InboxDollars Review 2019: Is InboxDollars Legit?

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This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

Article Approved By Banking Expert

This article has been reviewed and deemed factual by our content auditor with 8 years of banking experience.

For this InboxDollars review we set out to answer the big question on everyone’s mind: is InboxDollars legit?

Surveys for money are one of the best quick cash ideas, but can you really make money with InboxDollars? A lot of paid survey sites promise a lot, but often fall short. Let’s take a closer look at this increasingly popular survey site to see if it lives up to the hype.

InboxDollars Review

For a product or service to score a favorable review from us, there’s a few non-negotiable boxes that have to be checked. It’s a tough standard to meet, and some brands make the cut–check out our Paribus review or Honey review for two examples–while others don’t (we won’t mention them here). For this InboxDollars review, we held them to the same standard. Let’s see if they make the cut… or not.

Is InboxDollars Legit?

InboxDollars has been accredited for 13 years with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. So, so far so good!

inboxdollars reviewInboxDollars has been around since 2000 and has paid out over $57 million to members.

Plus, they have over 2,000,000 Facebook fans, so it’s official: InboxDollars is 100% legit, without question.

But wait. It actually gets better.

Over 6,600 people left an InboxDollars review on TrustPilot–mostly positive–and they’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the consumer product and retail spaces, like Netflix, Target, Walmart and others. So is InboxDollars legit? All signs point to yes! Let’s continue.

Can You Make Money With InboxDollars?

Turns out there’s a lot of ways to make money InboxDollars. Unlike your typical paid survey site, InboxDollars offers a plethora of other options to make money fast.

inboxdollars reviewUnlike most survey sites, InboxDollars offers a dozen different ways to make money.

Options include everything from shopping deals and special offers to a search bar, Chrome extensions, surveys, referrals and more. We’ll get to the most popular way to make money with them–the InboxDollars surveys–in a second. But first, let’s take a closer look at the other, more unique ways to make a buck with them…


InboxDollars Search

As apart of this InboxDollars review, we wanted to look at all the ways to make money using their site. And this is one feature that’s unique to InboxDollars.

inboxdollars reviewYou can even get paid just for searching up stuff on the InboxDollars web browser.

There’s no publicly available data on how much one can make using the InboxDollars search function, but if you’re willing to ditch your current web browser to find out, you’ll be paid with tokens for making the switch. All you have to do is download the search bar and deactivate your ad blocking extensions, if you have any, and that’s it. You’re ready to start earning just by searching up like normal.

InboxDollars Surveys

When it comes to surveys, InboxDollars has no shortage of them. At one time, based on other reviews we’ve read, users complained about the lack of surveys, or the fact that they wouldn’t qualify for them. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue any longer.

How much can you make with InboxDollars?
The short answer is, it varies.

inboxdollars reviewPayment per survey can vary anywhere between $0.50 to $10.00 or more.

The time it takes to complete each one also varies quite a bit.

What are the InboxDollars survey topics?
Those are going to vary considerably, too. Depending upon the partners and which ones you qualify for, questions can be as diverse as what type of pets you have to what type of software you run on your computer.

The more surveys you do, the more it’ll match you to other relevant surveys, entirely on auto-pilot. But you don’t have to just do whichever surveys they assign you. You can select from a list of topics, too. Regardless of the ones you pick, you’ll be paid for your time, so give a bunch a try.

InboxDollars Special Offers

This is another cool feature we discovered while working in this InboxDollars review. There’s a lot of ways to earn money while saving money all at once.

Some examples of what’s available include cash back on donations and signing up for streaming services, to getting free money should you sign up for the prepaid card services they recommend. The best offers though seem to be if you buy from retailers they refer you to.

inboxdollars reviewYou can make anywhere from $10 to $20 just for buying items through their partners.

A good deal indeed if you need to buy something from that particular retailer anyway. Might as well as get paid for it!

InboxDollars Referral Program

This is especially lucrative. In fact, referring friends might be one of the best quick cash ideas out there. So get this: for every friend you refer, you’ll get a percentage of their earnings plus they’ll get $5 free just for signing up.

It’s a nice win-win for everybody involved, and if you invite enough friends, you can really stack up some spare cash.

How To Get Paid With InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is going to pay you for completing surveys, watching videos, using their search bar, referring friends and other tasks. You’ll be paid in the form of tokens, points, free gift cards and cash in exchange.

How does InboxDollars get paid out of all this? Different companies and advertisers pay InboxDollars to connect them to consumers like you and me, and in exchange for working through their surveys and such, they split the commission with us. InboxDollars is completely free to join.

is inboxdollars legitYou can get paid by InboxDollars via points, free gift cards, PayPal cash or via traditional check.

You must have at least $30.00 in your account in order to request payment, but once you get your first payment, you’ll be made a gold member completely free. What’s InboxDollars gold membership? It entitles you to a 5x faster payment! So it’s a pretty sweet perk. There’s also a $3.00 processing fee.

Is InboxDollars Worth It?

So here we are. The big question we’ve sought to answer throughout this whole InboxDollars review. The truth is, it depends. Is InboxDollars legit? Yes, it is. But will it make you rich? No. Can you make money with InboxDollars though? Yes.

It’s also one of the best survey sites, bar-none. (You can learn more about another one of our favorite survey sites in our Survey Junkie reviews post). Here are the most notable benefits:

  • Sign up today and get $5 free.
  • Make money from home doing surveys
  • Generate passive income from your referrals
  • Earn from your smartphone with their app
  • Wide variety of money-making methods
  • Intuitive and easy to use mobile application

Our final recommendation? Sign up today and give it a try.

You’ve got nothing to lose–and everything to gain!

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