Happy Quitting Day! Celebrating One Year of Self-Employment

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celebrating quitting day

On this day one year ago, I walked out of my full-time accounting job for the last time. It was both a super exciting and super sad day for me.

Ever since I graduated from high school, working in the tax and bookkeeping field was all I knew. And now I was leaving all that behind to become a freelance writer and community builder. WAS I CRAZY?!

A lot of my friends and family thought I was, and sometimes I agree with them. But thankfully, my then fiance, was massively supportive of my decision and helped me each step of the way.

I also had a business coach and a life coach who were there when I wanted to cry, scream, have an OCD breakdown and even contemplated finding a new day job.

But when all is said and done, I’m happy with my decision to quit. Here’s to celebrating one year of self-employment, and all the joys and frustrations it brings!

Self-employment is tough, but totally worth it

No one could have ever told me how excruciatingly awesome being your own boss can be. One day you’re thrilled to have the freedom to make your own decisions, and the next you’re stressed out about paying the rent.

But after many, many months of trying to make this online business successful, I finally faced the fact that I’m the breadwinner and I have to start thinking like a real boss. I’m no longer using a freelance writing side-hustle to pay off debt, I’m relying on the income to feed myself and my family.

This mindset shift has greatly improved my outlook and I have hope that I’ll continue to make a good run of this thing called self-employment. Still, I’m thankful that I can work from home (or anywhere I want) everyday, and I have complete control over my schedule.

Over the past 12 months, here’s a few of the awesome accomplishments that I’ve achieved (with tons of help and support of course)!

Celebrating quitting

Huge thanks to Kali for putting this infographic together.

Fast five: lesson learned from quitting

I didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur, but I had a choice to make when I wasn’t willing to sacrifice (another) marriage to a job. So on May 1, 2013, I put in my 2 months notice and walked out the door for the last time. During this past year I’ve learned SO many things, and here are the top five lessons:
  1. Quit before you’re ready. I was basically pushed into quitting, and even though I felt nowhere near ready to take the leap, it was the best thing that happened to me. Why? Without the push, I might have never made the jump.
  2. Accept life as it is, not as you wish it was. Not everything in life — or business — will turn out how you plan. And instead of kicking and screaming the whole time, it’s better to accept it and maximize your situation. You’ll be more successful if you roll with it. 
  3. Always ask for help. Running a business alone is tough, dare I say nearly impossible. After getting over my need to control everything, I hired 3 team members to help keep the business running smoothly. Best. Decision. Ever.
  4. Find the right people for support. My family and friends thought I was crazy for quitting such a safe and secure job. So I had to create an outside community of support instead. I did this through hiring a business coach, and starting a mastermind group. If you don’t have the right people around you, your business won’t get very far.
  5. Go with your gut. If you don’t like the way your business is being run, change it. If you just can’t seem to implement a new system, find another way. If something isn’t lining up to your personal aesthetic, stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Listen to your gut! It will rarely lead you astray, and you’ll be happier for it.

What’s next for Careful Cents?

So what’s on deck for the business this year? Well I have a lot of ideas and projects that I want to roll out.

For one, work on an updated look for the site is underway. The new design will role out in a few months and should be one of the most innovative ones yet!

I’m also in the middle of re-launching a course with a workbook. So keep an eye out for that launch soon!

When all is said and done though, I have no idea what the future will look like for Careful Cents. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being self-employed for a year, it’s that your well-loud out plans don’t matter.

No matter how much I planned ahead, paid off debt, saved money, and worked with a business coach, I discovered that the Universe doesn’t give a crap about your big ideas. It has it’s own plans for you, and sometimes they are better than what you could imagine for yourself. The important lesson is to roll with the punches!

Happy Quitting Day!

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