Best Gig Economy Jobs

Whether you want work for yourself or just make extra money on the side, gig economy jobs are worth your time.

Many people want to increase their earnings by doing side jobs they enjoy, but most don’t know where to turn or how to start. We’ll detail the in’s and out’s of how to break into the gig economy, as well as what the best gig economy jobs are. But first, let’s clear up a misconception: you aren’t alone working in the gig economy.

lightbulb icon57,000,000 U.S. workers are apart of the gig economy as per Forbes.

And you don’t have to be all in or all out. Each of these gig economy jobs allows flexibility, which is the hallmark trait of folks who work in this economy. So, regardless of your financial goals, ambitions or job status, you can leverage gig economy jobs to reach your goals.

In this guide we’ll offer a list of the top gig economy jobs, answer “what is the gig economy” and other pressing questions you may have about this separate economy, and we’ll also reveal some of the top jobs in the gig economy and why you should consider them. From full-fledged online jobs to to simple ways to make 500 dollars fast, it’s all here.

Gig Economy Jobs FAQ

Learning about the gig economy is a great place from which to start. But before we get to the best gig economy jobs, it’s better to understand the gig economy as a whole first. That way you can decide what path is right for you, because there are countless combinations.

What Is The Gig Economy?

In a standard job, your manager or boss sets your hours and tells you what tasks to complete. You could face termination for not doing what your manager asks, and you have limited flexibility. But gig workers have flexibility in spades.

The Gig Economy Data Organization provides this great definition of what a gig worker is:

Independent or gig work consists of income-earning activities outside of traditional, long-term employer-employee relationships.

So, rather than working set hours for a company, you perform short-term projects on your schedule. You do some of these jobs in person, but you can do others from the comfort of your home. We’ll get to the list of the best gig economy jobs for 2019 in a second. First, some important definitions.

lightbulb icon11% of U.S. adults are full-time gig workers per gig economy data.

The gig economy, on the other hand, gives you much more flexibility. Rather than working set hours for a company, you perform short-term projects on your schedule. You do some of these jobs in person, but you can do others from the comfort of your home. Review the list of jobs so that you can choose which one fits your needs better than the rest.

lightbulb icon25%–30% percent of workers are engaged in independent work.

And the following gig economy jobs represent one of the best opportunities for you to to ‘dip your toe in the water’ of the vast gig economy pool. Here’s our list of some of the best gig economy jobs of 2021…


Sell your own products online with Shopify

Shopify’s ecommerce platform has over 800,000 merchants, from big brands like Tesla to small mom-and-pop shops, who as a whole have made over $100B+ in online sales. And nothing is stopping you from earning a piece of that pie. As a gig worker, you’re your own boss. And this is really true selling your own products. You call all of the shots.

lightbulb iconPro Tip: Oberlo allows you to sell products without.

From setting your schedule to deciding what products to sell, the ball stops with you. But with this big responsibility comes a big income potential. The sky is the limit here. This is called “dropshipping” and it’s when you hold onto what you sell. Instead, you collect the revenue while a third-party packs and ships the products.


Earn $58-$100 an hour with TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an engaging (and well-paying) gig economy job. Once you sign up, expect to be hired for a variety of tasks. From furniture assembly to errands and fixes, becoming a ‘Tasker’ is a great way to get started in the gig economy.

Some requirements: have a social security number, be 21 years old or older, pass a background check, have a smartphone, bank account (no prepaid accounts) and, most importantly, have the skills to get jobs done. Note: TaskRabbit takes 15% out of every gig you book.

Amazon Flex

Earn $18 to $25 per hour with Amazon Flex

If you want to deliver items to customers, Amazon Flex could be the perfect gig for you. Amazon recently launched Prime Now, a service that lets customers receive certain orders within two hours of placing them.

Depending on when you work, you can earn an average of $18 to $25 per hour, and you even decide what days and times you work. When you pick this gig, you download an app on your smartphone and pick up the jobs that interest you. The only downside is that Amazon Flex is not in every town yet, so you might have to wait depending on the city in which you live.

If Amazon Flex is not in your area, you could drive to a larger city for the day to work, and the money you earn makes up for the distance. Amazon Flex is a good fit if you want to work with a trusted company that cares about its image.

Door Dash

Earn up to $25 per hour with Door Dash

Have you ever wanted a meal from a restaurant that does not deliver? Whether customers are looking for fast food or something that requires a little more attention, DoorDash connects them with drivers who do the job right. If you would like to give this gig a try, make sure you meet the requirements before getting started.

DoorDash requires its drivers to be at least 18 years old, to have a smartphone and to have a clean driving record. In addition to a clean driving record, you must also have a valid license and insurance. You take jobs when you want them and leave them when you don’t, putting you in control. If you live in a populated area, you can work as much or as little as you want.


Earn up to $18 per hour with Favor

While many of the other gigs deliver only food, Favor lets customers order everything from dry cleaning and meals to bottled water. Customers open the app and place the order they want, and the app then allows drivers to claim and fulfill the order. It’s one of the most straight-forward gig economy jobs you’ll find anywhere.

To help drivers save gas, the app creators break each city down into several sections. No matter where you are, you never have to drive too far to reach your destination. Those working for Favor make an average of $10 to $18 per hour. While you might not earn enough to replace a full-time income, Favor is a fantastic choice for those who want to supplement their wage.


Earn up $10 or more with SpotHero

This is probably the easiest of all the gig economy jobs on our list. When you are looking for a way to make a little extra money each month, consider using SpotHero. This service connects people who need parking spots with those who have them. For example, imagine you live in an apartment complex in a populated area.

Your contract allows you to use two parking spots in the lot, but you only need one. You can sign up for a SpotHero account and list it on the application. While the app recommends prices, you are free to sell your spot for as much or as little as you think people are willing to pay. The extra $5 or $10 you earn each day adds up faster than you might think.


Make up to $30 per hour with HopSkipDrive

If you enjoy driving and are good with children, HopSkipDrive could be the right fit. With this gig, you pick up and transport children to their destination. You could take them to school or pick them up after they get out, or you could drive them to sporting events in the evening. You must have a clean driving record and at least five years of experience in the child care industry. You can make up to $30 per hour with HopSkipDrive.


Earn $22–$45 per hour with Handy

From painting and cleaning to furniture assembly and home repair, Handy deals with all jobs in the home. If someone needs help around the house and does not know who to ask, Handy comes to the rescue by providing talented workers to do the job. You can earn up to $22 as a cleaner and up to $45 has a handyman. When you sign up to start taking jobs, Handyman reviews your experience and background to ensure that you are a good fit. It’s a lucrative gig economy job for someone with the right skills and interest. Check out Handy today.


Earn $21 per hour with BellHop

If you enjoy helping people move, BellHops could be the right gig for you. When people need a hand moving stuff from one home to another, they don’t always have enough help on hand. Instead of hiring an expensive moving company, people are now turning to BellHops. You can sign up for BellHops and post the days and hours you are available, and they will match you with people who need help moving their stuff.

You could be the only one on the job for small tasks, but BellHops connects several movers for larger projects. Those working for BellHops earn an average of $21 per hour. Depending on the size of your city, BellHops could be a great opportunity for people looking for gig economy jobs.


Earn $25 per hour with PostMates

PostMates is a fantastic choice for those who want to be their own boss, and getting started is easy. You should have no trouble driving for PostMates if you have a car and clean background report. With PostMates, you deliver food, groceries and almost anything else a client orders. It’s one of the easiest gig economy jobs and you can start it today.

If you are old enough to buy alcohol, you can even transport beer, wine and liquor to those who request it. PostMates gives you an awesome chance to increase your income and add a level of convenience to other people’s lives. Driving for PostMates allows you to earn a per-minute fee when waiting for customers or businesses.


Earn $30–$90+ per support call with HelloTech

If you can provide basic tech support around the home, HelloTech could be the gig for you. When you work with HelloTech, you do computer, tablet and smartphone repair in addition to a variety of other jobs. You can install TVs and troubleshoot home networks when the need arises. Before you join the team and accept projects in your area, HelloTech gives you a skills assessment and makes you pass a background check. You can earn up to $90 per job if you qualify and find work in your area. It’s a great gig economy job that pay wells and is easy to start.

Online Freelancing

In addition to doing in-person jobs, you can also opt for online freelancing in the gig economy. You can find a range of freelance sites that connect skilled workers with businesses that need them. Upwork and Freelancer are just two examples of freelance sites you can use to find clients.

You need to set your prices a little lower when you are getting started, but you can raise them once you earn positive feedback. The best part, though, is that you don’t even need to be an expert at what you do. A lot of people take online classes and start as beginners.

If you enjoy what you do, experience and additional training make you an expert over time, increasing your earning potential. So, as far as gig economy jobs go, this is one of the best. The sky is the limit for earning and working opportunities as a freelancer.

Gig Economy Jobs Summary

No matter who you are or where you live, you can find jobs in the gig economy as long as you try. Even if you have no skills, you can start from the bottom and work your way to the top. You should start with the goal of making a little extra money until you get the hang of it.

From there, you can slowly transition out of your day job if you want. Keep your needs and long-term vision in sight with each step you take so that you don’t fall behind. As long as you remain dedicated to the path you have chosen, you will soon enjoy an extra income stream and more.

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