10 Best Financial Advisors in Miami (for 2019)

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Ryan Friend

September 8, 2019  •  5 min read

It’s hard to beat the glamour and excitement of Miami. Beaches, restaurants, and the country’s hottest clubs are all right there, and famous destinations such as Disney World and Everglades National Park are just a few hours away. Yet Miami isn’t all about the buzz. It’s also where many people live permanently, and if you’re one of them, you’d be smart to start taking steps now to secure your financial future.

To do this, your first move should be to find the right financial advisor or financial planner to help you manage your money. But with so many choices in the Miami area, this can be much easier said than done.

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As such, we’ve compiled a list of the five best financial advisors in the heart of South Florida.

1) WE Family Offices

As one of the largest financial advisory firms in the Miami area, WE Family Offices was an obvious choice simply because of its record of performance. Currently, the firm handles over $7 billion in funds and has a staff of just under 30 advisors, which also makes it one of the largest advisory services firms in the entire state of Florida. They have a couple of certified financial planners (CFPs) and other well-qualified financial professionals ready to provide help.

However, despite its size, WE keeps things small by taking a holistic approach to financial planning. WE believes your financial plan should be just one part of a much larger life plan, and they are going to help you come up with both.

There is no minimum investment required to open an account, but there is a minimum annual fee of $150,000, which means WE is focused more on high-net-worth individuals. But if you are ready to invest this kind of money, then WE is a fantastic choice. Services include:

  • Family financial planning – estate and tax planning, college planning, investment planning, philanthropy, and retirement.
  • Investment management – asset allocation and portfolio management, diversification, risk management, etc.
  • Back office support – data and reporting, cash flow analysis, transaction reconciliation

2) Ingham Retirement Group

For those looking for help in planning for their retirement, Ingham Retirement Group is a great choice that will look out for your best interests. It takes an investment approach that is designed exclusively for retirement planning. Specifically, their wealth advisors focus on asset allocation instead of security selection, a move that allows for more predictable returns and the generation of a fixed income.

The firm has been in operation since 1972 (their investment advisors have many years of experience), and it currently manages over $2 billion in assets. Furthermore, Ingham Retirement Group works with employees, employers, and other advisors, which helps arm it with a wide-angle view of the world of retirement investment, knowledge it puts in action when designing your plan.

There is currently a $100,000 account minimum, but the firm is fee-only.

Services include:

  • Investment and portfolio management
  • IRA and 401(k) rollovers
  • Retirement income planning
  • Liability-driven pension investment strategies.

3) Gables Financial Partners

Gables Financial Partners has achieved national recognition both for its customer service and also for the performance of their assets. This is mostly due to their commitment to low-risk, high-yield investment products such as FDIC-insured CDs and fixed annuities.

At Gables Financial Partners, you will never be pushed into putting your money into risky stocks or other market-based investments. This represents a slightly different approach when compared to other experienced financial advisors in the area, but it has been proven to work. This also makes them a good choice for long-term investors.

Services offered by Gables Financial Partners include:

  • Social security planning
  • College planning
  • Life insurance review and planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Business services such as buy/sell agreements, finance opportunities, valuations, etc.

4) The Lubitz Financial Group

The Lubitz Financial Group is a top choice in the Miami area largely because of its commitment to developing and managing a personalized plan. The folks at Lubitz Financial Group understand you might not have the time to handle financial matters yourself.

As a result, the first few meetings you take with the Lubitz Financial Group will be based around identifying your goals and objectives. Then, you can step back and let their team of advisors do all the work.

Frequent meetings will help keep you informed, and they will give you a chance to update your advisor of changes in your plan. Furthermore, the Lubitz Financial Group is heavily involved in the community.

Services provided by the firm include:

  • Financial planning – net worth and cash flow management, retirement planningtax planningrisk management, long-term care, estate planning, education planning, and philanthropic and multi-generational planning
  • Investment and wealth management – There is no minimum account balance, but there is a minimum annual fee of $5,000.

5) Manna Wealth Management

In business for more than 50 years, Manna Wealth Management has built itself up to be one of the premier financial advisory firms in all of Miami. They take a strategic approach to managing your investments that is designed specifically around your financial goals and objectives.

At Manna Wealth Management, your financial plan will be rolled out in tiers. Your personal advisor and wealth manager will help you determine what needs to be done now, and then they will set things up so that once you’ve achieved these goals you can continue to move forward with their financial services without having to start all over again. Plus, by making use of advanced data analytics tools, you will be able to closely monitor investment performance.

The services offered by Manna Wealth Management include:

  • Financial planning (college, estate, tax)
  • Investment management and asset management
  • Retirement planning
  • Specific financial planning services for women

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While each one of these firms is slightly different in terms of the types of clients they work with and the approach they take, they all have two things in common: strong performance and great service.

As a result, no matter which one you choose, you will be more than satisfied with both the experience of working with these advisors and your portfolio’s performance. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your financial journey, give one of these firms a call today.