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How to Become a Huffington Post Blogger (New Platform Currently Closed)

This post was originally written back in April of 2013, by Catherine Alford (a contributor to the site at the time) and has since been updated over the years.

In the past, you could craft an article and pitch it to the editors at the Huffington Post, or even Arianna herself. Or you could submit everything via a specific Google form.

This is the way that Catherine and I have both done it in the past. And we’ve each been Huffington Post bloggers for over 4+ years.

Once approved, you would get access to their blogger portal and be able to submit posts for review anytime you wanted.

You could republish content that was on your blog, or create brand new posts. Their editors would review them within 24 hours and you’d get an email letting you know if your submission was accepted or rejected.

These articles are indexed in Google, meaning they show up in search results and are featured on their site — if they were getting a lot of shares.

Catherine even had one of her posts go viral, where she talked about her personal experience with having twins.

If you’re looking to become a freelance writer, using a platform like HuffPost can lead to more money and more clients. But now things have changed, and their new Huffington Post blogger platform is officially closed.

How the Huffington Post platform worked

Since Arianna Huffington’s announcement to leave her media business and move into the wellness space with her new business, ThriveGlobal, she’s actively stepping away from HuffPost.

In the past you’d get a personal response from her and be connected to the site’s managing editor.

Arianna Huffington post reponse - new

If you are a past Huffington Post blogger (pre-2016) the old blogger portal will now prompt you to use the new contributor platform.

If you’re brand new, the portal is currently closed and you can not create a new account.

new huffpost contributor platform

Update: The Huffington Post contributor platform is closed

The new changes to the HuffPost platform were definitely a sign that the free platform was coming to an end. And as of January 2018, most contributors received an email saying that “The HuffPost contributor platform is closing”.

According to the their email:

“Today, with the proliferation of social media and self-publishing platforms across the web, people have many more opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions online.

At the same time, the quantity and volume of noise means truly being heard is harder than ever. Those who are willing to shout the loudest often drown out new, more-deserving voices.

The same has proven to be true on our own platform.

It is with this in mind that we have made the decision to close the contributors platform on our U.S. site.

Going forward, when you log in to the portal at, you’ll see that you are able to access your previous drafts and published posts — and unpublish those posts if you choose to do so — but you won’t be able to post anything new.

We won’t be taking down or making any changes to previously published content ourselves.”

As of January 2018, registration to the new HuffPost contributor platform is officially closed.

Is there value in being a Huffington Post blogger?

For now, yes, there’s still a good amount of prestige in seeing your work published on a big site like the Huffington Post.

And for the time being, you can still access your previously published content and/or promote it online.

This means you can use it your portfolio and continue getting credibility.

Clients will still think it’s impressive if you use it in your portfolio, and you can still link directly to your posts even if they don’t show up in search.

On the flip side, if you’re new to HuffPost you will not be able to open a new account or become a new contributor.


So go ahead and milk your media mentions for all they’re worth. And then leverage it to move on to actual paying gigs.

Have you had experience writing for the Huffington Post? What do you think of these new changes?

Want to get become blogger for HuffPost (the new name for Huffington Post)? They've created a brand new contributor platform that allows you to submit posts anytime. Here's how to write for the Huffington Post!

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  1. Jordann says:

    Wow that’s so cool! I definitely learned a lot through this post, which I’ll keep in mind for my future guest posting ambitions. Thanks!

  2. eemusings says:

    +10000 on making things as easy as possible for editors. One thing that bugs me is people sending stuff in Word or PDF and sticking in awkward code/images. When I pitched to the Billfold I included a plain text file with HTML to make it simple for their team.

  3. Jen Havice says:

    This is so great! I’ve been wondering for quite some time how people did this. I appreciate the specifics, especially the fact that you pasted the entire post in the email. This may be something for me to work on.

    • Cat Alford says:

      My pleasure, Jen! Glad you found it helpful! I actually attached the post in a word doc but you could put a sneak peek in the e-mail to make them want to open it.

  4. Gina Pogol says:

    Nice work! I’m also a finance writer and have a couple of colleagues who routinely get on Huffpost. Perhaps I’ll be able to join them now.

    • Cat Alford says:

      To be honest, I heard back very quickly, but it could take months from what I’ve seen online. Unfortunately, they don’t write you back and tell you if they aren’t interested, so it’s just a waiting game.

    • Cat Alford says:

      Sorry I’m just seeing this comment Andrea. I can’t remember the subject line exactly but it was definitely something related to moving to the Caribbean.

  5. Kristen Poborsky says:

    This is very helpful – I am working on getting connected and guest posting on several sites so the tip about looking at the style of other guest posters on the site I am targeting is a great idea. I’m going to check out Jon Morrow as well.

  6. Donald says:

    Can you only pitch brand-new pieces or can it be something that was previously published elsewhere, such as on your own blog?

  7. Shaanthz says:

    Thanks for the tips and advice – will give it a try.

    Here is what happened to me – I was at a women’s conference in New York City in April 2013. Arianna Huffington was one of the keynote speakers, along with Martha Stewart. Arianna talked about herself, her road to success, etc. etc. and told the 1200+ women present at the conference that we should blog and write. She shared her email with the audience and said to contact her directly for opportunities and said “Don’t go via the website and anyone at HuffPost!” I thought I couldn’t have been in a better place that day.

    I am a freelancer and write health/medical posts regularly for some healthcare websites. I was excited and sent an email to Arianna – she replied after 2-3 days and copied one of the editors asking me to correspond with the editor. The editor contacted me immediately and within a couple of days I sent an article, my bio, and headshot and waited….and waited. The editor got back in a few days and said “Sorry, we cannot accept your post now.” No other explanation – I tried asking a few questions but never heard back again.

    So much for Arianna’s words….so let me give your advice some thought and try again. Thank you!

    • Cat Alford/ Budget Blonde says:

      Getting an editor’s email is really key though. You can constantly submit to that email address vs. the one everyone else sends mail to!

  8. Rebecca says:

    Thank you Catherine! Your advice was so helpful. I’ve been dreaming about getting one of my pieces on the Huffpost. I just e-mailed them my piece. I know it’s a long shot but I’m trying to be braver and take chances.

  9. Elisabeth King says:

    Great article, Cat. The writing industry is so hard that it’s nice to pass on advice to others every now and then. Thanks for the tips!

    • Catherine Alford says:

      I think you should always be looking for publications. The Huff in particular allows you to publish on your own blog and theirs so duplicate content is not a problem. It just might be a problem for another publication. I would wait 1-3 months to hear back from the Huff before submitting new queries to them.

      • James says:

        Hey Cat, thanks for the great article! I’m interested in what you say about HuffPost not caring if you publish the article on your own blog too. Did you publish your article on your blog first, then send the link to HP? Or they prefer to publish first?

      • Nina says:

        What about if you publish something as a LinkedIn Pulse post? Do you think this would hurt your chances of the post getting picked up by HuffPo?

  10. Loulie says:

    I enjoyed this, Catherine! The email tip was particularly helpful.
    (I have a very silly question… BudgetBlonde or BudgetBrunette? 😉 HeeHee…

  11. W.T. says:

    Hi Catherine, how long did it take them to post your article up after they said they were going to? A editor contacted me last week but my piece has yet to go up. Thanks!

  12. Tom Crawford says:

    This is great information, and something I will use myself. Definitely going to bookmark this, and come back to it again.

  13. Latrisha says:

    Thanks for sharing. A lot of times people keep info like this to themselves so I greatly appreciate you sharing both your experience and the process. It’s great that you acknowledge that our stories, experiences, etc. are not just for ourselves. Best wishes for your continued success!

  14. Lauren Maxwell says:

    Thank you for sharing such great info! You reminded me that our dreams are never too far out of reach. Sounds cliche, I know, but it’s true.

  15. This is very nice post!. I have just signed up to huffington post and searched how to submit post to huffington and thank God i found your site. Its a very big help for bloggers like us.

  16. Ben says:

    Hey Cat, just came across your blog and post which I love. Do you know, does the HufPo require that your writing is NOT posted anywhere else prior to submission (eg: your own blog?) or is that fair game as long as the content is original? Thanks for the great piece. cheers!
    – Ben

  17. Congratulations on getting your post published, it was a great article so I can see why they choose it. I’m just wrapping a few ideas up now for their consideration, how long did they take to get back to you?

  18. Tora says:

    Thank you so much for this article – I googled this exact topic and there you were. I pinched your pitch and reworked it for my own topic/story – it gave me the confidence to know what to say as that’s the hardest bit, I find! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Tanu says:

    I have been writing for some local newspapers for a few years. Recently I have worked as a freelance writer on the market place. But still I have no personal blog or website for regular publishing. Hopefully I will start soon. Can I still try to write some posts for Huffington? I am really inspired reading this particular post. Regards.

  20. Urmi Majithia says:

    Thank you for sharing your tips. I am in the process of writing a post and I will certainly follow your tips. I had a question for you – Do I really need to have a website or can I write my post in a word document and send to them in an email?

  21. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the advice. I give “advicetainment”, so I forgot what real advice looks like. I probably won’t be submitting to HuffPo, but good advice for other outlets as well!

  22. Jennifer says:

    FYI: I’m not sure why this email worked when you submitted, but I’ve submitted via this address before and they redirected me to send stuff through the website. So I don’t recommend using this email address.

  23. Antara Man says:

    There’s a lot of controversies out there about Huffington Post as a lot of their writers leave HuffPo, because it doesn’t pay them. I want to know how can one write regularly for them, be a regular blogger? Please,share your knowledge.

  24. Great inspiration. There is no such contact blurb at the bottom of my preferred HuffPo sections but I am still looking. I will send a pitch to the general Contact Us section and keep my fingers crossed.

  25. This is my second time reading your post and it is so fun to see the update about how Huff Po has been so beneficial for you! Thanks for adding that, I’m excited for you and sending even more good vibes your way.

  26. JP Maroney says:


    BIG TIME Kuddos for having the guts to step out and DO IT!

    While most people sit around contemplating all the reasons it won’t work out right, you executed.

    Love this story!

    JP Maroney

  27. Mary says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this post! I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now & my newest goal to make happen is submitting to The Huff Post. While I see above its a huge waiting game as to if/when they respond, can someone tell me if theres a timeframe that its OK to submit something else to try again?? I have 3 pitches in mind, but want to space out submitting….if pitch 1 gets rejected, I have back up material!:)


    • Carrie says:

      I always politely follow up after about 2 weeks, and if I don’t hear anything back after 4-6 weeks (after following up one more time) then I move on to another editor/site. I hope that helps, Mary!

  28. Bob says:

    Ms Alford: thank you for this great article. I have a couple of questions–what did you put in the Subject Line of your email to THP? Also, I was wondering if you think it is still possible for an unknown such as myself to get noticed by THP? I’m thinking that, with this article, THP is going to get swamped with submissions and I will get lost in the pile. Of course, I will still submit (after I have done some research to write my post in a THP manner). Thanks again for a great article.

  29. Wesley Yuhn says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your tips will really help me while writing a great post to publish on huffingtonpost. I am going to write my first post for huffingtonpost, need good luck 🙂

  30. Heather says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I love that you were so thorough! (From a fellow Type-A personality). – Heather at Life of a Traveling Navy Wife (PS Your spam filter is mean 😉 I have had to compose this three different ways to give you a thank you!)

  31. Paul says:

    Great article Cat. I’ve finally, after reading this, submitted my first article to Huffington Post for consideration and your advice was super helpful.

  32. Zed says:

    Hi – Great, informative article. Thanks so much for that. One thing I’m not clear on, which I hope is not too elementary…

    When you submitted the post, was it already published on your blog, or were you presenting them unique content that was unpublished?

    Thanks again for the fab article!

    • Carrie says:

      Great question, Zed. Cat and I have both published blog posts that were already written in our own blogs, as well as posts that haven’t been published elsewhere. So you can do it both ways on HuffPost.

  33. Ellis Shuman says:

    Excellent article! As a fellow Huffington Post writer, I keep getting asked all the time: “How do you get published there?”. I followed exactly the points mentioned above.

    My initial article was published on the Huffington Post in July =
    “10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Bulgaria”

    It went quite viral = in Bulgaria! 23,000 likes, 5,568 shares. And it was translated twice into Bulgarian (without my permission) and led to a long string of interviews and articles in the Bulgarian media!

    If you have something exciting to share, publish it on the Huffington Post. And, follow this excellence advice to get started!

    • Carrie says:

      Wow, this is an awesome accomplishment Ellis! I’m glad that Cat’s experience helped land you some good media attention and a post going viral. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. 🙂

  34. Carrie says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, George! Cat also wrote a new post about using HARO to get published on high-traffic sites and being featured in A-list publications. Have you used HARO before? What has your experience with it been?

  35. Julia Waters says:

    Really excellent article Cat! As a newbie to the world of blogging, it helped me structure a plan to get onto the Huffington Post site (I like to dream BIG!) thank you again xx

  36. Hi Catherine,

    I really enjoyed reading this post and found it really helpful. Its a goal of mine to one day be published on here – you’ve given me some motivation to give it a go.

    Great story too on solving your debt issues!

    Thanks again – Stacy

  37. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much, Cat! I followed your tips exactly and it worked! I heard back and was live within a week! I couldn’t have done it without this post. Thank you!

  38. Lisa Walters says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Great info! I just sent my pitch along with my article to the e-mail you have listed and just heard back from an editor telling me that the e-mail address does not monitor new contributors and sent me the link to the regular “Pitch a Blog” section on their site. Has this happened to anyone else?

  39. Thank you Catherine! This is awesome and super helpful…I am going to share with my clients and per your instructions above, I am going to (gulp) submit my first blog to HP today! Thank you!



  40. Sofie says:

    This post is fairly old so I don’t know if I’ll get a reply, but here goes 🙂
    What I’m wondering isn’t how long it took for them to get back to you, but how long you took to research their blog before you wrote your article and crafted your pitch?


  41. Hey Catherine

    Your post on the realities of motherhood brought very happy tears to my eyes – I am not surprised that it got Shared innumerable times #HUGSS

    Thanks for this article too – it is definitely an honor to get featured in prestigious publications, and I am glad you got to experience that honor more than once #HUGSS

    Best wishes

  42. Wow, Catherine! Congratulations on that piece of yours going viral!

    I loved your piece stocked with tips- I also blog on Huff Po – and learned a great deal. I do thank you for that! Here’s a link to my latest piece:

    Any tips on how to help a piece go viral, Cat? I would love a shot on Huff Post live but my numbers never seem to get high enough..

    Continued success, in your work and in being a mom!

    Warm regards, Tricia McCallum.

  43. Dadinald says:

    This are awesome tips. Thank you. I’m a new blogger… aspiring writer. This gives me new ideas. I hope my most loved post, “There’s love and there’s that,” can make it. Or any other of my writings. Thanks again, and congratulations!

  44. Jo Jo says:

    Hi Carrie

    Thank you for sharing these most excellent and actionable tips. I’ve written quite a few posts but they are sitting collecting dust in my hard drive, so I really must bite the bullet and go for it shouldn’t I?

    I think a lot of people get perturbed because they may not feel that they have the writing prowess or capabilities to write a compelling blog post, but the truth is- practice makes perfect.

    Thank you also for the course suggestion too.

    Best wishes on all your future writing adventures 🙂

  45. Hi Catherine, thanks for sharing your story. I was also very fortunate to have one of my articles featured on the Huffington Post as well. My article went live last evening. I actually emailed my article, bio and bio pic directly to Arianna on Thursday morning. She emailed me 3 hours later and gave me an editor’s email to send my items to. I did so and heard from the editor a few hours later as well and received an invitation to set up an account with Huff Post through which to submit my article. I submitted my story yesterday (Friday) morning and had it go live that evening. I was totally blown away by how easy this all was…I guess my lucky stars were really just shining on me. I just want you guys put yourselves out there, anything is possible. Please check out my article, Thanks

  46. Mona Shaik says:

    Excellent advice. Thanks so much for breaking it down, and giving ME the right guidance! It does get overwhelming. How to send the pitch, the fear of rejection and the waiting. Omg. But the desire to still be published thrives. So thank you, and I will definitely let you know if /when I ever do get published.

  47. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Hi Catherine,
    I really wanted to know that how to get published on the Huffington post. You have done a great job.
    I haven’t submitted anything to them yet but it’s my biggest wish to do so. I will let you know if I get published after acting on your valuable advice.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Best regards,

  48. Lisa Jordie says:

    Hi Catherine,

    It’s both amazing and exciting that you were able to get a spot on HuffPost-congrats!

    Thanks for the Jon Morrow recommendation also. I’m aware of him and his courses and reading this article further cemented how awesome he is. I know this happened to you in ’13 but I just wanted to let you know that as a follower of your blog, you are still inspiring myself and others every day.

    Rock on,

  49. I particularly identified with the concept of contacting an actual person at a real email address. Yet, HuffPost uses the Google Form for submissions. Did you use this, or were you able to dig deeply enough to find that real person with an actual email box?

    – damon

    • Carrie says:

      Great question, Damon. I personally used the direct email address to become a Huffington Post blogger and I believe that’s what Cat did as well. However, I do know that if your pitch is good enough, you can submit it via the Google Form and get published. So either way is a good bet!

    • Carrie says:

      The direct email addresses are not available online, which is why I offer a free download of the names and direct email addresses for the editors at The Huffington Posts (plus bonus information for other publications)! Just put in your info into the sign-up box to access everything. 🙂

  50. Carrie says:

    Don’t we all! 🙂 Did you try using the blog team email? Or the Google form link? Additionally, just input your name and email address into the sign-up box above and all the contact info will be sent to you.

  51. Hello Catherine!
    In an effort to give my work some exposure I have been looking to guest blog @ some well reputed websites e.g. Forbes & Huffington Post.
    Thanks for sharing your experience and useful tips (and also the link to Google Form). I hope I’ll get my post published very soon (I’ll try my best).

  52. Holly Smith says:

    I read your article, thanks for tips! I am still trying to get to the right editor for my content and no one gets back to me. I did utilize your form also and still nothing.

    Any help you can offer to me, or even some contact names would be helpful I write on love addiction, relationships. Thanks so much

    Holly Smith
    PS I am a new writer

  53. Thank you. I would love to have the Huffington Post email contact info. Will you email it to me?

    I assume that’s the way to include the headshop and bio . . . in an attachment to one’s email?

    I just pitched by sending my article. You seem to indicate it’s good to do a short pitch ahead of the actual written blog?

    How long should I wait before I pitch the blog/article to someone else?

    How long do you think a Huffington Post blog should be ideally?

    Is it a plus to include hyperlinks?

    Do you put your sources at the end of a piece (for a non-fiction feature or opinion type piece)?

    Thank you.

  54. Ashley says:

    I just wanted to drop a note expressing my greatest appreciation for posting this article. Congratulations on getting published and thank you for sharing your experience so other’s may benefit– I just submitted my first post!

  55. James says:

    I read your article and I am now a blogger for HuffPo. I had an article I had been working on about being a first time father at 50. I read your post and submitted my article to Arianna’s email before I went to bed and had an answer when I woke up the next morning: I was accepted in less than 12 hours.

  56. Krissy says:

    Thank you, Carrie! Like James above, I submitted a piece to Arianna’s email Friday afternoon and was accepted by Saturday evening. I would never have had the nerve to contact her directly if it weren’t for reading this.

  57. Valerie says:

    How strict is their 1,000 word pitch? Will they electronically cut off at 1,000 words, completely reject, or is a human reading it and will go to 1,100 if it’s good? Thanks.

  58. Kayla says:

    Hi Cat,

    I’m not a blogger and not trying to become one. I have written a story. I was wondering if I can just submit my personal story to THP and they if they would publish it if they like it? If not THP do you have any recommendation on where I can send my stories too? Thanks

  59. Donna says:

    I know first hand that moving to the Carribean is not an easy feat. I have a daughter at SGU in Grenada. The life style on these islands is certainly nothing like some of the other islands most people vacation on. Although the day to day is difficult for a few years out of the country it is a short price to pay for setting your family up for the rest of your lives.
    Best of luck to you and your husband!

  60. Elle says:

    What was the email address that you sent your blog post to? I am interested in submitting some of my blog posts but I cant find the exact place to send my blog post and my bio and headshot. Also, Did you provide photos from your blog post? When I filled out the form there was nowhere to add photos so all I could submit was the text.

    Thanks in advance

  61. Hi Cat,

    So I used this exact method and got my blogger access to HuffPost. I’ve published 2 articles so far and it’s a dream come true. First of all thanks for your help and inspiring me. Secondly, I want to ask about the next steps. You mentioned how you became a staff writer which is my ultimate goal. Can you please give me insight or advice that can help me achieve that goal? I’ve applied for positions but I’m not sure if I’m wasting my time. I think it’s better if I know someone or develop a relationship with someone. Here’s my work work and profile to my Huffington Post profile Look forward to your response!

    Thanks, Cat.

  62. BellyBytes says:

    I have been blogging for years now but it seems that I’m doing something wrong. I diversified from one blog to three so that each blog would be specific to a topic; I tried sharing on social media; joined up with blog hops and blog aggregators; engaged with other bloggers through comments and shares but I STILL SEEM TO BE GETTING NO WHERE.

    I am hoping your tips help me lift the blogs from the bogs.

  63. Nancy says:

    I have a blog called Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Gone Wild. I talk about the trials and tribulations of getting older with a sense of humor. Who would be the best editor to send a pitch to for that type of material? Thanks.

  64. I found this article because I too am hoping to get one of my blog posts from my blog, Ink & Stitches ( up on the Huffington Post. I will start taking a look at how other writers format their posts to make sure that mine fits in easily with the rest. What great information!

  65. I bookmarked this article back in December, and took action on it in January. 2-3 weeks later, I also got a reply and I am now a contributor! I just now have the time to write.

    Thank you for the tip! I used your idea exactly, but I had actually forgot to add the article (oops!) and I was still added as a contributor.

  66. Mrs. Z says:

    Love this! I recently was accepted into the Huffington Post blogging community. I have my acount set up. I sent a post to the editors about 3 days and still have not heard anything about when it will be published. Any suggestions? Does it take awhile for them to get back?

  67. Erika says:

    This is fantastic advice for anyone curious about getting published in the Huffington Post! I’ve bookmarked this page and will use it as use your tips as a reference as soon as I get my act together and figure out what I want to submit. Are there any other sites that you know of that allow bloggers sending in duplicate content?

  68. Menellia says:

    Great post. One of my goals this year is to get published on THP. This was very well written and I can’t wait to receive my cheat sheet.

    xx Menellia

  69. Julie says:

    I want to thank Catherine and Carrie for this article and for the Cheat Sheet. I took your advice and emailed Arianna Huffington directly with my pitch and my attached article. She wrote back yesterday (the next day) with a gracious acceptance. I’ll let you know when my post appears. Happy writing!

  70. Hi Catherine and Carrie-

    Well, I followed your instructions and Arianna wrote back to me within 2 hours! Then, as she promised, her Managing Editor also wrote me back and offered me a guest blog post, which made my year! (It’s been a rough year but still, I was and remain thrilled)! But then, I was supposed to get a follow up email with my password and official post platform invitation. It never arrived. I’ve checked my spam filter thoroughly. So, after waiting an agonizing 48 hours, I wrote the Managing Editor to nudge her to resend. And I’ve heard nothing.
    Can either of you advise me? I don’t want to be a nuisance, but they both said they love my blog voice and I want to get busy and get Huffposting.

    Can either of you counsel me on how best to proceed?


    Kathleen Dennehy

    • Kathleen, when I was accepted, it took about a week before I got my login credentials. Although now I’m looking at the date of your comment, so I’m hoping you heard by now!

    • Pamela J says:

      I also emailed Arianna Huffington and heard back within a couple of hours. She CCed another editor and she said the editor would contact me to give me the login information. It’s been about 24 hours but I haven’t heard finally I sent the editor she copied a gentle reminder. Also I know that you can re-blog blogs that were originally published on your own blog but what about pieces that appeared as guest blog on other sites ? I Guess it would depend on the copyright on those other sites is that right?

      • Julie says:

        This happened to me also. Did you ever hear back from the editor? I’ve emailed twice and am worried about being a nuisance.

  71. Hi there, I don’t know if you can help me, I’m at my wits end! I pitched a blog post to Arianna, and she sent a message back welcoming me as a blogger, and advised her blog editor Madeline would be in touch with login details and a password. But…I have heard nothing for over a week now. Madeline was cc’d in the email, and I have emailed her directly, but the email hasn’t been opened. I cannot find anyway to contact anyone regarding this – I was so excited, and now so despondent! Any suggestions? I don’t know that it will be effective (or endearing!) to email Arianna again….

  72. Carrie says:

    Jillian, You can publish either new material or re-publish content from your own blog. Catherine’s post was brand new content, but mine was the debt story I wrote here on my site and re-published to Huffington Post.

  73. Hi Catherine!
    Thanks for sharing your story and advice here. I am hoping to get accepted by the Huffington Post and was looking for any advice on how to do this. I have already submitted proposals to the UK and US Huffington Post but not had any response yet and wasn’t sure how long this can take. I am confident that I am a good enough writer because I am an author of two books, and as a writer have written for newspapers in Tenerife, including being a columnist for the Tenerife Weekly, and have written for many well-known magazines, including Big Issue and Kindred Spirit, plus I am currently working writing articles for an advertising agency. Maybe I should just be patient?

  74. Kalsi says:

    With this new platform Huffington Post is now flooded with so many spammers. Everything is just business now. Better to stay off from Huffington Post because blogging on this platform does not pass any link juice. Post on or any other web 2.0 has more weight now as compared to Huffington Post.

  75. kim says:

    Thank you for this! A good friend invited me & it’s quite overwhelming keeping up with where to be seen and heard online as a real estate professional.

  76. Sheila says:

    Thanks for this info. I just pitched last week for the blog but I didn’t get any acknowledgment reply like the one you mentioned. Does that mean my pitch was rejected outright or I should resubmit using the new form? Thanks!

    • Carrie says:

      I suggest resending the email. Then I’d go ahead and submit using the form, or request an invite to their platform. Sometimes they’re so overwhelmed with submissions that things can get lost.

  77. Chris says:


    Your post needs some clarifying – pages cannot be “no-followed”, they can be “no-indexed” though. “No-follow” and “do-follow” on refers to backlinks and if that website linking to the backlink is passing on its authority to the website being linked to.

    “No-index” via the way of meta tags tells Google’s bots to not index a page so that it does not show up in search results. It’s also a request, not a command.

    I reviewed Catherin’s blog post on the first 3 months of motherhood and did not see any “no-index” or any “no-follow” tags on backlinks. I’m not sure if this blog post is on the old platform, or if I just missed the tags, but either way, there still is a ton of value to be had in writing on such a massive platform.

    • Carrie says:

      Thanks for pointing this out! Catherine’s article was published on the old platform so it is indexed in Google and does have the “do follow” links. And you’re right, there’s still a good amount of value, as I mentioned, in writing for a large platform like HuffPost.

  78. Chandi says:

    Hi Carrie, I started blogging for Huff Po in January of this year and was on the old platform until, to my surprise, in July when I went to submit an article, I saw the new platform. I realized to my disappointment, that instead of being in the travel section, I was (as you pointed out) in blog section that way less people were going to see. That was a shame with that particular article as I’d interviewed wine bar owners in a town in Italy and had given them the impression that the article would be in the travel section of Huff Po. (I was confident it would be accepted because all of mine since I started in January had been accepted.) So it was a great disappointment to me to see that this article that meant a lot to me and to the wine bar owners, was in fact not posted in the travel section, was not searchable, and was not going to be seen in any kind of significant way. I am now trying to get it taken on elsehwere. Someone here mentioned I will look into that. Do you have recommendations for a place that might food/wine/travel articles about Italy? Also, my main question for you: you mention someone who still uses the old platform. Do you know if I try re-posting my article with the old platform, would it have a chance of being in the travel section? If it still would just go to the blogger no share area, then there’s no point in trying to use the old platform, right?

  79. Anna Fani says:

    I moved over to the new portal a few weeks ago. Was a bit stunned to find out the editorial process would be eliminated. I still think there’s a lot of value publishing on HuffPost though, for the moment.

  80. Jacque says:

    Hi Carrie,
    This is a very helpful article. It certainly addresses much of what I was wondering about the ‘prestige’ that may or may not come from being a contributor on the Huffington post. I am a new contributor on the Athena platform so I am unfamiliar with anything other than that format (unfortunately). It sounds like on the old platform you could link to a specific section or vertical to get the attention of the appropriate editors. In the new platform, with that not being an option, would it seem appropriate to send a link of your post to the editor of the section page you think your post would be a good fit for? Thanks for your insights.

    • Carrie says:

      Hey Jacque, this is an interesting question. I’m not sure you will get much of a response from their editors, seeing as they’re all wanting to implement this new platform, but it’s still a great idea. I mean, it couldn’t hurt to send the article to the specific editor and see if they want to publish it in the journalistic vertical. Go for it!

  81. OnGuard says:

    I like your comment about “milking it”. Interesting that this is taking place 5 years after the Huff Post was acquired by AOL, so AH’s performance contract must have been up.

  82. I am just uploading my first post as a contributor, its a little bit disappointing for anyone that has worked hard to get to be a contributor. Will I be allowed to use the “as seen on Huffington Post” if it doesnt get featured?

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Maxine, I know it is a bit disappointing but it’s still an awesome accomplishment to get published on a big site like HuffPost. I certainly think you should be able to promote your post in the “As Seen On” section of your portfolio. Good luck!

  83. Philip says:

    I still use the old system which has search engine capabilities. I’m able to still search for my blog posts. I think the old system is better than the new one.

    • Carrie says:

      Well yes, I agree with you Philip! The old system is much better, but sadly they are no longer offering that as an option as everyone must use the new system now.

  84. Paige Strand says:

    A wonderful article! Are there any publications that you recommend instead that you have worked with and enjoy? Thanks again for assisting us in writing this article 🙂

  85. Jacque says:

    Hi Carrie, Thanks for the encouragement. I did send my post to the education editor and to my surprise it was on the front page and the education page when I woke up the next morning!! 🙂 Unfortunately, they didn’t leave it up long – even though it was liked and shared hundreds of times in the half day that it was featured. I am extremely grateful it was featured at all, but can’t help wonder about the short timeframe. Do you have any idea how long an article is typically featured? It seems to me when I read the HuffPost that articles are up for much longer than mine was! I would like to learn from this for next time (if there is a next time) so any insights are much appreciated 🙂 Thanks again for all the information, it is very helpful!

    • Carrie says:

      Congrats on getting a post featured! That’s amazing, Jacque. 🙂 I don’t know how long the posts are featured and I assume they vary by the editor, section of the publication, topic, etc. But hey, it was something!

  86. Sam says:

    Damn that’s a shame. I always thought of the Huffington Post as being a great opportunity in terms of links. Sad that they’ve let it go like this.

  87. Nirmala says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for writing the nice post. I’m a professional blogger from India and I would like to contribute a nice guest post on Huffington Post.

    You have told that the links included in the blog post will be of “nofollow”. But, yesterday, I have seen in my friend’s post on Huffington post, he got “dofollow” links for his blogs and other blogs.


    • Carrie says:

      As I mentioned, it’s possible that some posts will have “dofollow” links since some of the editors are still using the old program. Perhaps your friend has been a HuffPost blogger for a while?

  88. Amit Jain says:

    Well I came here thinking it would be very difficult to get a blog on Huffington but looks like its not. And it seems its coming with its pros and cons. If your blog post is no-index there is very little chance for it to be indexed which is a shame as being in Internet marketing I understand its vital for the posts and links to get indexed. Well search continues. Thanks for the post bytheway.

  89. Vikki Gandhi says:

    Thank you so much for such a concise and informative post – I followed your advice and got straight into their Contributor program. I posted an article on Friday, have been marketing it through my social media channels, and today they picked it up “for real!” I happened to click on the link a friend shared, and suddenly saw it had a picture added, a little synopsis, a proper url, and it was coming up in Google search! Until this point, I had been chiding myself for posting a really good piece of writing on a blogging portal that I couldn’t control and couldn’t even google search! NOW…I couldn’t be more grateful; thanks again!

  90. chandi says:

    Hi Carrie,
    If you have a minute, and any knowledge of this, I’d so appreciate you sharing: I have access to both the old and new platform. If I post on the old one, and if it is not accepted/not published, could I then post it on the NEW one, or would that post somehow get blocked from publication due to them understanding that I’d first attempted to post it on the old platform? (I’m seeking urgent advice on this.) THANKS! 🙂

    • Carrie says:

      Hi Chandi,

      I don’t have personal experience with this, but it’s my understanding that the new platform is not monitored. So if you’re interested in publishing content that didn’t get pushed through the old platform, then I don’t see why you can’t. Otherwise, if you’re wary of it being too risky, then don’t worry about it. But I don’t foresee that being a problem.

  91. Carlton says:

    Hi Carrie,

    Super informative post. Do you have some examples of some other bigger media outlets for contributing work? I don’t just want to limit myself to The Huffington Post.


    • Carrie says:

      Yes, most all of the media outlets, such as,,, and others all accept contributors on a regular basis. You just have to know how to find the right editor who will accept your pitch. It may take a little bit of time to research and network with the right person, but will definitely pay off in the end.

      You could also become a contributor to other smaller blogs who have a syndication relationship with these bigger sites as well.

  92. Paul Scott says:

    This was extremely helpful and informative. I’m a fairly new blogger and this post has encouraged and inspired me in more ways than I can begin to explain. Thank you for this. Peace and love to you.

  93. Tony McDougle says:

    The link now shows:

    Registration for the Contributor Platform is closed.
    If you’ve already signed up, please click to login:

    • john says:

      For some odd reason, even those of us who are currently writing for the new contributor platform can’t even log in! Do you know why?? Also some of our stories are taken off our contributor platform! Do you know why? Please help!

      • Carrie says:

        Hi John, I don’t know any more information about what’s going on at Huffington Post than I’ve shared in this blog post. Since Arianna is leaving the company they may be merging with another one or selling to another brand. There has been no news. If you’re looking for other media sites to become a contributor to, I have other blog posts that will help with this.

  94. Iyiola says:

    Im so sad that registration has closed. Now the remaining of us will have to go back to sending pitches to editors… Carrie I need connections.. I dont want to remain stagnant.. Please????

  95. Laurie says:

    Thanks for clearing this up! I had a blog post published in Huffington Post a month ago and found it weird that it hasn’t shown up in Google searches. Now you’ve explained why! I don’t understand the point of having anything published there again if it doesn’t show up on Google. How would people ever find it other than my linking the story to some people on Facebook? They are not the ones I’m trying to reach!

  96. ahmed says:

    Looks like they closed the registration process! 🙁
    Could you please tell me is there a chance it will be opened again & if yes,will it be soon or where I can get that update?

    • Carrie says:

      I recently updated the post to reflect the fact that they closed registration. As soon as I know any updates of when they will open it again, or if there’s a new process, I’ll let you know! Thanks.

        • Carrie says:

          Hi Pearson,
          Sadly, I don’t know any more information about what’s going on at Huffington Post than I’ve shared in the blog post. Since Arianna is leaving the company they may be merging with another one or selling to another brand. There has been no news. Other contributors have been limited or access denied altogether, and are freaking out too, so it’s not just your account. 🙁

        • john says:

          ms. pearson brown, i’m having the same issue. did you find out why huffpost is doing this? do you hv any idea who to contact?

          Carrie — do you hv a tel# that I can call to get a live person?

          • Carrie says:

            Guys, I’m not affiliated with The Huffington Post. I’m simply sharing my tips and personal experience as someone who was a contributor for them in the past. As stated, I do not have any more information than I have already published. Your best bet is to reach out to one of the editors on Twitter or via email from this page: Doing a quick Google search of their names/info should yield results to contact them.

    • Iyiola says:

      And Madeline just told me to pitch my post through the front end.
      I really don’t understand why she doesn’t want to send me a password after Arianna told her to.

  97. Lauren Rabin says:

    What platform would you recommend moving on to and how can we get in touch with someone at the (these) channel(s)?

    Thanks for the advice!

  98. Anam Tahir says:

    Thank you Carrie! It was great information. Bookmarked. But someone else had asked this question too. How long should we wait to pitch again for another post if we hadn’t gotten any response from the previous pitch?
    Also, usually if they are interested they would respond within 24 hours? And should we pitch through the contact page that the huffpost site has or is it preferable to contact the editors on Twitter?

  99. Elita Selmon says:

    Carrie, you HuffPost guru you! Thanks for the read. As a new blogger, you can imagine how difficult it is to structure the perfect pitch that will gain attention. I will definitely refer to your tips and get back to you with the results!

    Cross your fingers for me!

  100. garry brunt says:

    I purchased 1 account from fiverr for 250$ bad sadly got banned with 1 month of posting my last post did (4 post in total).
    I earned only 60$ out of it.
    One client even approached me to get his money back as the post also got deleted.
    Any idea how to get this account back ?

  101. Sarah says:

    Hey Carrie and friends,

    I really really really need your help! I was a HuffPo blogger in the usual way from earlier this year, and moved over to the new platform as prompted. However, for the last six weeks or so, I’ve been unable to log in. My brother said he had the same issue with his account for a few days, but then it cleared up just like that. When I log in, I get the error message, “Oops, it looks like you’ve tried to access something you don’t have access to”. Do you know whether anyone else has experienced this and if they’ve overcome it? There’s no support, I’ve emailed the blog team and the Arianna email loads of times, and I’m not quite sure how else to fix it! I’d love to hear your ideas.

  102. Thank you for the great advice!

    I have been using the new HuffPo contributor platform but the tag box does not appear anywhere on my drafts so I have not been able to use any tags for any of my posts!!

    What am I doing wrong?

    Yes I am using Chrome!

    Thank you for any guidance or suggestions!

  103. Daniel says:


    I had registered on the new HuffPost blog platform. But I have been unable to use it for over two months now. I keep getting this “Oops, it seem you are trying to access what does not belongs to you”

    Can you please help

  104. Zoe says:

    Thank you, Carrie for your updates. I’ve just created my profile and hopefully will start submitting to Huffington post soon.

    • Annie says:

      Hey Zoe, Could you please guide me how to sign up for huffpost. I’m trying since 2-3 long and it shows registration is closed.

  105. Thanks for this post! I registered about 8 months ago and have not be active since I made a post since then. Recently I visited that post they said it’s been removed. And I tried to login to my contributors page, they told me that am trying to login to something I did not have access to. Please, what does that mean?

  106. Sarena says:

    Out of curiousity, how long does it usually take to get a password from Madeline Wahl? I received an email from Arianna in February, but still haven’t heard anything back from the blogging team.

    • Carrie says:

      She usually doesn’t respond. It’s basically a black hole! Besides, they implemented the contributor platform so Madeline doesn’t have to field requests individually. They’re planning on opening that back up soon (according to their latest email).

  107. I’ve written a couple of things on the platform so far and it has been good to get further freelance work. So far I’ve only used it on linked it and am now looking at referring to it on my own blog. Would you use the old or the new logo though? I feel the old logo still holds more weight but I’m not sure?


  108. Bright Joe says:

    Hi Cat,

    The whole time I was thinking, it was impossible to guest blog on such big sites like Huffington Post! But I’m on my way to writing an article for submitting it soon. Thanks a lot as it was really helpful.

    Take care!

  109. Ali says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I had no idea. Now, I am wondering all the articles that we asked (paid) people to do guest post in the past will loose all the backlinks. Hopefully not. This was very very helpful.

    Thank you.

  110. Jenny says:

    I have been using the contributor platform for a while, and it looks like it has now stopped telling me how many times a post has been shared. Is that right?

  111. Thanks for this Carrie.
    I have an account there some time ago and I did not use it, I remembered I only have 1 post published.
    When I wanted to login some months ago I did not have access to the account and Have tried my best to get it back without success.

    Please, do you know anybody I can contact to get the account back?
    I will appreciate it very much please.

    I will be expecting your reply.

  112. Megan Sharma says:

    Carrie, this article was EXACTLY what I needed to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it!

    I’ve had trouble over the past few months figuring out exactly how to break into HuffPo, and have heard conflicting accounts. I’ve tried submitting via the online form dozens of times, to no avail. It was getting frustrating.

    I appreciate you spelling it all out. Many thanks!

    Megan Sharma

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