Earny Review

If you shop online, read this Earny review–because you may be overpaying for items you buy frequently. Who hasn’t bought something online only for it to go on sale the next day? Overpaying is frustrating. One way to spare yourself the frustration and ensure you always get the best price is by using Earny.

Earny Review

earny review

You can spend 15 to 20 minutes just waiting on hold with customer service. That’s not even counting the time it takes to identify the price difference, find your receipt, pick up the phone and call. All in all, you can spend an afternoon trying to get your money back on one purchase. 

The Earny app will give you leverage, help you reclaim your time, and avoid the headaches associated with filing price adjustment claims. 

It does this by getting you money back on past purchases by monitoring popular online retailers and requesting refunds when prices drop. It does this by crossmatching the receipts in your inbox with publically-available pricing data, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

What Is Earny?

Earny is an application that connects to your email inbox, scans through your purchase history, and monitors for potential refund requests. Should a price drop happen, Earny will facilitate the refund and request the cashback from the merchant entirely on auto-pilot. All you have to do is sign up and connect Earny to whichever email account you receive your shopping receipts (Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.) 

Once you setup your Earny account, you’ll earn money back on any eligible online purchases where after you buy, there’s a lower price. For the next part of this Earny review, we’ll answer the most pressing questions about this popular new app: like is Earny safe?

Is Earny Safe? Or A Scam?

Yes, Earny is safe for several reasons. First, Earny doesn’t share your personal information with partners, affiliates, or any other third-parties. Second, refunds are between retailers and your credit card company. Earny does not have access to your bank account or additional financial information. You can think of Earny as a traffic cop, directing the flow of information between you, the stores you shop at, and your financial institution.

Is Earny Legit?

earny review

Users are one way to gauge legitimacy. Crooks can fool a few people, but millions? Not likely. And Earny has over 3,000,000 users who save, as per their website, over $75 in refunds. Earny doesn’t provide the timeline associated with that savings, so we don’t know if that’s over a week, a month, or annually. However, other sites and bloggers writing Earny reviews have reported saving several hundred dollars a year, which doesn’t sound far fetched at all. 

How Does Earny Work?

Earny works by tracking price drops. It does this two ways. First, Earny works by mines for retailers’ price refund policies. Second, Earny pairs that with your debit and credit card price protection policies. 

Here’s an example of how Earny works: say you bought something last month at Best Buy for $100. It just went on sale for $75. Best Buy’s return policy covers you up to 14 days. Say you bought it on your Visa or Mastercard that has an extended price protection policy of 60 days. Guess what? Earny is going to get you that $25 back, even though the retailer’s 14-day policy has lapsed (using your credit card policy to override it). 

It’s going to do all that legwork, and connect all those disparate dots, and deposit that money back on your card. Entirely on auto-pilot. 

What Stores Does Earny Work At?

earny review

Earny will track items purchased from: 

  • Amazon, Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, 
  • Costco, Target, Banana Republic, 
  • Old Navy, Athleta, JCrew, 
  • Jet, Kohl’s, Macy’s, 
  • Newegg, Nike, Nordstrom, 
  • Overstock, Sears, Walmart, 
  • Zappos, and Home Depot
  • And more–view their full list.

Earny Pricing

Earny is free to sign up and only takes a minute to configure. Just connect your email client and select your plan. The Earny subscription fee can is either monthly or annually. You choose one.

  • You can pay $4.99 monthly
  • Or $39.96 as one annual fee–and save $19.92

Unlike Paribus, which doesn’t charge a fee but splits the refund amount, Earny lets you keep all the savings. There are no other fees involved.

What’s Included In Your Earny Subscription

Once you select your monthly or annual plan, you’ll receive:

  • Money-back on purchases if prices drop
  • Includes major retailers and travel booking sites
  • Free ShopRunner membership ($100 value)

Depending on your shopping habits, your refunds can easily offset the cost of the service.

Apps Like Earny

You can save a lot of money using Earny by itself. But using other apps like Earny can level up your savings 10x. So, for the next part of our Earny review, we’re going to offer up a bonus list of our top 5 money-making apps you should have with your Earny subscription.

1. Honey

Honey automatically scouts for coupon codes. 

It applies only the best coupons available. And you can see exactly how much you’ll be saving at checkout. With Honey, you don’t have to waste time with “trial and error couponing” as I call it. 

Honey is a 100% free browser extension used by tens of millions of people looking to save money before checking out online. It works in virtually every browser type, from Chrome, Safari, and Opera to Windows, Firefox, and more. If you shop online, Honey is a no-brainer. 

Learn more about them in our latest Honey review.

2. Ebates (now Rakuten)

Earny helps you save money after you make a purchase, while Ebates helps you to save before you make a purchase. Started in 1999, eBates (now Rakuten) has helped over 10,000,000+ people earn over $1B in cash back. You can earn money online shopping with Ebates by buying through their Ebates (now Rakuten) portal. They also offer a Rakuten Chrome Browser extension too. 

Learn more by reading our new Ebates review.

3. Dosh

Dosh is one of the top money making apps. It takes just seconds to download and get set up with via the App Store on Apple devices or via the Google Play store on Android devices. Here’s why it’s worth adding to your inventory of other money-saving apps:

  • Earn up to 20% cashback on offers
  • Works at tens of thousands of stores
  • Earn $5 bucks for every credit or debit card you link
  • Plus, get another $5 for referring friends.

Learn more by reading our in-depth Dosh review.

4. Ibotta

Ibottahas been downloaded over 30,000,000 times for good reason. You get paid just for signing up. You’ll get a $10 bonus plus–like Dosh–another $5 bucks for every friend you refer. You can be paid via PayPal or check. Learn more in our Ibotta review.

5. Dosh
Dosh is one of the top money making apps. It takes just seconds to download and get set up with via the App Store on Apple devices or via the Google Play store on Android devices. Here’s why it’s worth adding to your inventory of other money-saving apps:

  • Earn up to 20% cashback on offers at thousands of stores.
  • Earn $5 bucks for every credit or debit card you link
  • Plus, another $5 for referring friends.

Learn more by reading our in-depth Dosh review.

Earny vs Paribus

Earny and Paribus work the same. You link your email providers and Amazon account, and both Earny and Paribus find your receipts and any price drops, if applicable. Pricing is where they differ most.

Features and Benefits Earny Paribus
Monthly or annual fee X
Keep 100% of price drop X
Connects to your email
Works 100% on auto-pilot

Paribus by Capital One doesn’t charge a fee. It’s completely free to sign up for, and Paribus only gets paid when you get paid. This option makes the most sense for users who do occasional online shopping. You can learn more about them in our Paribus review.

Earny does charge fees. But the upside is you keep all of your returns, versus splitting them a la a hefty commission. If you shop online a lot, then Earny makes a lot more sense (cents). Why? 

Because you’ll get more money back in your pocket. So, to conclude, if you’re unsure whether to go with Earny vs Paribus, start with your shopping behavior. That will guide you best. For the next part of our Earny review, we’ll get to how you get paid by Earny. 

How Do I Get Paid by Earny?

earny review

Earny doesn’t process payments. Payments are processed between your credit card issuer or debt card company, and the merchants you purchase from. Your refunds will be returned to you back to the card used for purchase. Certain refunds, like those purchased on certain credit cards (like Chase or Visa) will usually be refunded back to you in the form of a check. To close out our Earny review, I want to provide some personal thoughts about the application.

Earny Review Wrap-Up

Here we are. The end of our Earny review. So, what’s the final verdict? I think we can all agree: it’s a dreadful experience trying to seek out price drops and potential refund opportunities on your own. Earny simplifies this process, eliminating 99% of the friction and time involved.

So for that, they earn an A+ in this Earny review.

Earny is 100% worth your time if you shop enough, or if you shop primarily at the stores Earny supports. I have friends who shop exclusively at Amazon, Kohls and Best Buy. That’s it. And those places adjust their prices a lot. Especially during the holidays. So for those folks, it’s 100% worth it.

But here’s what makes my rate them A+ overall for this Earny review: they leverage your credit card’s little known protection policies to secure refunds.

See, most folks don’t know this, but your credit card issuer likely has a protection policy in place to help you get refunds. Earny uses this, coupled with merchant refund policies, to get you money back on Amazon purchases and other sites.

And for that reason, I recommend you give Earny a go. Once you sign up, circle back here and let me know your experience getting started with them in the comments.

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