Earn Money Online: The 30 Best Ways To Get Paid In 2019

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This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

Article Approved By Banking Expert

This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

Online Entrepreneur
Featured in Forbes, The Washington Post

There has never been a better time to earn money online than right now.

When I first set out to earn money online 10 years ago, virtually no resources were available. Certainly none like the one you’re about to read.

It was like the Wild West. This is the blueprint I wish had.

I had to make my own way. Face buried in my hands, stressed out, bills late, sick of my day job, struggling to make ends meet. But that’s not where my story ended.

And, if that’s your story–it doesn’t have to end that way either. And, if it’s not, and you’re just looking to make a buck online… well, I can help.

It’s my genuine hope that, using the resources I outline below, you don’t have to waste years of precious time and money learning the hard way.

Trial-and-error is overrated anyway.
Better to just learn from someone who's done it.

Choose what is best for you:

Earn Money Online With Surveys

Download These Apps That Pay

Open Your Own Online Store

Start Investing With Robinhood

Earn Money Online Driving

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Online Selling Your Stuff

Earn Money Online Watching Videos

Earn Money Online Selling Services

Create Passive Income Streams

Earn Money Online With Surveys

Online surveys are the fastest, easiest way to earn money online.

And Survey Junkie is our #1 pick. Why?





$2 - $69

per survey

One of the

top 3,000

websites in the U.S.


rating 4.4

11,685 reviews

Plus, it’s 100% free to get started.

Just visit this link above, enter your email–and that’s it. Just follow the on-screen prompts and within minutes, you’ll start to see cash.

Survey SiteInstant Bonus$ Per SurveyJoin
$5 bonus0.10-$5
$5 bonus0.50-$2

There are dozens of websites out there that will pay you for your opinion.

Simple tasks such as taking surveys, testing products or watching videos and movie previews help provide consumer response; this plays a significant role in the marketing industry.

Veering off this list? Be careful. Many so-called “survey sites” are scams. Our list is 100% verified.

Creators and developers alike want to know how the general public receives what they put out, as it provides feedback on what they’re doing right but more importantly, what they’re doing wrong.

Download These Apps That Pay

If you spend a lot of time on your phone, money making apps are the easiest way to earn money online.

Most folks are on their phone day and night. If that’s you, why not get paid to do it too? Here’s how to get paid with your smartphone.

Many of these apps have a very generous referral program, too. So, while texting friends, send your referral links for bonuses. They stack up fast!

Apps Bonus App Type Sign Up Links
$5 bonus Cashback
$10 bonus Cashback
$10 bonus Cashback



Dosh has a fantastic referral program–paying you $5 for every friend you refer–so you can earn money online fast. Their cash back app also works at thousands of major retail stores.



Meanwhile, iBotta will pay you cash back even on generic brands and store brands. So, if you’re shopping on a budget–or just have a preference for store brands–it’s a great way to rack up cash on everyday spending.



Rakuten is in a class of it’s own. First established back in 1999, they offer up to 40% cash back at select stores–and you can shop virtually anywhere and get money back.

Open Your Own Online Store

If you want to earn money online, start with Shopify In 4 months, my store was making $10,000+ a month.

Start your 14-day free trial with them, even if you don’t know where to start yet.

Right after I setup my store, my next hurdle was finding a supplier. So I ordered products from a manufacturer I found on Alibaba. But my saving grace was asking friends for help: they understood the market better than I did.

My Shopify blew up so fast–my story made Forbes 

From the best stores to reach out to the most relevant media to help pitch the products, that input was invaluable. In that first month I was able to get my products in just one store and featured in several niche media outlets.

Ways To Rapidly Promote Your Shopify Store

Message Influencers

Be brief and natural. Send a message like “Would love to send you our product–no strings attached–to get your feedback!

Facebook communities

Find communities relevant to your niche, engage in a non-promotional way and share only when you’re adding value.

Instagram hashtags

Use hashtags relevant to your brand whenever you post to get engagement for free.

Other benefits of Shopify:


phone, email and
chat support


apps to enhance
your store


Beautiful premium
themes + layouts


have Shopify
stores sold

The results happened fast because I knew who would be most interested in hearing about my type of product. And it was enough for me to make a five figure profit the next month, and much more over years thereafter.

And guess what? Results could come so much faster and easier for you. Because that was 5 years ago. And that’s like 20 years in internet time.

Nowadays, you don’t need to source a manufacturer. You can just use a drop ship company like Oberlo and not have to store tons of inventory in your house.

Start Investing With Robinhood

Think investing has to be complicated? Not with Robinhood.

Robinhood is one of the best trading platforms for both beginners and experienced investors. And you can get a free stock if you sign up through us.

There is A Free Stock Waiting For You

Brian invited you to Robinhood! Sign up now to find out what free stock you’ll get. It could be a stock like Apple, Ford or Sprint.

It differs from a lot of other investing platforms in a few ways. Namely,

  • $0 commissions and trading fees.
  • Get approved in 60 minutes or less.
  • No account minimums to get started.
  • Easy to use, clean and streamlined interface.
  • Make smarter decisions with their resources and tools.

Earn Money Online Driving

Apps like Uber and Lyft are just the beginning.

Delivery apps in particular have brought a whole new meaning to the words “on demand.” Food delivery has been around for years, as what you want is only one call away.

But with the advancement of technology, we have been given some really convenient ways of getting almost anything in a few clicks.

Driving for several delivery services gives you flexible hours, more pay and freedom, and these are our recommendations in rank order.

Sign up is easy, so long as you have a reliable means of transportation. Learn more in our Doordash review or via Doordash.

Make Money Blogging

With that much content, a good topic is just the start–but it shouldn’t be an after thought either. What you blog about is the foundation of everything. But keep in mind that attracting and retaining readers should be the real goal.

So, how can you capitalize on your content to start pulling in some dollars? It’s all about monetization. Believe it or not, there’s a bit of strategy that goes into blogging and growing your online presence, and online audience.

Ensuring that you’re doing all the right things to build your audience will set yourself up for success. Check out some of these blogging tips to take into consideration, especially if you’re looking to make some extra cash.

Do Affiliate Marketing

The best part about blogging is that you can earn money online by talking about products or services you enjoy while utilizing tracking links. The aim should be to redirect your readers to the associated website(s) and, when a purchase is made from your click-through link, you get a piece for the referral.

The first step is to have your own website. Take the hyperlinked text right there as an example. Should you click through that highlighted field and create a website with Bluehost, we’ll earn a (small) fee.

This is a commission. So, by merely writing about topics you love and pointing readers in the right direction, you can earn some cash. But blogging demands consistency and time. So, whether your goal is to grow your following or establish yourself as a brand, with affiliate marketing, at least you’ll be making money while you’re doing it. The Amazon affiliate program is great place to get started with making money blogging. Or, check out eJunkie or ClickBank for ideas.

Build Your Mailing List

While social media is a great way to reach new audiences, you’ll want to build a direct channel with new readers. That way, you don’t have to keep seeking out new readers–which can get costly and take a lot of time.

So, as you begin your quest to make money blogging, use a tool like Mailchimp to build your email list. That way you can keep readers updated at the click of a button.

This also gives you the opportunity to get information out to your subscribers directly, rather than having them search for it.

Start Guest Blogging

I’ve done guest blogging for ForbesTimeInc., EntrepreneurCNBCBusiness Insider and other publishers you probably know.

Why so much guest blogging, you ask? Because the benefits of it are so great.


Build Your

Get Paid To

Tip: always make sure your correspondence is tidy, neat and error-free by using Grammarly.

Make Money Online Selling Your Stuff

If you want to earn money online, it’s often easiest to start with what you already own.

How many items do you own that you no longer have use for? There are people out there looking for exactly what you have, especially at a price that’s less than retail cost. Selling clothes, shoes, books, or household items is a great way to earn money online, and can help rack up the dollars in your account. From the best place to sell textbooks to selling used DVDs or sell electronics, the options are endless.

Check our some of our favorite platforms like:

Earn Money Online Watching Videos

We’ve already linked to Swagbucks earlier, but it’s worth noting that they go far beyond surveys.

In fact, it’s 100% possible to get paid to watch videos with them, too.

Other perks for signing up with them include:



for new user

Get Paid

to watch from


Tons of

Video options

to pick from

Our recommendation: while your working through the other, more lucrative options on this list, you can have these clips rolling in the background. That way, you’re making money while making money. What’s better than that?

Earn Money Online Selling Services

The days of flipping through the yellow pages looking for services are long gone.

Google has given us instant access to virtually every kind of service. In a matter of seconds, you can find everyone from local contractors to graphic artists (or trapeze artists). On the flip side, it’s now easier than ever to market yourself and your services to people. Many of us are constantly looking for ways to make our lives a little easier, and adapt the work smarter, not harder mentality. Well, you can make a pretty penny and earn money online offering services with custom packages and varying price points, all while controlling your schedule and working wherever you want.

Unsure about what service to sell? Take time to jot down a list of your skills, talents, and passions. This can help you see the bigger picture and tailor your services to your abilities.

Some popular services to earn money online you can offer include, (but are not limited to):

And that’s just to name a few.

Create Passive Income Streams

If you’re an avid online shopper, (let’s be honest, who isn’t nowadays?), you might as well make money while you spend it. Yes, you read that right.

There are websites out there that partner with some of the most well-known brands to give you the best deals you can find. This incentive helps garner users to shop via their platform, therefore earning them a commission (which they split with you!). We’ve already linked to Dosh, but other options exist.

Some of the most popular cash back platforms are:

Some of these sites go beyond spending rewards and offer customers sign up incentives, exclusive deals, coupons and sales for users. So next time you’re thinking about planning a vacation, paying off some nagging bills or simply want some extra cash to blow, explore your options and find the one that’s right for you.

What are some of the benefits of working from home?

Working from home can change the entire dynamic of your work-life balance. Earning an income while avoiding the traditional 9-5 offers some really attractive benefits:

Increased Focus And Productivity

While it definitely takes a disciplined mindset and strong focus to work from home, it can be a way better environment than that of an office. Constant distractions, office banter and last minute meetings can disrupt your flow. Working from home helps eliminate those distractions and gives you an uninterrupted workspace.

Less Time Traveling, More Time Working

There is nothing more blissful than waking up in the morning and arriving at your workstation within the same breath. The amount of time, money and stress that’s avoided makes the W.F.H. life all worth it.

Freedom and Comfortability

Dorothy said it best in The Wizard Of Oz, there really is no place like home. I’ve always been a firm believer in your environment contributing to your performance. Increased comfort can directly affect the work you produce. Not to mention, you have free range to wear whatever you want, eat whenever you want, and take breaks as often as you need.

Making money from home offers tons of benefits, all differing for each individual. We all have our preferences, and having the freedom to tailor our work life is a luxury we could all afford.

Earn Money Online: Summary

Over $180,000,000 is spent online in the U.S. every day.

Money makes the world go round. And, while some of us have well-paying jobs, many of us desire to make extra money money through online businesses, affiliate marketing or other means. That’s smart, because, if done right, it can be lucrative–and ran from a smartphone

So, whether you desire a part-time side hustle for quick extra cash, or rather go full-time and build a major money making enterprise, you’ll find something valuable here. With the advancement of technology and change in workplace dynamics, you can now earn money online from anywhere: whether from the comfort of your own home or from the palm of your hand, via your smartphone.

Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts

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