Honey App Review

If you’re tired of cutting coupons or wasting time trying bogus codes, the Honey App is for you.

Because let’s be honest. Cutting coupons is a pain. And wasting time trying bogus discount codes is an even bigger pain.

Honey App does all that work for you. Just download it, click the Honey button and it will try every available code at checkout.

Just install the Honey extension – and save money. That’s it. It’s one of those “I can’t believe I lived my life without this” type of apps.

What Is HoneyApp?

Honey is a 100% free browser extension you can use with:

  • Chrome on Mac and Windows
  • Firefox on Mac and Windows
  • Opera on Mac and Windows
  • Safari on Mac
  • Edge on Windows

It’s an app that helps you save money by searching for and automatically applying coupon codes once you’re ready to check out at your favorite online stores.

Their algorithm automatically applies the best coupon available. So there’s no need to open a bunch of new tabs and waste time on “trial-and-error couponing”.

Plus, every time you use Honey, you earn free money in the form of cashback and gift cards (they call it “Honey Gold”).

The next part of this Honey app review is about how Honey works. It’s one of our favorite apps that pay. Start saving money with Honey.

How does Honey work?

Here’s how Honey works.

First, it helps with saving by getting you the best price via their promo codes.

Second, they help with earning money back after your purchase via their rewards program.

And third, they offer a Honey droplist tool, which lets you monitor the prices of products you want to buy. It automatically tracks them for price drops. All by clicking the little Honey button in your web browser.

It was built to save you money and make you money via discount codes while online shopping.

Can You Really Save Money With Honey?

Honey reports they’ve helped their users save $150 million. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reported that the average Honey user saves $32 a month when shopping.

But the savings can vary from store to store, and offer to offer.

So, depending upon your online shopping needs on any given day, you can save a pretty penny.

Who created Honey?

Ryan Hudson started Honey back in 2012. Money was tight and Hudson wanted an easier way to find coupons.

Cutting coupons and browsing on coupon sites, sifting through bogus coupon codes wasn’t practical for him.

So he thought up a more efficient way to save money.

Is Honey legit?

I’ve used it, and it works great. So I’d say so. Besides, it’s one thing to fool a few people.

But Honey has over 10,000,000+ members. And I doubt stores like Sephora, Walmart, Nike, Amazon, Nordstrom, Macy’s, or eBay would work with a scam.

Should You Use the Honey App?

Yes. One. Don’t forget to click on the Honey browser extension before you shop. Otherwise, it won’t apply coupons (I make it a habit to click the Honey button every time I go on Google). You’re still here? Go download Honey already!

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