How To Make Money Without A Job

Ready to discover how to make money without a job? And I’m not talking pennies either. I’m talking about good money. Then keep reading, because I’ve got good news for you.

What follows are the very best ways to make money without a full-time or part-time job, many of which I’ve done myself.

In fact, my first taste-making money without a job was selling products online.

It was a life-changing decision that’s had ripple effects in the many years since.

15 Ways To Make Money Without A Job

Here are 15 legit ways to earn money without a job:

  1. Start an Oline Store
  2. Invest in Real Estate
  3. Complete Online Surveys
  4. Start Saving Your Spare Change
  5. Rideshare
  6. Start a Blog
  7. Freelance
  8. Make Deliveries
  9. Sell a Service
  10. Sell Unwanted Items
  11. Start Mystery Shopping
  12. Publish an eBook
  13. Find Remote Jobs
  14. Online Trading & Investing
  15. Rent out Your Car

1. Start An Online Store

Four months after I opened my Shopify store, my shop was making five figures a month and was even featured in Forbes.

And that was five years ago. Which is like 100 years in internet time. So, imagine what’s possible now? Turns out, a whole lot.

  • You can start your 14-day free trial
  • Sell, market, and manage your business
  • 24/7 phone, email, and chat support

And that’s just one app. Their Shopify app store has hundreds of options. Not to mention 24/7 phone, email and chat support.

2. Invest In Real Estate

“Buy land, AJ, ’cause God ain’t making any more of it “ – Tony Soprano

Real estate is considered the gold standard of investing. But it comes with costs.

Lots of them. Appraisal fees to estimate property value, survey fees to identify property lines, taxes, I could on. Average closing costs in America hover around $5,980 to $8,663 or more. And that’s just for one property!

So, it’s reasonable to assume most people don’t want to–or may not even be able to–part with all that cash. But you can avoid all the typical costs associated with real investing–while reaping all the benefits–using the service I’m about to recommend.

  • Fundrise is the easiest way to start
  • 8.7–12.4% historical annual returns
  • Low fees, free upgrades, low minimums

Rather than pay thousands in costs, Fundrise allows you to invest in private real estate projects throughout the country for just a 1% annual fee.

From there, you can invest in everything from apartment complexes to commercial properties and so much more. Historical annual returns are between 8.7–12.4%, so it’s a no-brainer.

To get started, you just need a $500 minimum investment. That’s all you need to become a real estate investor!

3. Complete Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a way to share your opinion for extra cash and free gift cards.

Larger companies are always searching for feedback on their products and services. And survey sites are the gateway to that.

  • Our top pick is Survey Junkie
  • Get paid $2 to $69 per survey
  • Most take just 15 minutes or less to do
  • Get started now with just your email

All you need to do is be willing to spend time answering questions. And our top recommendation, online survey site Survey Junkie, pays the best in the industry (tied with Swagbucks).

4. Save On Auto-Pilot

Not a disciplined saver? Save and invest on auto-pilot with this neat, new app…

Saving is the cornerstone of financial security. Having something you can invest, or readily access as an emergency fund, can make all the difference when you don’t have a job.

That’s why we love Acorns.

  • Get $5 for signing up through us
  • Saving and investing on auto-pilot
  • Rounds up purchases to nearest dollar
  • Invests your spare change for you

Sounds up your debit card transactions to the nearest dollar and invests the difference. Say you make a purchase for $1.50. It’ll round up the purchase to $2.00 and invest the 0.50 cents for you. The best part?

You can even put it towards a goal, like paying off a student loan or credit card. It’s also great for business owners, who can use it to “tax” themselves.

5. Ridesharing

Turn your car from a gas guzzler to a money printer by driving with Lyft. If you own a newer car and don’t mind driving, consider ride-sharing with Lyft.

To qualify for Lyft, you’ll need a smartphone to use the app and communicate with clients.

As a rideshare driver, you can work your own hours and choose your driving areas. Whatever is convenient for you. Plus, tips are 100% yours on top of base rideshare pay.

Things that can affect how much you get paid include the make and model of your vehicle, the time, distance, and duration of the ride, and whether surge pricing was in effect.

You don’t need to drive for Lyft to make money with your car. You can use Craigslist, for instance. But, being a Lyft driver removes a lot of the waiting you might have as an independent driver.

6. Start a Blog For Profit

Passionate about a subject and enjoy writing? Blogging is great way to make money without a job.

Who doesn’t love the idea of being a money-making blogger?

If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s 100% possible to make a lot of money while writing from anywhere in the world. Startup costs are minimal and the sky is the limit in terms of earnings. Domain name and hosting are the first two requirements.

From there, your blog can be monetized via ads or affiliate offers for products and services related to your niche. You can make good money doing affiliate marketing through your own website too.

Another option to consider: blogging on the go via your iPhone, using Bluehost and WordPress.

7. Freelancing

Have a skill that’s in high demand? You can make as much money freelancing as working full-time.

If you have spare time and a few skills that are in demand, freelancing could be a way to turn your downtime into extra loot.

It’s 100% possible to earn money online equivalent to, or greater, than that of a full-time job as a freelancer.

Top freelancing skills that are in demand right now include mobile and web development, web designers, writers, graphic designers, marketing, customer service, virtual assistants, and data entry.

Ways to build your freelance business from the ground up to include using social media platforms to connect with potential new clients or joining an online marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr.

8. Delivery Driver

Demand for delivery services has grown exponentially over the last few years.

Companies like Grubhub, Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, Deliv, and others offer the motivated amongst us a way to earn extra cash.

Note: if you live in a smaller town or geographical area, these services may not be available yet. 

During the busy holiday season, Amazon and other major online retailers need extra help to deliver packages safely, and on time.

This additional demand for commercial and residential deliveries offers a perfect opportunity to help keep the wheels of commerce rolling and Santa out of trouble!

9. Sell a Service

People need help with everything–can you meet that demand with flavor and flair? The ultimate side hustle is a service business.

You can earn extra money for small expenses, or build it into a lucrative company serving others en masse.

People always need help with tasks like cleaning, dog walking, landscaping, home improvements, housesitting, babysitting, coaching and mentoring, personal shopping, event planning, personal care, and a host of other things.

If you are certified or hold a degree, you might also consider offering services you are licensed to do for clients.

The advantages of offering services are that in many cases, the start-up costs are relatively low and you can get to work immediately and without delay.

10. Sell Unwanted Items

Looking for a quick way to collect some extra cash? Take a look around your house! You can sell items that you don’t need, want, or use anymore for extra money.

These days, you can use popular apps and websites like Wish, Etsy, LetGo, Facebook Groups, and Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and others to connect with eager buyers.

If you have lots of stuff, a garage or yard sale can help in liquidating items all at once.

Resale shops that buy unwanted items like clothing, electronics, video games, books, memorabilia, jewelry, and other items are a fast way to pick up extra money.

However, it’s worth noting that resale shops typically don’t offer ‘top dollar’ for your stuff. In many cases, you’re better off trying to sell it yourself if you aren’t hard-pressed.

11. Mystery Shopping

Customer feedback is like gold. And you can get paid to help companies mine it…In this day and age, it’s more valuable than ever.

Customer feedback is the bedrock of any successful business, hence why the demand for mystery shoppers continues to grow.

As a mystery shopper, your task is to – you guessed it – shop! Upon completing a transaction with designated retailers, it’s your responsibility to give a detailed account of your shopping experience.

As a mystery shopper, you may also be asked to dine at restaurants or make general inquiries to gather valuable feedback from local or chain companies.

Although you may not make an exorbitant amount of money, it’s a great way to make easy cash on the side.

12. Publish a Book

The internet offers anyone the opportunity to become a creator. 

Today, writers can self-publish their own books on Amazon Kindle. Photographers can license their images on Shutterstock. If you make beats or music, you can make your work available for sale or stream.

Some platforms worth exploring include: iTunes Store, Amazon, Fiverr, Tune Core, ReverbNation, and Soundcloud, to name a few. Each time someone buys or licenses a copy of your creative work–whatever it is–you get compensated.

Sell your own eBook on Kindle

13. Remote Work

Sometimes, the difference between “work” and a “job” is just the view…

Here’s the easiest way how to make money without a job: ditch what makes work feel like “just a job.”

For most folks, it’s not the work that’s the problem. It’s the micromanagement, constant disruptions, and such. One way to sidestep all that is to negotiate a remote work agreement with your employer.

A remote worker enjoys the benefits of being able to work from home or elsewhere. Some remote employers require you to have a quiet workspace, a secure, high-speed internet connection, and a dedicated phone line.

If your remote job doesn’t have strict requirements, you could have the freedom to work from your favorite coffee shop or even the beach.

  • Customer support is a common task for remote workers to complete. This support could get provided by support tickets, live chat, email, or telephone.
  • Online travel agents are always in demand to help travelers with their vacation planning and reservation needs.

Another in-demand remote position is for sales. Companies of all sizes can always use help making outbound calls or taking inbound calls to close the customer.

If you have a friendly personality and a gift of gab, this could be the opportunity for you to put your people skills to work from the convenience of your home.

Other remote positions include editing, data entry, remote healthcare jobs, remote IT jobs, marketing positions, project management positions, recruiter and human resource positions, and even online teaching jobs.

14. Online Trading and Investing

Deciding to trade on the stock market and/or investing can be a lucrative decision indeed…

This offers a way to leverage the money you can afford to lose in search of higher returns.

In recent years, Forex (Foreign Exchange) and Cryptocurrency trading platforms have gained traction with keen traders who love the action of fast trades and quick returns.

If you aren’t familiar with Cryptocurrency, it is a digital token that can get bought and sold on trading platforms.

It’s worth noting that the prices on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, and other Alt Coins can swing wildly. Always look to buy coins when they have a low price and sell them at a higher amount to get the best returns.

Like traditional trading platforms, trading cryptocurrency is subject to fees, so don’t forget to factor this in your trading equation.

As stated in the beginning, investing and trading have the potential downside of losing it all.

But for the optimist and seasoned trader, the upside can be a significant payoff on successful trades.

If trading isn’t for you, there is always the option of ‘buying and holding.’ This hands-off approach works to your advantage if you have patience and don’t need to cash in right away.

If you buy in low and wait, you can see unprecedented financial rewards for your self-control.

15. Rent Out Your Car

Turn that depreciating asset into an extra cash machine by renting it out.

Apps like Turo and Getaround allow you to earn thousands per year by renting it out to your peers and neighbors.

When you don’t need to use your car, you make it available to users who require it for a few hours, a day, a weekend, or even longer. As the owner, you can choose when and for how long people can rent your car.

Plus, you don’t have to drive! You can get started easily by listing your vehicle and setting availability.

Members of the community can search for cars and trucks for the dates and times they need them. When there is a ‘match’, this is when the magic happens. Both parties use the app to agree to terms and complete the rental transaction. The renter picks up and returns the car at the scheduled date and time.

It’s a ‘win-win’ situation for both the owner and the renter when everything goes as planned.

The renter has reliable transportation to wherever they need to go. The owner gets compensated for allowing the renter to use his or her vehicle.

While there is not likely to be a fee for joining or using these apps to rent out or rent a car, the app charges fees for completing transactions and facilitating sales and rentals.

How Should You Make Money Without a Job?

Regardless of your situation, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, retiree, on disability, can’t work–or don’t want to work a regular job–this article has provided you with some great options to make money without getting a full-time job.

Your options are endless, so get started today.

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