorites, we’ll be diving into a whole host of other ways to get paid online. I haven’t tried all of these, but the ones I have, you’ll see a note about.

Another thing to keep in mind: any one of these could start off as a temporary home job for you. But, without enough time and effort, any one of these could turn into a full-time online business for you; one that you can use to make a lot of money

1. Make Extra Cash on eBay, Craigslist or Etsy

Etsy is massively popular marketplace for all things handmade. If you’re looking to sell products of your own creation, that’s the first–and best–place to go.

But if you have stuff just laying around the house you want to get rid of, eBay is a tried-and-true way to earn money online. If this article is the side-hustle bible, then here are my 7 commandments of how to earn money online, whether on eBay, Etsy, Craigslist or anywhere else:

  1. Write detailed product descriptions
  2. Take high-quality product photos 
  3. Competitively price your products
  4. Free shipping can improve sellability
  5. Guarantees and refunds can help too
  6. Reviews and feedback are everything
  7. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

2. Become A Social Media Influencer

If you think social media is just for showing off, think again. You can quickly build a platform and monetize it to local or national brands for $100-$1000+ per post.

My great friend Teri Turner turned her Instagram into a food empire. When we met, she had just shy of 2,000 followers. Now she now has over 300,000+ raving fans, and her latest book was a bestseller. It’s remarkable what you can do if you really set your mind to it. It’s hard to build a massive Instagram audience. But again, if you really dial in on the needs of your niche, you can do it. Some tips I’ve learned watching my friend do it include:

  1. Go above and beyond on your content
  2. Post often and get active on your stories
  3. Engage and interact as much as possible
  4. Focus on delivering valuable content
  5. Get organized and schedule out content

So, if you get aggressive about building your following, engaging with your audience and focusing on incredible content, go for it.

3. Local Business Consulting

The consulting industry is worth over $250 billion and is expected to grow over 3.2% in the next several years. That’s a big pie. Here’s how to get your slice of it.

A consultant is someone who can provide expertise in exchange for a fee. This could be anything from marketing and accounting to sales, public relations or legal consulting. 

My favorite book on the topic: Getting Started in Consulting by Alan Weiss, PhD

If you’re looking to get started in consulting, you’ll want to identify your strengths, get the proper certifications, pick a niche or target market to go after and get to marketing yourself. The easiest type of consulting to get into is local consulting. Once you identify your expertise and how you can add value to your target market, then it’s just a matter of reaching out with a relevant, compelling offer to help seal the deal. 

For local consulting, start at places you already shop at. Then, instead of selling, offer a genuinely useful suggestion from your perspective as a customer, followed up with an offer to implement the suggestion.

4. Earn Money Selling Stock Photos

If you’re into photography, you can make a considerable sum of money licensing those photographs on sites like Shutterstock.

As per their contributor support: “Shutterstock will initially pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded, with a tiered set of raises to 33 cents, 36 cents and 38 cents per download as you reach the $500, $3,000 and $10,000 lifetime earnings milestones.” Ultimately, how much you will make will vary based on:

  1. The quality of your images
  2. Keywords you use for your images
  3. The number of images you upload
  4. Commercial value of your images
  5. How often you upload and other factors

5. Rent Your Place Out on Airbnb

According to a 2017 Travel and Leisure story, “Airbnb earnings can range drastically, with some hosts making more than $10,000 per month, while others make less than $200.” Of course, if you go the extra mile you can expect to make much more than the $200 a month. Airbnb even provides a monthly earnings estimate. Here’s the short version on how win at it:

  1. Maintain an up-to-date listing with plenty of details.
  2. Describe your space and everything in it in detail.
  3. Upload lots of high quality photographs to stand out.
  4. Leverage reviews and competitive pricing.
  5. Consider Instant Book to get last minute reservations.

6. Start An Online T-Shirt Business

Every year over 2 billion tee shirts are sold. It’s hard to wrap the mind around a number so massive. So it’s no wonder why selling tee shirts is such a popular way to earn money online. Because enough shirts are sold to dress a quarter of the planet’s population every year.

The best part is, because of technology, it’s easier than ever to start selling tee shirts online for a profit. The bulk of your investment is going to come from the time it takes to make your designs. Because the backend of it (like setting up your shop, getting your shirts printed up and shipped) is actually the easy part!

Here’s how to get started: first, start a free trial with Shopify. (Because you can’t sell shirts unless you have a store to sell them through!) Once you’ve finished setting up your account, which takes less than 30 seconds, visit their app store.

Then navigate to either Printify or Printful. These are their two most popular POD (print on demand) companies, and can print your designs on a vast array of different products, from journals and mugs to hats, sweaters, and of course, tee shirts!

7. Get Paid To Answer Questions

Have an advanced degree and want to earn money online with ease? Using JustAnswer, you can make 20% to up to 50% of the cost of questions asked to you.

Although most questions pay between $2 and $5 a piece, depending upon your expertise, payouts can be higher. If you’re a lawyer, doctor, mechanic, veterinarian, registered nurse or other licensed expert, you can apply to JustAnswer. From there, you’ll need to verify your identify and professional certification. Once you’ve been verified, you don’t have to answer phones or take appointments. Just sit back, relax and answer questions online to get paid. Over 16,216,105 questions have been answered and, at my time of writing, they have over 11,990 verified experts.

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized and task-focused, business owners and busy folks everywhere would be happy to pay you

As a virtual assistant, you can be tasked to do everything from customer support and administrative support to social media management and email marketing. You can easily make $25+ per hour as a virtual assistant if you specialize in any of those skills. Your first step as a virtual assistant should be to identify your niche and the services you want to focus on. From there, get trained and develop your expertise.

This could be a simple business course or a more in-depth certificate course on bookkeeping, financial accounting or other in-demand expert services. From there, it’s all about marketing yourself and your expertise. You can start on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, or go at solo by starting your own website and reaching out to clients directly.

Other options include contacting companies like Red Butler that sell virtual assistant services at scale. If you’re going to go at it solo, get organized: send proposals and invoices, get paid and manage your time and tasks with a platform like AndCo.

9. Get Paid To Be A Virtual Tutor

Virtual teachers and online tutors get paid $14-$22 per hour and teachers with experience and/or a degree can make up to $60 hour, according to data from Indeed.

VIP Kid tutors can work from home on their own time and start off earning $14 to $22 per hour teaching online. Requirements are minimal. Just speak English and have an internet connection.

Chegg is another great option for potential tutors around the world. Meanwhile, SmartThinking, the tutoring arm of educational giant Pearson, hire experienced tutors year round to instruct on a wide variety of subjects.

10. Become a Freelance Writer

The top 25% of freelance writers make $.83 or more per word, while the middle earn roughly $.25 per word, and the bottom middle earn at $.12 per word. And some savvy freelance writers remove themselves from the per-word equation entirely, and sell directly based on the value they add to their clients.

My favorite book on the topic: Value Based Fees: How To Charge and Get What You’re Worth by Alan Weiss PhD

Aside from Fiverr and Upwork, here are a few other places you can go to find legit freelancing jobs that pay well: Remote Co. routinely posts remote freelance writing jobs from well-known companies like Experian, SB Nation, Motley Fool and others. FreelanceWriting.com is another great source for freelance writing jobs. 

Opportunities vary, from snack food companies to hardware store, who need everything from social media writing to technical papers.

11. Transcribe Audio For Cash

Notes and interviews are recorded every single day. And everyone from doctors and attorneys to journalists and interviewers are willing to pay top dollar to get their audio transcribed. Most services pay anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour of transcribed audio. You can find transcription jobs here: SpeakWrite, TranscribeMe, Rev, Scribie, TigerFish, Quicktate, GoTranscript, VerbalInk or Mechanical Turk. (Some of these data entry companies even pay bonuses). I recommend you try them all out until you find one that’s best for you.

12. Make Money on Amazon

Over 197,000,000 people visit Amazon every month. With so much money exchanging hands, it’s a strong starting point for someone looking to earn money online.

From selling products to creating books to sell on Kindle, or selling audiobooks on Audible, or delivering via Amazon Flex, the money making options are endless with Amazon.

For the full scoop on this, check out our guide on how to make money on Amazon.

13. Get Paid to Get Fit

If the idea of getting paid to lose weight sounds compelling, check out HealthyWage.

As per their website, Kristin W. lost 114 pounds and won $4,000 by entering a group weight loss change on their site. Their platform is powered by financial incentives (because research shows that putting money on the line helps dieters dial up their commitment). 

The other upside to this is, physical health can improve your financial health indirectly. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle, like improved focus, sleep quality and energy can translate to more productive days at the office. Which, in turn, can lead to fatter pockets. Funny how that works. 

14. Share Your Feedback for Cash

Research sites like Vindale Research will pay you anywhere from $0.25 to as much as $75 for feedback via surveys. Vindale has been around since 2005, we recommend you go there first.

From their site: “Our members get real money for taking market research surveys… And companies get real feedback from their most important customers.” It’s not as lucrative as starting your own online store or agency, but it’s a great way to make extra money in your spare time. No points or gift cards. Just straight cash via PayPal.

15. Be a Petsitter or Dog Walker

According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, the number of U.S. households with dogs as pets is at 60.2%.

And, using sites like Rover.com, you can pet sit or walk dogs part-time or full-time and make great income. How much can you make with Rover.com? You can earn an average of $1,000 per month or up to $3,300 a month working 4 weeks out of the month and taking 2-3 dogs at a time.

16. Sell Your Smartphone for Cash

Persistence Marketing Research (PMR) “forecasts that the second-hand market is going to reach approximately 39 billion dollars in 2025 in global revenue, up from almost 20 billion in 2017”.

You can cash in on your old smartphone through sites like Gazelle and make up to $300 per each device. Just click through, enter your device information and device condition, and you’ll be given a price. It’s really that simple. EcoATM even allows you to get instant cash on the spot for your device at one of their thousands of ATMs. 

17. Get Money for Your Textbooks

If you’re looking for the best place to sell textbooks for top dollar, look no further than this list here. College isn’t cheap, and that’s why millions of students opt to sell their textbooks for cash. 

Regardless of age or condition, you can make a pretty penny off your books. These sites will give you top dollar for them:

  1. Bookfinder
  2. Chegg
  3. Bookscout
  4. TextbookRush

18. Rent Your Wardrobe For Cash

If your closet is packed to the edges with quality swag (so much so that you don’t even wear half of what you own) you should strongly consider renting out your wardrobe. Of course, you could sell select, high value items on sites like Stock X. But for everything else, consider renting your clothes for cash on:

19. Rent Your Car for Cash on Turo

Listing your car on Turo is fast, easy, safe, free… and lucrative. You can earn up to $600 a month or more, plus you’ll be covered under their $1 million in liability, damage and theft policy.

Here’s how to get started. First, list your car. You do this by uploading a few pictures of, describing the condition and mileage, and making sure you have sufficient space in your calendar so travelers can come get it. Once your car is setup on the Turo marketplace, you can start responding to requests. You’ll get a notification via their app once someone reaches out. Based on the details of their trip, you can either decline or accept the request. 

20. Do Online Personal Training

If you’re serious about fitness you can earn money online as a personal trainer. Although an exercise science degree, or certifications from NASM, ACE or ISSA are a huge bonus, they’re not required. You can make a nice income from online personal training if you dedicate enough of your time to it. It’s not uncommon for the top fitness trainers to sell training online, courses, ebooks, seminars and other services.

21. Sell Your Beats and Songs

With the advent of steaming and social media, people are consuming more music than ever. This is an opportunity for budding producers and hitmakers to monetize their talents. United Masters is our recommendation for distributing your music. They offer a suite products and services for independent artists to connect with fans, get setup on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

They offer free websites for artists, and management tools for you to oversee your merchandise, website traffic, links and much more. For producers, we recommend Beatstars. It’s one of the largest marketplaces for producers looking to sell beats to artists.

22. Start Your Own Online Agency

Once you’ve established yourself in any of the numerous freelance verticals online, spending your time focusing just on doing inside sales (booking freelance contracts with high-value clients) and then subcontracting your work out to other freelancers can be a great way to earn money online. Rather than simply selling your own time, you’ll be building a business that can scale and grow beyond the hours you have to sell each day.

23. Do Virtual Customer Service

If you’re an adept problem solver who likes helping people, virtual customer service is great way to earn money online. Virtual customer service jobs pay anywhere from $8 to $15+ an hour, or, if you sell it yourself, you can make $200–$400+ selling customer service packages.

You can use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to get started, or you can just reach out to local companies and help out directly. The benefit of the second option is that you’re going to earn more. My recommendation? Offer to sell your services in package form (i.e., $200 for X amount of hours, $400 for Y amount of hours). That way you can earn more while cementing your relationship with the client for the long-term.

24. Buy and Sell Websites for Profit

If the idea of starting a website from scratch sounds overwhelming, you can earn money online by buying a website, scaling it up and selling it for a profit may make more sense for you. Marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers are great places to get started. Just make you do proper due diligence first, which should include reviewing:

  • Company balance sheet and profit-and-loss
  • Site analytics, proof of ownership and income
  • And a detailed breakdown of operations

This will help you assess how to close the “failure gaps” and up profitability (or not). Again, due diligence is a must. On the flip side, if you want to sell a website, full-disclosure is the best route. Don’t try and sell a dud, you’ll just waste everyones time.

25. Get Paid To Do Online Notary

According to a 2017 National Notary report, “there are more than 4.4 million Notaries commissioned throughout the United States… [and] overall, the number of new Notaries rose in 21 states.” With that level of demand, it’s no surprise that becoming a notary is a smart way to earn money online.

The number of notaries is on rise because the demand is on the rise. And there’s no better place to earn money online than by jumping into an in-demand field and learning the ropes. What does a notary do? The short version is, they act as a witness to the signing of documents. And you can get paid online to act as this witness for documents related to:

  • Mortgages and housing
  • Citizenship documents
  • Weapons applications
  • Wills and other documents

View the National Notary checklist to get started.

26. Speak for a Fee at Business Events

Another early entrepreneurial victory I had was publishing for and speaking at Chamber of Commerce meetings. It’s a great way to network, and, if you have expertise in a subject that can help people grow their business, it’s a great way to earn money online while meeting interesting people.

You can offer to speak for a small fee, or even for free. The upside is, if your talk is valuable, you can expect members to offer you other paid opportunities. Here’s an example: Say you talk about the importance of digital marketing for free at your next local Chamber meet up. If there’s 50 people in the room, that’s 50 people who now know you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them.

27. Get Paid to Podcast

According to 2018 Journalism.org fact sheet, “51% of Americans ages 12 or older have ever listened to a podcast…and 32% have listened to a podcast in the past month, up from 26% in 2018.”

That’s a huge market you can tap into to earn money online, and you can easily sell advertising for $100-$5000+ a month once you get your listenership numbers up. If you have a great voice, or unique and creative stories to tell, than podcasting is for you. It’s a rapidly growing medium, and people are eager than ever for compelling stories to listen to while on the go. Using a service like Podbean, you can get your podcast on popular streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others.

28. Rent Your Camera For Cash

If you have a decent camera that’s collecting dust, consider a service like KitSplit to earn money online with your gear. At my time of writing there are over 50,000 people using KitSplit to make passive income just by renting out camera equipment. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

29. Consult With Local Restaurants 

Helping local restaurants and pizza shops was how I got started as an entrepreneur as a teen. I just walked into my favorite local pizza shop and offered to make them a website. I made $500 in a weekend (and still get a free slice every now and then!)

Restaurants have a lot of moving parts. Their owners are likely juggling a million tasks every day, from maintaining equipment and ordering from suppliers to customer service and whipping up new dishes. If you frequent a certain restaurant in your town enough, you can casually offer to take tasty looking pictures of their top-selling dish, run their social media or build them a simple website. All of these can help them grow their business while helping you earn money online. Since it’s a place you go to, there’s not a whole lot of selling to do. It’s just about casually offering to make their business better. And who doesn’t want that?

30. Rent Instruments For Cash

Camera equipment is expensive. You know what else is? Musical instruments. And you can earn money online just by renting or selling your own musical instruments. So, if you have a couple saxophones, violins or whatever else laying around, you can sell or rent them out for cash on Sparkplug.   

31. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Driving isn’t online, but because Uber is a popular app-based money making platform, so I threw it in here for good measure. Uber pays about $20 an hour, according to The Washington Post. But, once you factor in Uber takes 25% per ride, you likely average anywhere from $6-$12 depending upon where you live, where you drive, fuel costs, maintenance costs and more. I made about $400 driving for Lyft back when they first started, and based on the feedback I’ve gotten from drivers, it’s better to start there.

Some reasons you should consider Lyft include:

  • Get $1,000 in your first thirty days
  • Note: you have to do 125 rides in your first 30 days
  • More rides means more perks and discounts
  • Discounts are relevant (like for AAA, oil changes and more).
  • Get paid instantly with Express Pay

Some other ways to make cash using just your car and a smartphone include: Grubhub, Instacart, Door Dash, PostmatesUber Eats, and others. Again, not technically a way to “earn money online” because you’re going to be driving. But app based, so I included them anyway.

32. Get Money Back On Purchases

Like the first 3 recommendations on this list, Paribus won’t get you rich. But it will put extra money in your pocket with little to no effort.

Here’s how it works: after you sign up, Paribus is going to scan through your email for receipts on past purchases. It’s going to seek out transactions you made with their retail partners like Amazon and search for price drops and adjustments. If that’s not an easy way to earn money online, I don’t know what is.

From there, it’ll request refunds for the differences (where applicable) on your behalf. All without you having to lift a finger. Like some of the other suggestions, it’ll likely be the easiest money you’ve ever made. But again, you won’t get rich.

33. Review Software For Money

If you’re more technically-minded, and enjoy being detailed and through, you can review software as a way to earn money online with SoftwareJudge. You’ll get paid based on the thoroughness of your review and the longer you work with the platform. And, of course, you have to know how to properly evaluate each of the program. So having a certain degree of tech savviness is critical for usertesting of this sort.

34. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

I saved one of the best for last. If you want to earn money online, grow your own brand and tell your story all at once, starting a blog is the way to go. Here’s how get to started.

Start Your Blog

Now let’s talk money. You can make an income stream (or several) for yourself in a number of ways. Bloggers have a lot of options.

  1. Name your blog
  2. Host your blog
  3. Design your blog
  4. Write your blog posts
  5. Monetize your blog
  6. Then start promoting your blog

Monetize Your Blog

Now let’s talk money. You can make an income stream (or several) for yourself in a number of ways. Bloggers have a lot of options.

Becoming an Amazon Associate: Amazon has millions of products for sale. You can earn money online by referring customers to them. You can earn up to 10% commission on any sales you drive. It’s the easiest affiliate program to get started with–and also the largest in the world.

Signing up for Share-A-Sale: this is another reputable affiliate network that can link you with merchants looking for affiliates to help them sell more products. Commission fees are low, there are plenty of merchants and your payout schedule is customizable. Another pro tip: learn how to work with Google. It’s the largest search engine in the world, and knowing how to leverage it to drive users to your site is called SEO. Click that link to learn more.

Create your own online course: if you have expertise in a certain subject and an audience with enough interest in it, you can easily monetize your knowledge by selling an online course. The online course industry is worth billions and is showing no signs of slowing down. So if you know something that other people want to know, you can turn that information into a full-time online business.

Sign up for Google Adsense: display ads are becoming a less popular way to earn money, with the advent of AdBlocker and other plugins and browser extensions. But it’s still one of the most popular ways to make money blogging. I’d recommend going the affiliate marketing route, like I’ve already touched on.

Promote Your Blog

Now let’s talk promotion. There’s a million ways to earn money online, and promote it too. My recommendations:

Start a Youtube channel: 78% of men and 68% of women in the United States use YouTube, but only 62% of business owners do. Use that to your advantage. With your blog, the writing has to be the star of the show. Repurpose your top performing articles into videos. You can hire a spokesperson, a graphic design specialist (or even a puppet) to do videos if you’re not comfortable being on camera.

Create a webinar series: 76% of B2B buyers have used webinars in the past 12 months to make a purchase decision, according to a March 2019 report by GoToMeeting. So, if your target audience is other business owners, webinars are a great way to add value. Focus on the value, not the sell. At the end of the day, if your content is meaningful and strong enough, it can stand out on it’s own. We recommend GoToMeeting for any webinars. 

Start a podcast: 165 million people in the United States listen to podcasts. It’s become one of the most popular ways people consume content. Start with Podbean. Audio quality is important though. But you can get yourself a great microphone. I use the professional’s standard, a Shure SM7B, and the Shure MV88 has been my go-to iPhone mic for years.

Write for other online platforms: this one is probably the most powerful way to amplify your message and raise awareness about your blog. You don’t even have to contribute to big name media outlets (although you certainly can). You can just ask to write for other bloggers you know and follow. Read this article I wrote for Entrepreneur if you’re unsure how to get responses from high-level contacts

Earn Money Online: Conclusion

Like I said in the beginning. There has never been a better time to try and earn money online than now. Whether you want to get your feet wet by just tackling a few of the easier recommendations on this list, or go full force into a major online business, the options are endless. But, also like I said in the beginning, this is a living list. And a big part of what will make this successful–and more people successful in general–is collaboration and feedback. So let me know what I missed, what you tried and liked, didn’t like, etc. I’ll be adding suggestions to this list regularly.

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