I Need Money: 74 Ways To Get Paid Now

i need money

Think you’re the only person saying “I need money” in the world right now?

Think again.

Eighty-six percent of all Americans say they’re either broke, or have been broke, in the past year. This is according to a 2018 Credit Loan survey of 1,050 paid respondents, aged 18 to 86, with a 48-51 male-to-female ratio.

So if you’ve been telling yourself any of the following lately..

“I need money.”

“I need money now.”

“I need money today.”

“I need money fast.”

“I need money desperately.”

…don’t beat yourself up.

You’re not alone.

Remember: your current money situation is only as bad as your plan to get out of it.

In the sections that follow, you’re going to discover dozens of fast and easy ways to make real, legitimate money.

So, if you’re telling yourself “I need money” or “I need money now” then keep reading.

By the time you finish, you’ll go from saying “I need money now” to “Yes, I have money now!”

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online market research firm, a recruitment arm of DISQO. One becomes a member by signing online through an email address, where members range from Canada, Australia, and the United States of America, but persons from other regions can still apply. One earns points after completing an online survey, where one can earn from 2 to 75 dollars per survey completed.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online platform, where one can earn digital points that can be redeemed as gift cards or merchandise. It is like a search engine, where when one searches from their platform you earn points called Swagbucks. Mostly, the Swagbucks are in the form of gift cards that ranges from 5 dollars. From their websites, you sign up using your email address and provide a password.

3. Acorns

Acorns was founded in 2012, and is an investment app, where people using credit cards and debit cards can save their spare change per every purchase as an investment on exchange traded funds. To become a member, one has to create an account using the Acorn app. The amount invested depends on the amount one has used in purchases.

4. Uber

Uber is a virtual taxi platform, where one can request for a transport service via an app downloadable on the phone. One becomes a driver by sending an online request, giving the car’s registration, ones full names, national identity number, and place of operation. On average, it is estimated that an Uber driver makes 15 to 24 dollars per hour in America.

5. Lyft

Based in San Diego, Lyft is a transportation company that is on-demand. It operates from a mobile app, where one can request for transportation from a Lyft driver. On an average, a Lyft driver earns about 17.50 dollars an hour. To become a Lyft driver, one needs to create an account with the company from the app, where one submits their personal information that includes driving license, car insurance with one’s name on it, and the vehicle inspection.

6. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery service that is available on a mobile app. Food is delivered by a driver from your favorite hotel upon request. Local restaurants sign up on the app to participate. It is estimated that in America, a driver can make between 8 to 13 dollars per hour.

7. Dosh

Dosh is a cashback app, where you get 10% cash back from your purchases when you use your credit card that is linked to a participating store, restaurant, or gas station. Earning is dependent on the amount of money one spends in every purchase.

8. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an online platform where one participates in a survey and get paid for answering the questions and sharing individual opinions. From their website one can create an account through an email address. You apply for membership online, where upon approval you participate in the survey. By regularly participating in the surveys, one can earn a total of 30 dollars between 4 to 5 weeks.

9. Airbnb

Airbnb is a global company that specializes in the hospitality industry be connecting travelers and home owners around the world. The service is available on their website and via a mobile app that one can download on the phone. People can just log in on the website and list their properties, where they can pay an annual fee of 349 dollars as regular advertisers. Upon payment from a potential client, Airbnb charges a 3% fee for processing payments.

10. Ebates

Ebates is an online platform, one joins online to become a member. It is a cashback online platform, where a regular shopper gets money back for shopping through its platform. More so, one gets a commission for referring people. When  a shopper clicks on a link leading to making sales, Ebates automatically get a commission, where one gets half of the commission as cashback.

11. Trim

Trim is “Personal Finance Assistant”, where it saves one money of things that one is not using. The system collects information on one’s credit card of the automatic subscriptions one is signed up for. Some of these subscriptions have charges for services one is not using and Trim cancels monthly charges that one doesn’t need. For this service, trim will take 33% of the total savings.

12. Instacart

Instacart operates a web based company as a grocery delivery service to shoppers through its online platform. Participating retailers sign up through their website by creating an account. Shoppers make orders online, where groceries are delivered personally. Shoppers may earn 20 dollars an hour, while employees may earn around 10 dollars an hour.

13. Ibotta

As a mobile based technology, Ibotta is a cash back technology, where its users get money back upon every purchase and providing proof of purchase. Joining Ibotta is simply by downloading the app on your phone and providing your personal details. Mostly, people earn money from Ibotta by referring people to join the app.

14. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is an American online stock photography, editing tools, stock music and stock footage. Money is paid per image and when a subscription is made.  There are four tiers for lifetime earnings, however, one earns money upon every download of an image from a potential customer. You become a contributor by licensing your content with Shutterstock.

15. Twenty20

Twenty20 is an online app, where photographers display their photos to potential clients. Joining is free of charge for any professional photographer. Photographers make money by selling their content to brands, designers, and agencies. Earning is dependent on the number of photos a customer licenses online.

16. Rover

Founded in 2011, Rover is an online platform that focuses on services of pet care. To join rover sitter services, the company does a thorough background check to the applicants. Here, one is connected with pet owners in your specific region who are need of pet sitting. On average, a pet sitter makes approximately 4, 100 dollars a month.

17. Decluttr

Decluttr both a website and an app, where it connects buyers and sellers of used media items. It is a perfect way of getting money on electronic items that doesn’t need. Joining is free, where one creates an online account on their website or app.

18. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a platform that connects freelance labor with the labor market on demand. Participants create an account stating their professionalism and the work they are willing to take. Consumers are assisted to get immediate assistance for their need which includes moving and cleaning. The pay depends on the one’s location and the amount of work one has done. Taskers can make up to 1200 dollars a day.

19. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk a outsourcing platform, where individuals and companies an outsource their work to a workforce who can carry out the work virtually. Signing in is free, where it takes approximately two days to be approved. Mostly, people earn around 2 dollars an hour.

20. Fiverr

Based in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is an online platform that connects freelance services to clients worldwide. Joining is by creating your seller profile. From this point you create your gig, which is the service that you’re selling. On average, people make around 4 dollars per gig.

21. Poshmark

As a digital marketplace, Poshmark creates a platform, where people, especially from the United States can trade their clothes and accessories either used or new. Listing on Poshmark is often free, but when makes a sale the company deducts 2.95 dollars from any sale below 15 dollars.

22. Tradesy

This is a peer-to-peer online marketplace, where trade is on women fashion and designer luxuries. For every sale bellow 50 dollars, Tradesy extracts a commission of 7.50 dollars. Joining or listing of items is free, but a commission is deducted upon every sale.

23. Gigwalk

This is a mobile app that assists people with finding a job in one’s location. On average, one can make around 100 dollars per week. Joining a Gigwalk is simply through downloading the app on the phone and providing basic information.

24. Fat Llama

Fat Llama is an online marketplace that connects people, especially in the same vicinity, who may want to rent out their items. People make money by monetizing their items that are rarely used.

25. Joany

Joanny  is a marketplace that offers a health insurance plan to patients on a variety of plans in their database. They achieve this by carrying out surveys, where participants can earn from 50 dollars per survey completed. Joining is free, but there’s a cross examination of one’s profile.

26. Ledge

Ledge is a peer-to-peer lending app, that allows people to borrow from each other. Essentially, a borrower creates a campaign with explanations on how much one needs, interest rate of the loan, and installments intended to be made over a period. You join by becoming a contributor to the discussion.

27. Venmo

Venmo is a mobile payment service that is owned by PayPal. It is US based, where account holders can transfer funds from each other. The app is downloaded on the phone, where one provides personal details to be registered. Venmo charges transaction fees to its users.

28. Discover Personal loans

Discover Personal Loans is a money lending app that can be downloaded on the mobile. Lending rates vary from 6.99% to 24.995. Nonetheless, this depends on the credit worthiness of the borrower. This lending service is available to the US citizens only upon application from the app.

29. Craigslist

Founded in 1995, Craiglist is an online website for classified advertisements. To join one simply creates an account that is free. Craigslist makes money by charging listing on the website.

30. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an online platform that allows people to post pictures of their receipts for market research. People get paid for simply uploading photos of their shopping receipts. One gets paid by points one earns from posting the receipts. Joining is by creating an account from the website.

31. Coinstar

Coinstar is a financial service that operates a coin counting machine kiosk at various locations in exchange for paper money.  A service fee of 11% is charged per every count of coins. This is how Coinstar makes money.

32. Plato’s closet

Plato’s Closet is a second hand clothing store that buys and sells trendy wear that is still in the market. Selling at 70% off from the mall retail cost attracts huge clientele, helping the company make volume of sales, thereby increasing their revenue. This is a great resource for buying and reselling.

33. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is an online fashion resale retailer that operates stores in many states around America. The item’s cost is calculated in terms of the condition of the clothing, that dictates its value.

34. eBay

eBay is an online e-commerce corporation that connects business to consumer and consumer to consumer from their website. eBay takes 10% of the amount transacted, where it becomes its sole source of revenue.

35. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is found on its app, where one can place classified ads. This service is for free to the users of Facebook. Joining Facebook is simply by creating a personal profile that allows one to use the Facebook market place.

36. Even Financial

Even Financial is a loan matching platform. Even Financial assists its clients to locate the best personal loan according to their needs. Its application provides the customers with the best loan offers. The service is free to its users, but the company charges the lender upon every loan request.

37. Paribus

Paribus is an app that tracks prices of commodities from receipts, where a refund is done if the prices dropped soon after purchases. The app is downloaded to the mobile phone, where one creates an account linked to an email address. The company makes money by collecting a percentage upon every refund.

38. MyPoints

MyPoints is an online platform, where one earns points by answering survey questions. Once one has created an account on their platform, one is ready to earn points that keeps on accumulating as one participates in surveys and brand influencing.

39. Udemy

Udemy is an online platform for learning, Udemy uses online contents from professional creators and sells them for profit. Many students that take these courses aims at increasing their skills.Courses are priced from 20 dollars to around 200 dollars.

40. Vindale Research

As an online research, Vindale Research depends hugely on the volumes of people that logs in to take survey questions. Its payment is between 0.25 to 50 dollars after completing a research survey. To join the online platform, one has to register on their website and provide personal details for approval.

41. Getaround

Almost like an eCommerce, Getaround is a peer to peer service that involves renting of cars that are privately owned. Anyone who has a private car can register through the app or their website. On average, one can up to 800 dollars per month.

42. Care.com

Care.com is an online platform that allows families and individuals find care with ease. On average, child care providers may earn up to 11.21 dollars per hour, while household managers may earn up to 16.97 dollars per hour.

43. Thred UP

ThredUp is an online platform that deals with resale of fashion that is second hand. A client sends them cloths via FedEx for free and they sell. Upon selling, Thred UP takes 20% of the sales. Joining is by way of creating an account and begin to participate.

44. Nielsen

Nielsen Holding deals with data analysis of various companies globally. By analyzing data for big companies, Nielsen gets paid for the services done. To be employed by the company, one needs to place an application on their website in their career section.

45. IWriter

IWriter is an online platform, where writers are given a task of writing online and they make money. To register, one does a 15 minute language test, where upon passing the test you are given an account. On average, one can earn around 100 dollars per day.

46. Text broker

Textbroker is an online writing job site. The site posts a variety of jobs online from various clients to be done freelance writers. Writers earnings depend on the amount of work done and the type of projects.

47. Speechpad

Speechpad is an online service, where one caption videos provided, which includes closed captions and subtitles. The average earning is between 15 to 25 dollars per hour. To qualify, one has to submit their requests, where a number of tests are done to ascertain one’s capabilities.

48. Prosper Marketplace

This is a peer to peer industry that specializes in lending. They make money from commissions and charges from the loans taken. Largely, their loans are unsecured meaning that almost everybody qualifies.

49. Gazelle

This website provides individuals with a platform, where one can sell used electronics like laptops, phones, and other accessories. Upon selling a product, Gazelle is left with 11% of every sale. One joins by creating an account with personal details.

50. uSell

This is an online classified re-commerce company that specializes in used cell phones, video games, textbooks, tablets and gift cards. A transaction fee is charged on every sale as a way of making money for uSell company.

51. NeedEmpty

This company buys empty cartridges, sells them, and also buys surplus toner. More so, the company supplies toner cartridges and empty ink cartridges. They pay between 25 cents to 4.50 dollars for an empty cartridge.

52. Toner Buyer

Many people do not consider selling their toner once they are empty. Some throw them away as waste while just a few refills them. Toner Buyer company buys toner and sells them back to those who needs them at a fair price and in better conditions.

53. Crowd Source

This is the concept where, especially big companies get services and goods from internet users. For every service provided, the crowdsourcing company pays a certain amount of money for the services done.

54. Credit.com

Users of this website, get free information on their credit report, Experian credit scores, and publications from experts. However, the company generates its revenue by selling some credit scores that are additional and also from advertisers on their platform.

55. Smartasset.com

This is a financial adviser on how to make wise decisions in terms of savings, buying a house, taking further education, retirement planning among others. This is done at a small fee that is understandable to clients.

56. ecoATM

As an online platform, ecoATM helps individuals to sell and buy used electronic devices like cell phones, mp3 players, tablets and laptops. This website makes money by the margin they put on every item they sell on their website.

57. People Ready

This is an employment agency that specifically deals with construction industry labor. To become a member, one has to create an account on their website stipulating one’s expertise that will dictate specific earnings.

58. Labor works

This is a recruitment agency that deals with finding the best and suitable human resource for companies, mostly in Nevada. They make money by charging the company they take workers for. To become a member of the recruitment agency, one has to create an online account with them.

59. Stubhub

Stubhub is owned by eBay to provide ticketing services between buyers and sellers. They target entertainment events, concerts, sports among others. They make money by charging a specific percentage of the proceeds of the tickets sold.

60. Vividseats

This is an online ticket sellers, which again targets events, like sports, music concerts among others. Mostly, they make money by charging the companies holding the events, or take a percentage of the amount collected from a particular event.

61. Ticketmaster

This particular company specializes on ticket sales and distribution. Like most ticket sellers, they make money by collecting a percentage as agreed with the event planners.

62. Cardcash.com

This company specializes in online card gift, where one can buy and even sell gift cards that are discounted. One can make money by redeeming a gift card for cash. It is required that one creates an account to benefit from the service.

63. Doordash

This is an on demand courier service company that operates in most parts of the United states. Doordash drivers make on average 10 dollars per hour. One needs to be a qualified driver to get hired in the system.

64. Amazon flex

This is a courier service owned by the Amazon group. It deals with courier services on demand, where drivers deliver the services. Drivers on Amazon flex make between 12 to 25 dollars per hour.

65. Ipsos i-say

This is one of the largest research firms that deals with research globally. They operate online paid surveys where one can get between 15 to 45 dollars per survey.

66. Clickperks

Clickperks is a rewarding site, where users earn points each time they participate in activities like playing games, taking surveys or even watching videos. When you perform those particular activities, you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards.

67. MySurvey

MySurvey is an online paid survey, where consumers voluntarily participate in surveys that influence future prospects. This includes product tests, online surveys and diaries. Payment varies with each survey carried,where one earn points that can be redeemed for either cash or gift cards.

68. Prize rebel

Prize Rebel is a reward website, participants are paid after carrying out various tasks such as online surveys. More so, one gets a 25% reward on every referral to the website. Creating an account on their website is the way to join the it, or through a referral.

69. Harris poll online

Harris Poll is an online survey platform, participants are encouraged to participate in online surveys where one gets rewarded with points that can be redeemed. To participate, one needs to create an online account from their website.

70. Pinecone research

Pinecone Research is an online research firm that specializes in carrying out surveys for various products and services. Upon completion of various tasks given, one is rewarded with points that can be redeemed with cash or gift cards.

71. ProOpinion

ProOpinion is an online research organization, where it depends on individuals who participatesin their online surveys. Just like other online research organizations, members or participants get rewarded with points that can be redeemed with cash or gift cards.

72. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a participant is required to do an account activation, where upon approval, one is introduced to activities such as online survey. Mostly, survey questions are emailed to you in form of questions, where upon completion one earn redeemable points.

73. Toluna

This is a quick survey site, where participants are rewarded. Toluna pays with cash unlike other research organizations that pay with points or gift cards. One gets paid through PayPal for every survey carried out.

74. Global test market

As an online survey panel, Global Test Market depends on surveys taken by its participants. Payment per survey taken varies from each. More so, one can be paid in cash or reward points that can be redeemed. To join, one has to create an account on their website, where one is asked various questions to ascertain one’s ability to participate.

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