How To Get A Free Amazon Gift Card

Looking to get your hands on a free gift card? You’ve come to the right place. Amazon gift cards are everywhere, and you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to snag.

You probably know that very little is truly free — especially when we’re talking about a super-corporation like Amazon. But there are opportunities out there to reload your gift card balance with minimal effort.

In this post, I’ll cover 11 proven ways to get a free Amazon gift card. You don’t even need an Amazon prime membership to qualify.

Let’s dive right in.

11 Easy Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Here’s how to get free amazon gift cards in no time:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. InboxDollars
  4. MyPoints
  5. Drop App
  6. Ibotta
  7. InstaGC
  8. Rakuten
  9. PrizeRebel
  10. Earn Chase Rewards Points
  11. Open an Amazon Credit Card

1. Join Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a top paid survey site where you can earn points for sharing your opinion and completing product reviews.

Each point is worth one cent. Once you reach 500 points ($5), you can cash them out for an Amazon gift card. You can also redeem your points for gift cards at other leading online retailers (e.g., Walmart and Target) or transfer them over to cash in your PayPal account.

To start earning, all you have to do is visit the website, enter your email address, and confirm the activation email.

Members must be at least 13 years of age and live in the USA, Canada, or Australia. If you’re a California resident, you must be at least 16 years old.

You’ll be able to view available surveys in your dashboard once your account is active. Every survey lists a points amount and estimated completion time.

If time is on your side, you can get your Amazon gift card within a day or so. Plan on spending a couple of hours taking surveys to hit the $5 threshold.

2. Sign up for Swagbucks to get $10 free

Swagbucks is a massive cashback and survey website that has paid out over $580 million in rewards to members.

You can earn Swagbucks (SB) in exchange for sharing your opinion, watching videos, playing games, and doing a bunch of other online tasks. One SB is worth one cent, and so 100 SB is worth about $1.00.

At the time of this writing, you can earn a $10 bonus just for signing up. Once the SB are in your account, you can cash them out for a free Amazon gift card. It generally takes a few days for the digital gift card to land in your inbox.

3. Take Surveys With InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another top survey app where you can earn a free Amazon gift card.

As with Swagbucks, you can earn rewards by taking surveys and watching videos. You can also get paid a few cents just for checking emails and using the InboxDollars search engine.

New members can earn a $5 instant sign-up bonus, but you’ll need to rack up $30 worth of rewards to cash out. Once you hit $30, you can cash out for an Amazon gift card, among other merchants.

InboxDollars is free to use for anyone 18 years old and up.

4. Cash Out With MyPoints

MyPoints is an online cashback portal that’s been around since 1996. It’s owned by market research firm Prodege, which is the same company that owns both Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks.

Similar to the above-mentioned survey sites, you can earn rewards on MyPoints for taking surveys and for shopping through its partner retailers. Once your account reaches 480 points, you can cash out for a $3 Amazon gift card.

But wait, how do you get a free Amazon gift card with MyPoints?

New members are eligible for a $10 sign-up bonus, which you can eventually redeem for an Amazon gift card. However, you must make a purchase through a MyPoints partner of $20 or more for the $10 bonus to hit your account.

With that in mind, this isn’t truly free. But, if you already planned to buy something, it’s still getting something for nothing.

5. Shop Through The Drop App

Drop is an online shopping app that pays out Drop points for each dollar you spend through its portal.

It takes $25 worth of Drop points to cash out for an Amazon gift card. You can also get gift cards for other leading retailers, such as Netflix, Best Buy, Starbucks, and iTunes.

One plus of using the Drop app is that you can use your debit card for purchases and still earn rewards. In other words, Drop turns your debit card into a rewards card.

With over 3 million users and counting, Drop is an awesome app for people who love to shop online.

6. Collect A $10 Gift Card From Ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back app that initially started out as a rewards program for grocery store purchases.

Today, it offers cash back and perks at over 1,500 partner online stores and retailers.

Whether you’re buying electronics, clothing, groceries, or even wine and beer, you can most likely earn extra cash through the app.

Ibotta is completely free to use and works for both iOS and Android devices.

Best of all, if you sign up for Amazon Prime and don’t already have a membership, they’ll give you a $20 Amazon gift card.

7. InstaGC – A One-Stop Destination To Earn Big

Most survey sites offer the same basic tasks to earn rewards. You can take surveys, watch videos, or play games. Rinse and repeat.

With InstaGC, you can do all of that, and you can also earn extra money by testing out new products or apps.

Otherwise, InstaGC works much in the same way as other rewards sites. You’ll complete tasks to earn points, then cash out for rewards once you hit the minimum balance requirement.

InstaGC’s main focus is on gift card rewards, but you can also choose to redeem your points for PayPal Cash or even Bitcoin.

You’ll get 10 free points just for signing up, and you only need 100 points (equivalent to $1) to earn a payout.

8. Get $10 For Shopping On Rakuten

Rakuten is a popular cashback shopping site that has paid out $1 billion worth of rewards since its inception.

To get a free Amazon gift card, you have to jump through some hoops, but what else is new?

Similar to MyPoints, Rakuten is offering a $10 sign-up bonus, and you have to spend $25 or more to qualify.

Unfortunately, you can’t trade in your Rakuten points for an Amazon gift card. However, you can cash out to your PayPal account and then purchase your Amazon gift card with that money.

9. Earn Gift Cards with PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a paid survey site that’s available in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. You’ll earn points for each survey that you take, and each point is worth one cent.

Once you build up at least 500 points ($5), you can cash out with hundreds of different gift cards options, including Amazon and Macy’s.

You can also collect your money via bank account transfer or PayPal Cash.

Like most survey sites, it’ll take you a little while to build up enough points to cash out, so don’t expect to make money right away.

10. Rack up Chase Ultimate Rewards points

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that credit card rewards points are one of the best ways to get free stuff.

My favorite program is Chase Ultimate Rewards. When you use your Chase Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, or Ink card, you’ll earn points for each dollar spent on everyday purchases.

Then, you can convert those points into Amazon credits.

Just make sure to visit Amazon through the link provided in your Ultimate Rewards account.

At the time of this writing, Chase is offering a signup bonus of 100,000 points for new Sapphire Preferred members that spend at least $4,000 within the first three months of account opening.

If you were to redeem those points exclusively for Amazon gift cards, you’d be looking at a whopping $800 worth of Amazon money.

As the saying goes, sometimes it takes money to make money. So if you already plan to spend $4,000 on three months worth of expenses, why not rack up 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points in the process?

11. Open an Amazon Credit Card and earn $100

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, you can earn a $100 Amazon e-gift card when you apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

The card has no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll earn 5% cashback on purchases at Whole Foods or Amazon.

On top of that, you’ll get 2% back at grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores. Everything else earns 1%.

If your application is approved, you’ll automatically get the bonus, which is applied to the gift card balance in your Amazon account.


How do I find Amazon gift card promo codes?

You can try searching the web, but you’ll likely run into a ton of fake codes. That said, Amazon coupons are regularly available on legit sites like Groupon.

How do I get a free $100 gift card on Amazon?

The easiest way to get a gift card of this size is to apply for an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Credit Card, which currently offers a $100 gift card as a sign-up bonus.

Otherwise, it might be tricky. Be wary of any offer that sounds too good to be true — most of the offers I’ve covered are much lower than $100, and the bigger the offer, the more likely you are to be dealing with a scam.

Here’s a good rule of thumb — if you’re getting a great price for too little in return, it probably isn’t real.

Can I get an Amazon gift card code without surveys?

Online surveys are probably the most prevalent option for finding Amazon gift cards. But if you hate taking surveys, you can try out other tasks featured on rewards sites like playing video games, watching ads, or signing up for a Amazon Visa card.

How do I check my Amazon gift card balance?

Head over to and click on the Account & Lists drop-down at the top of the page. Then select Account and click on the Gift cards button. Your current balance will then appear on the next page.

Does Amazon give free $1,000 gift cards?

No, it does not. If you see an offer for a “free” $1,000 Amazon gift card, it’s probably a scam. At the very least, there are going to be many, many strings attached.

Is Amazon giving away $50 gift cards?

Not currently. Amazon has offered free $50 gift cards in the past when you make qualified purchases, but I don’t see any active promotions along these lines.

Your Free Amazon Gift Cards Await

Whether you need home improvement items, electronic devices, or even just a Kindle ebook, you can use an Amazon gift card to purchase millions of different things.

Who wouldn’t want to save money and get some extra cash to spend on the site?

Just keep in mind that anyone who knows personal finance will tell you that there’s no such thing as free money.

At the very least, these offers require some of your time. The good news is that anyone with an internet or cell phone connection can take advantage of them.

So, now that you know the best ways to get your hands on free Amazon gift cards, it’s time to start piling them up.

But whatever you do, don’t spend more money than you have to in pursuit of a $5 or $10 Amazon gift. The dollars and cents simply wouldn’t add up.

Good luck!

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