5 Insanely Simple Ways to Fix Your Finances (With a Money System)

Are you ready to fix your finances? In this post that’s exactly what I’m talking about!

In the past I’ve talked about the business systems you need to take back your work day. And I’ve also explained the ten things you can do every week to automate and streamline your business.

These are strategies you can put in place as way to reduce stress and gain more freedom as a business owner.

I mean, no one wants to be tethered to their desk or the phone all day, right?!

But what about your money?

Your business finances need a system too — and no one has learned that lesson more than I have these past few months. I’ve struggled with my money mindset and the stress that being self-employed has brought for many years.

In fact, I actually have over $10,000 of business debt from investments or bad calculations from self-employed taxes. I’m sure you can relate to this too.

But why not make this year, the year you finally find some solutions to get on top of my finances for good? Here’s how to get started.

Why your money needs a system

And the first step is starting with a good system. But what’s a system exactly?

Well, it’s basically just a process for functioning at a high level without a lot of guidance or input from you.

In other words, it’s something that’s easily set up and then runs on autopilot so it’s less stressful and less demanding.

Are you ready to get your money to work for you — instead of letting it hinder you from greatness? Here are the top 5 insanely easy ways to fix your business finances this year!

1. Trim your expenses painlessly

Everyone wants to reduce their expenses as much as possible, but no one wants to sit on the phone call day negotiating with bill companies.

But what if I told you could reduce your monthly expenses without lifting a finger? It’s true.

This is why I love the Trim app (and they saved me $365 a year)!

Trim is an app that takes the headache out of reducing your expenses by reviewing your bills and negotiating for a better price on your behalf.

No sweat!

You can monitor your daily expenses and bills through Facebook Messenger too. Which means you can start fixing your finances and simplifying your personal and business expenses today.

Check out the Trim app for yourself!

2. Save money without thinking

Another reason why your business finances need a system right now is that you want to grow and scale but with the freedom and flexibility that you crave.

But this requires money, right?

The more money you have set aside for things you need, the more freedom you have! And this means you’ll be able to work less and get more done every day.


To do this, you need to create (and stick to!) a regular routine of saving money. But saving money when you have irregular income isn’t easy.

But this is why you can simply let an awesome app like Digit do the heavy lifting for you!

The app’s algorithm is designed to withdraw very small amounts of money ($2 – 7) from your checking account every week. And it will only take what you can afford to save.

Before you know it, you have $50o or more saved up for traveling, investments, or paying off debt!

Click here to start saving with Digit without thinking!

3. Invest in empowering your mind

It probably goes without saying, but knowledge is a powerful thing! If you want to fix your finances and have more control, it might be time to educate yourself.

You may not the best person to manage your finances and do the bookkeeping every month, but it’s still important to know the ins-and-outs.


You don’t want to be taken advantage of by your accountant or bookkeeper. Plus, no one will be as invested in your business like you will.

Sign up for a tax class at your local H&R Block. Or listen to audio books about money and business.

4. Side hustle for success

The best thing about fixing your finances right now, is that you can start small and simple. You can make sure that a new income stream can mean more money and less stress — if you do it the right way!

In other words, you can make money with a side hustle without feeling rushed.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different income ideas and start a side hustle doing something you enjoy!

Test out different financial apps, or quit what’s not working and try something new! It’s all about being open to success.

Click here to learn about 17 new side hustles you can start today!

5. Don’t procrastinate, take action

One point I really want to make before wrapping up is that procrastinating on putting these systems in place is only going to hurt you. It’s best to establish a good system (even if it’s a simple one) right now versus waiting until you NEED it.

Warning: don’t expect these financial fixes to solve every single problem — especially if you’re in crisis mode. This is why you should have them in place BEFORE the launch happens, or the crazy financial emergency happens.

So, think about one part of your finances that you can start simplifying and creating a system for right now. It could be your client invoices, or a follow up payment process, or categorizing your bills in bookkeeping software.

Sky’s the limit!

But the goal is to start now and don’t wait until you’re too stressed to even function!

How to fix your finances! I'm sharing 3 reasons your money needs a system right now and how to get started with a simple business process.
Learn how to fix your business finances with these insanely easy steps. Make this the year you *really* laugh all the way to the bank! Use these fixing finance tips to create a solid money system for good.

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