How to Use Facebook for Business and Land Your Dream Client

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Did you know that you can learn how to use Facebook for business? It’s true!

All that time you spend on Facebook could actually help secure your dream client. I’ve proven it over and over in the past few years!

There’s no perfect formula, but there are specific steps you can take to see an uptick in paying work — no matter what industry you’re in, simply by interacting in groups on Facebook.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to find the right kinds of clients, who are more than willing to purchase your products and services.

And the best part is, they’ll come to you, no need to waste time seeking them out!

Find out where your clients hangout

The most important part of using Facebook groups to land freelance gigs is to know where your ideal client hangs out.

For example, I’m a systems strategist and virtual assistant who likes being in groups with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. But I also hang out in groups related to podcasts I love and tools I use.

So think outside-the-box a bit!

Join groups that you want to be in, as well as ones you think potential clients will be in. If you’re a coach or consultant, make sure to join local groups where you can connect with people in person or attend local events.

I do this with the Denver Boss Babes and a local conference organization I’m a part of.

If you’re a writer, look for writer groups. If you’re an editor, look for groups for editors or authors. Most Facebook groups, tend to post inquiries and gigs for various potential clients, so joining industry specific groups is going to be extremely helpful (and lucrative).

Make a list of the best groups on Facebook

To search for various groups on Facebook, it’s as easy as using the search box and typing in a specific keyword, such as “freelance” or “author” and then clicking the “groups” button.

Obviously the more specific the better, I just used this as an example.

Facebook groups search

Doing this, will give you the results for both public and closed groups, so if you want to join a secret group, you’ll need the direct link. Here are some of the Facebook groups that I belong to:

Now, don’t feel like you have to join ALL of these groups right now. The goal is to get a list going so you can start joining them. Then narrow down your results so you can find the right groups.

Follow the instructions to apply

Facebook group guidelines area

An important thing to note when joining different groups, is that some of them will require you to apply or sign up before gaining access.

This makes the group more exclusive and more valuable to members.

I did this with the Careful Cents Club (which is now closed) for business owners and only allow subscribers to join the group.

Before clicking the “Join Group” button, read over the description section (click the “read more” link), including any instructions that are on the right side of the group’s details.

Usually the moderator/owner will list out any specifics, links and guidelines that new members must abide by to gain access.

It may go without saying, but it’s extremely important to adhere to the group’s rules when participating.

A lot of Facebook groups get overrun with self-promotion and spam, so many moderators don’t allow links at all, or only allow them on certain days of the week in certain threads.

If you want to make a good impression on potential clients (and not get banned from the group) follow the instructions for that group!

Set a reminder to interact regularly

Finding the best groups on Facebook is just step one. The next thing you must do to get results is, regularly interact in these groups on a weekly basis.

I set myself a recurring task in Asana (and everyone knows my love of task management systems!) that pops up every 3-4 days and reminds me to interact in at least 3 Facebook groups.

Asana Facebook group recurring task

These interactions can be conversation starters, replying to someone else’s comment, answering questions or offering general advice.

The best thing about using Facebook groups as a tool for finding your next dream client is the ability to stay top of mind with potential connections.

As various companies, startups, and bloggers have questions you can jump in and share an answer to their problems. If you’re able to provide a solution to their problem, they won’t easily forget you (or your services).

You can also link to any resources you have on your blog, freebies and templates that might be helpful. In other words, Facebook groups are an awesome tool for “selling” your services without actually doing the selling.

And this works both ways, as I’ve had people hire me based on my advice in a specific group, as well as hired other team members to help with certain projects.

Fellow biz owners respect a colleague’s recommendation and experience, so there are usually various conversations requesting various hired help, and you can be right there to offer your services.

Check your “other messages” folder

This is something I always forget to do, and it nearly cost me a freelance gig recently. As you interact in various groups on Facebook, there will be many times that someone is looking for a referral for a client.

Sometimes they’ll message you directly or ask that everyone to PM (private message) them for more info.

However, the way that Facebook works is that any private messages from people who aren’t on your friends list, will go straight to your “Other Messages” folder.

So it’s REALLY easy to miss out on potential connections and paying work simply by forgetting to check this “other” folder, or even reminding your contact to check theirs after you’ve applied.

Facebooks other messages folder

In the screenshot above, Paula reached out to me on 8/12 but I didn’t see the message until 7 days later, on 8/19.

Thankfully, I was able to connect with the editor and secure the gig anyway, but in most cases responding faster to the opportunity will give you a better chance of landing the gig.

One way to avoid this is by setting yourself a recurring task to check this “other messages” folder regularly too. Then when you’re interacting in various groups a few times a week, you can check this folder too.

That way you won’t miss out on any work or influential connections!

Don’t beg your next dream client

A word of warning before joining too many groups on Facebook: don’t beg for work. This isn’t a job board where you can post your portfolio and ask for work.

No one else cares that you need more money, or have bills to pay. They’re worried about their own client load and trying to find more work too.

Keep offering valuable advice, information and starting helpful conversations. The leads and referrals will come in time. You’re building trust and establishing relationships so don’t expect things to happen overnight.

It’s all about give and take, so be sure to give even more than you take. That’s the best strategy for finding freelance clients with Facebook groups.

Ready to get started learning how to use Facebook for business? What are some of your favorite groups?

Wanting to learn how to use Facebook for business so you can find your dream clients? You've come to the right place! By following these simple tips you can turn time on social media into finding your dream client and paying business gigs.

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  1. Some great tips here! I really need to set up some recurring tasks in my Google Calendar. I actually took some notes and will be putting them into my daily workflow now! The whole thing about the “other” messages on Facebook thing gets me regularly too! Thanks for that tip!

  2. Lila says:

    I’ve noticed when I’m extremely helpful, that my Facebook pages get more views. I get Facebook notifications that my pages have gotten views. Sometimes even in weird niche Facebook groups. Around summer I was extremely active in the Hallmark Facebook fan groups and got a lot of page visits.

  3. Sarah says:

    When you only allow members into your group that have subscribed does it alert you when/if they unsubscribe and do you then remove that person from the group?

    • Carrie says:

      Yes, that’s usually how subscriber-based Facebook groups work. It’s free to subscribe so you can access the group but if you choose to stop the subscription you’ll likely be removed as it’s a sign that you’re no longer interested in the content.

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